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  1. The hat must be for protection from those "Ocean Eagles"
  2. And here is one for The Big Four "30" I apologize for the poor quality of the photo this particular book the ads are in is very frail and I cannot fool with it to much
  3. Here is an ad for a Twin City " 30 " When this ad was published in 1913 Minneapolis Steel and Machinery was producing only 2 sizes of tractors "25" and "40" When did they start to manufacture the 60-90 ??? Gary , That panoramic photo is outstanding Ralph I love that case ad ,Farmers in the market for a new tractor must have given the statement "$30 in 11 years" for repairs some serious thought .
  4. George , You have a sharp eye , those wheels look all of 9ft tall , In comparing the plowing tractor to the roadbuilding tractor there is much less of the cab window exposed above the wheel and the difference looks to be about 1 ft
  5. One more and a picture of a " Pioneer tractor on a Sudanese Farm "
  6. George 2 Searched around a little bit , found some more pictures of Pioneer tractors, There is some information available on a few other sites, Quite the Machine !!!
  7. Gary, The ad for the military TD18 is one of my favorites , International employed some very talented artists , Does anyone know who the artist's were ?? Loadstar, I have never seen that picture of the "Bombardier" Track system on a tractor Way cool !! The Bombardier sidewalk plows are still popular in my neck of the woods Many of the town departments use them with V-plows and small spreaders on the back. Not to get to far off track but here is a picture of a lesser known Bombardier ATV made in the late 60's into the early 70's It is called a COOT it is a very rugged 4wd 4 wheel steer go anywhere vehicle ,great for exploring ,pretty much all steel body , and it Floats!! The factory actually had a propeller option, I have linked an article from Popular mechanics describing a trek up the 2nd highest mountain in the lower 48 (Colorado) using these atv's http://www.cootworld.com/geninfo/pm0270.html
  8. Here is a 2 page ad for the " Dual Stack " TD 18
  9. I found this picture of a "Pioneer" But no reference as to model or year other than 'special'
  10. And here is one with Power units and TD's Has anyone seen or have an ad for a U-7 power unit ?? or maybe a picture or 2
  11. And for good measure an International ad featuring Farmalls and my favorite the TD crawlers
  12. I knew if i looked hard enough I would find this picture of a rock Island I am not quite sure of the vintage, Though I would guesstimate late teens early twenties
  13. What a great title !! Your Uncle must have been pretty anxious to get his new 'Deere' Home , Must of had a few regrets ( in all the right places ) the next day Found this picture amongst my books of a very early '1892' Deere, Built by John Froehlich himself in Iowa
  14. Everytime time I see a tractor with the side mount sickle cutter I have to laugh, My buddy drives one for the town department and they send him out to take care of the roadsides , he is always moving right along flicking the cutter up to miss trees and signs etc, Well he's cutting some heavy grass one day and see's something running so he hit's the up lever and shoots a big old skunk right into his lap !! Never laughed so hard when he told me , he smelled so bad he had to shower in the break room, and throw his clothes out
  15. And some more wheel options, Does anybody have a tractor with the " Texas Spud Lug " wheels on it ??? ( illust 57 ) ps I'm going to stick to posting the pages one at a time ,kinda hard to make out the details otherwise
  16. And a page of the different wheels available
  17. Here is a couple pages showing them doing what they do best !!
  18. The heater core rotted from the outside , the machine spent some time loading road salt Yes sir looks like an A Found a couple of McCormick ads that at least have a splash of color Never understood why they went from the easiest to work on like these Then the later TracTractor design that everybody just loves to replace ps I wont even mention the legs
  19. As long as the deutz diesels were kept clean (air cooled ) the ones i have encountered always did their job without too much fuss , The cylinders were all serviceable separately , Worked on a 8 cylinder in a Liebherr excavator that had 15k hrs was never overhauled , leaked oil and coated up the cooling fins and cooked a piston, so we put a new piston,rings, jug on her and away she went ,I think about 7-8 years later the owner finally upgraded the machine, Kevin Oh yeah the cab was heated with an engine oil heater core and it sprung a leak once , what a mess ,
  20. Love those color ads , I don't care if it's green or not I wanna hook it up and drag it around What make tractor is that ?? Euclid thanks loadstar Kevin
  21. Loadstar ,Very nice Ad , Thank you for posting , Those TD's are certainly earning their keep , Kevin
  22. And finally the W-12 All 3 models of the 12 series seemed to be aimed squarely at the smaller farmer , Leave it to McCormick to find a niche and fill it Kevin
  23. Here is an O-12 , I didn't know they came standard with a 10 mph road gear
  24. Here is an F-12, Not too bad at a 1 gallon of fuel per hour
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