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  1. Thoughts and prayers for your Mom and your family , Hoping for a good outcome .
  2. Thoughts and Prayers for you and yours Mader
  3. Hoping and praying for you and your wife , Please lord grant some relief to all those suffering .πŸ™
  4. Many, Many Thoughts and prayers for you and yours πŸ™ πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
  5. Thoughts and prayers for all affected ,
  6. Hang in there, My big sister is doing much better . She is on anti-nausea meds and Azithromycin for an antibiotic . Many thoughts and prayers for your family
  7. Maybe a trash barrel dumper ? Like the bigger refuse companies have
  8. They had no children , Sis is feeling a little bit better after she got a shot for nausea, They also put her on Azithromycin. I really appreciate all the kind words and support. God Bless
  9. Received news 3 days ago from my big sister Donna that her and Husband Rick have been very sick with Covid for 10 days, A few minutes ago the message came that Rick collapsed and was not able to be revived. "RIP Brother" Sis is alone in Florida and sick as a dog , she needs comfort Kevin
  10. Thoughts and prayers coming your way , and more going out to all those affected by Covid
  11. The seal you pictured is only a dirt seal , It's purpose is too wipe the shaft clean as it travels back into the gland . The shaft oil seal is located in a bore under the dirt seal , It is the black seal 2nd from top left that you pictured
  12. Thank you for ridding the planet of those slithering beasts ! And I'm sure the pups are a little safer in their travels now Have fun on old Flowerpot , Enjoying your adventures and thanks for posting
  13. Stockton Wheel is pretty popular with the folks who need custom patterns and sizing .Stockton Wheel - Products Heavy Duty - Military - Light Truck - Off Road
  14. Thoughts and prayers for your friends and you Mark,
  15. Crank grinding somewhat common on bigger construction equipment and still viable for marine repairs Crankshaft Grinding Machine- Mobile Machining of Crankshaft - RA Power Solutions | RA Power Solutions
  16. It's rusty and crusty and missing about everything , But YES the need has been felt way out here in Massachusetts , sadly I cant do a thing about itπŸ˜€ ,But mention it over on Binder Planet Is it for sale? Free?
  17. Fingers crossed its not the drive ring coming apart
  18. Here is a thread i posted a while back on cylinder repacking , Might be a few pointers . IH 520 Loader Hyd cylinder reseal - IH Construction Equipment - Red Power Magazine Community
  19. Buddy of mine bought a brand spanking new Mustang in 1985, Few months went by and he brought it down to the local Mobil station and had them change the air in the tires , He asked me if $20 was a fair price to pay for the service . Then mentioned the "old" air smelled terrible and asked how often should it be changed πŸ˜€
  20. Best advice I can give is stay with one brand of primer/ primer sealer /top coat - either base/clear or single stage I have painted very few cars and trucks but was able to get decent ( far from perfect) results on my travelall Here is a pic of one of the doors showing off some NAPA crossfire Turquoise Metallic Base/clear paint
  21. Got this one out of a dumpster along with these Athens disc and Woods Mower
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