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  1. Grew up in Sudbury Ma, about 25 miles east of Boston, Family acreage was sold off now I hang myHat about 80 miles Northeast of Boston in Royalston Ma, North Quabbin Valley , maybe 5 miles from New Hampshire border, Surrounded by many square miles of State park land , Small town with about 2000 people ,Very rural (for mass) Tractors and old trucks in peoples front yards ? My place is just north of the intersection of rt32 and rt68 The bigger building is the barn . House is kinda in the trees
  2. Linky link to Hagemeister Enterprises custom bendix springs td ih starter Vic, Do you have a part number or contact at Hagemeister , for folks in need of springs ?
  3. Welcome aboard Fixer,!! Fine looking machine and great advice from Binderdan An original parts book is invaluable for these old girls , Ebay is a great source Not sure what series your machine is ,but a quick search showed this Genuine Original Hough H30R Payloader Wheel Loader Parts Catalog Manual | eBay few more Genuine Original Hough H30 Payloader Wheel Loader Parts Catalog Manual | eBay
  4. I love a nice spring day , When I work on something I WANT to work on.... Instead of something I HAVE to work on ?
  5. I would start by pulling axle and outer wheel bearing ,This will let you see whether its the shoes holding it . Or the studs and hub, Do you have other side off ?
  6. Yes you could , It would be way more difficult , Super importand that the cam bearings are precisely located in respect to oil journal holes . (as im sure you know) I don't think you could see well enough with all that iron in the way. I would be skeered of nicking a new bearing sliding the bumpstick back home also. The rear bearing requires rear cam cover removal . Did your bearings fail ? If so You need to undress her and clean out all oil journals from top to bottom anyway .
  7. Not a fun job ! But necessary with these old curmudgeons ?
  8. Bought tons (literally) of stuff from ebay sellers , I can't resist the letters "NOS IH" Many parts for my 67 travelall were found by searching and waiting on ebay . I hate to say it but I am that guy that outbids you at the last second of the auction ? One of my best buys back around 2000 was my TD7C . actually 2 of them were on auction from MTO's neck of the woods No reserve and not much info in the description , pictures were poor so was the seller responses , I capped myself at 3 grand comin down to the wire and my bid gets topped ,I say what the heck and bumped it to $3500 and got it !! I arrange trucking. Lucked out $500 for 2 dozers, one runner and one for parts and a pallet I assumed was pieces off the non-runner. Hot shot trucker is at my place next day and we fire the runner up and it drives right off the trailer pulling the other off with it ? I grab the skidsteer to get the pallet of parts HOLY Crap that's heavy !! Its all wrapped up in paper and shrink wrap , I cut it all off and there sits a complete brand new Berco undercarriage , Tracks,top and bottom rolls, idlers , adjusters and sprockets . The bill of lading and invoice were still attached to this gold mine ,The total paid was $9200 Here is just a small sample of Travelall ebay NOS parts
  9. My deepest sympathies and condolences to you and your family .
  10. 1964 Model here, Youngest of five kids ( four girls ahead of me ) Sisters all drove standard shift, I remember flocks of boys hanging round the house , One particular suitor ( Later became Brother in law) would fight like the dickens with my sister and then hop in his car all pissed off , I WAITED FOR THIS, He had a 68 RS Camaro with an honest to goodness 283 stock car motor that turned 7500 rpm , He would leave the driveway with that chevy at redline ,Grabbin every gear of that Hurst shifted muncie , He became a great friend and B-in-law , RIP Dave Dad and Gramp's were always bringing more stuff back from the dump than was brought, At nine or ten years old I got to drive gramp's 64 Ford pickup clear across town to the dump , I'm quite sure he was wincing everytime I had to change gears with that floppy column shifter and he gave me a stern warning to hold the steering wheel TIGHT when the brakes were used . The Town Dump as I remember was more of a social gathering spot , Everyone had time to say Hello and ask about current events and how is so and so doing , I was never so proud as when I reversed the old Ford up to the trash pile and Gramps got out and mentioned to another fella I was his youngest Grandson and driving already . Every day I would wait for Gramp's to come home from work , I would run to the cold cellar and get him a tall bottle of Ballantine Ale and bring it to his favorite sittin chair , most days I got to take a big sip , before we started tending the garden ,or fixing something . Gramp's worked for the State Highway dept. He was a senior member of the tree maintenance division while cutting into a large tree on the side of a highway a huge hornets nest was disturbed and he got stung 75-100 times , He was brought to the hospital and was on the mend when a young nurse came in the hospital room and gave him a hypodermic shot that was intended for the other guy in the room He was dead that afternoon. Six days from retirement when he passed , The State dept denied my Grammy any pension , She was too grief stricken to argue about it . I don't mean this post to be pitiful or sad , Just reminiscing about a few of the events that I remember from growing up ?
  11. Welcome aboard AC !! Sorry I cant help with parts for your M, I can suggest Bates Corp, or FP Smith in CA. Do you have a Terra Tiger ? would love to see some pictures
  12. My sincere condolences Pid, Thoughts and prayers to friends and family.
  13. Welcome aboard Andiaa, You have posted your question in the "Truck" forum, You would get much better answers/responses if you posted in the "General IH" forum Best of luck !
  14. Here is the thread snoshoe spoke of , 706 german diesel thermostat update - General IH - Red Power Magazine Community And here is a YT thread with part numbers for conversion thermostat in 310 diesel from 706 - Farmall & International Harvester (IHC) Forum - Yesterday's Tractors Here is a few pics of a D358 setup in a loader , I found a NOS DT358 and and put it in the old girl I may have more pics if they might help
  15. Could'nt you use hydraulic pistons with pulleys and cables for lifting ? A setup similar to the old gradall boom in and out setup, or the old rolloff trash truck winch arrangement
  16. Change fuel filters !! Verify fuel flow from tank to primary filter , How cold is it up there in the Great White North ?? Cold enough to gel fuel ?
  17. Negligees , rolling papers and a D9 , Sounds like a heck of a night ?
  18. Welcome aboard Gene !! th ere is a thread going on right now on this forum with top idler removal TD-9B - Page 3 - IH Construction Equipment - Red Power Magazine Community
  19. Not to get off topic , What is your intended use ? You would probably have way more into repairs than the purchase price, If in fact the pumps and or drives are bad
  20. Found a whole set of dungaree overalls in a D8 fuel tank once ,
  21. Let us know your ebay handle (if you dare ) ?
  22. Wow , 4-5 ft is all we need in mass
  23. Heartfelt thoughts and prayers for family and you , RIP Uncle
  24. Should be cubes and serial number stamped on right side next to fuel pump mount
  25. Pretty sure the "bag" style was an option in 64, I will try to find some info in my old brochures , Have you got any brackets on firewall (right side) ? I know the later C models had a very scarce plastic bottle mounted to firewall and pump on the inner fender Here is the pump and NOS and good used bottles
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