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  1. Diesel in oil - TD15 151

    I like your plan , something to think about is try to use it ( at least start and move and get it thoroughly warmed up) a few times a year , This will keep gears, bearings and shafts splashed with oil , and keep the darn steering clutches behaving I know some folks have had bad return line standpipes that allow fuel to flood the pump also, I believe KoO replaces the pump oil every time he works one of his cats,
  2. Diesel in oil - TD15 151

    The part # 266594R91(seal) Here is a thread you need to see ,Injection pump seals - IH Construction Equipment - Red Power Magazine Community On a similar side note , I have been looking at a possible replacement for this seal , I ordered some by dimension They are a full rubber cup type seal , they are designed for a rotary shaft , I believe they would need to be held in place by a nice properly sized flat washer behind drive gear , cost $1.80 ea, any thoughts appreciated ?
  3. Fordson F Tractor project

    Got some old coil boxes around ( mod T ) if you need em
  4. I cant seem to get any pix or images to work from your 1st post ,,,, It is very easy to post pix directly onto this site , It is a shame when image hosting sites go belly up or get greedy and lots of informational threads are left useless
  5. 1967 Travelall More like it !!!

    Ok did a little searching but I decided to take a chance and bring it on home , Gotta figure out a reasonable way to get it clear cross country What do you all think ??
  6. 1967 Travelall More like it !!!

    Very soon Bob , Having internet and electrical problems with all the durn Nor easters up my way
  7. Crash Test

    My 96 dodge 3500 dually took out a brand new Volvo ( 16 miles old) truck suffered bent front axle control arm , bent bumper, broke turn signal,They technically totaled my truck , the adjuster pulled in the driveway - never got out of his car ,took picture , said someone will call with a dollar amount. $10,900 16 yrs old- (i fixed it all for $500 in parts) The Volvo was totaled , she was OK ,, it left on a flatbed in pieces ,every airbag in the whole thing went off !!! Looked like a Bouncy House at a skeet shoot .
  8. TD-6 Kioti backhoe project - complete

    Hopefully the subframe is stout enough to last , Most of the setups I have seen use some type of 3 or 4 point mounting system , Best of luck !
  9. F12 HELP

    saw F20 bearings on ebay??? try Fordson House and Rice Equipment
  10. Fan bent in shipment, should I chance it?

    Looks like they dropped it out of the airplane when it was flying over your farm Seriously it looks like it could be straightened fairly well , Best of luck
  11. Ice Festival In China

    Thank You , Have never seen before , Amazing
  12. prayers desperately needed

    Prayers sent from Mass for Kris and family and all involved , may God Bless
  13. Fordson F Tractor project

    She going to be a ripper !! Very nice !
  14. Super Charged 1966 1100A with music!!

    direct link
  15. My TD7 has a plain cap with gasket that fits over that arrangement you pictured , It will still breath out the tube
  16. Who wants manuals?

    Fireman Your the Best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. C-C-C-Cold!!!!

    Little over 70F in from the coast today 75F tomorrow , possible snow thurs
  18. Frozen septic lines

    If there is still some musty smell after soap and water , sometimes the concrete floor holds the odor . I have used Fresh Step kitty litter , spread a couple cups out, then grind it into floor with a piece of 2by4 ( works great with speedy dry on oil stains also )
  19. Request for thoughts and prayers.

    Thoughts and prayers from here ,
  20. Frozen septic lines

    Hold on ,,, your hopper is piped to your downspout ?
  21. Frozen septic lines

    When and if you run a new 4" sewer pipe , Sleeve it inside an 8" sewer pipe , Make sure the sleeve is sealed well on the ends ( to keep groundwater out) , install 2 clean-outs in sleeve to grade, More than likely it will never freeze if it does hot water or air into the clean-outs will thaw it , The sleeve gives all the insulating you should need with the air gap ,, More than likely your existing pipe settled and let the water sit in the pipe and start freezing , a properly sloped pipe will rarely freeze .....
  22. Valves for T 20

    Mo, Near as I can tell the intake and exhaust valves will interchange , I believe originally they were made of different materials with the exhaust valves probably made "better" than the intakes , I have some really nice exhaust valves with plenty of margin left after grinding , Do you need anything else before I box them up ? springs, keepers, caps etc, ?
  23. Valves for T 20

    Mo , I have some used ones, Unfortunately not in the best shape , Yours for the shipping if you want I could grind em for you and see whats left afterwards ? let me know