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  1. A discussion about COFFEE in the coffee shop ?? Somehow we gotta make it political . I wonder if Sleepy Joe takes it black
  2. Spotted this drive on ebay ,I know there was some discussion on spring breakage , not sure what it fits, Maybe someone knows for sure ? 1 New NOS Starter Drive Standard SDN-13 1950-62 International Harvester | eBay
  3. 61-68 pickup and travelalls are the same door and window rubbers etc. Most of the lightline suppliers should have , Clester's should have also ,along with Restoration specialties The wing window rubbers are available (lil pricey) but are dam near perfect , the window whiskers require patience ,along with the glass tracks I ended up relining my existing tracks with new moleskin , It took me about 4-6 hrs for each door on my 67 T-all 1961-68 Pickup & Travelall - International Scout Parts I would highly suggest looking at reviews for any company associated with the Pacific Supply Group and make your decision to purchase or not . I can personally recommend IH parts america, IH scout parts , and have heard good things about most of the suppliers Scout // Light Line Distributors, Inc. (click on find a dealer)
  4. Grease up an 1/8 pipe tap and make her murrican?
  5. Welcome aboard CCC How much debris did you find ? a 1/4 teaspoon or a 1/2 cup ? any problems with operation ?
  6. Prayers for everyone affected by this terrible accident ,
  7. Thoughts and prayers for him and family and friends , What a terrible accident , Thank God it was not worse .
  8. Water Pump Pipe Tube O-Ring for IH 152, 196, 266, 304, 345, 392 Engine - IH Parts America
  9. Thoughts and prayers sent from Mass
  10. We need a few more pics of that SEXY truck ?
  11. Welcome aboard Casrak ! Is there a reason you dont want pertronix ? They have done some upgrades in the reliability dept. Specifically the Ignitor II version . No more cooking the module if you forget to turn key off. Take a look over on Binderplanet for Bill USN, he has great writeups and info on GM HEI conversions . Here is his website Hamilton Fuel Injection Here is his thread Ignition systems for the Duraspark Conversion | BinderPlanet.com
  12. Part of the reason I moved from Sudbury out to Royalston , When I was searching for a new place I kept driving until I saw more pickups than cars , and more woods than houses , and plenty of "respectable" iron collections in the fencerows ?
  13. CVS offers walk-in CDL physicals at their "minute clinics"
  14. First Bluebirds , Lot's of Robins , Have had 2 sets of baby pigeons since february in the house barn ,Now I hear another nest full chirping . I was surprised they had youngins in the winter ?
  15. some info from previous threads 28 year Shop Mule Project - Projects, Builds, & Restorations - Red Power Magazine Community hebard shop mule redpower - Google Search
  16. Goddam ape ate all my oreos
  17. As others have said , Pull slip-joint apart and turn it 90-degrees and reassemble shafts will be properly phased
  18. I'm with the boys who are thinking it's the driveshaft , most likely out of phase Snap a piccy of the driveshaft https://youtu.be/Idk3BVDVHq4
  19. What a big handsome smile on your son. Miracles are the best !
  20. Happy Birthday OOPS sorry Seth ?
  21. Spotted this on ebay 1968 International Hough Model H-50C Pay Loader Parts Catalog Form PM-H-50C-3 | eBay
  22. Welcome aboard Rockfarm, Napa should be able to help , You may need to research the part numbers you require and cross them to Echlin numbers . PS we need pictures !!! You could buy this kit also Tune Up Kit • Old International Truck Parts
  23. Playing in mud should be avoided unless necessary .
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