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  1. 25" in a 2 day storm North central mass, plus 2" from the other day
  2. spotted these for sale NOS 323693C91 anybody know where they might be used ? 1960s 1970s NOS DIESEL INJECTOR FUEL PUMP IH INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER LOT OF 4 | eBay
  3. 55 with 30 gallons of crete, extra room in barrel to carry stuff😀
  4. should do a good job on them,,, How close to each other are the stumps ?
  5. Do you need all 4 ? I may have some extras if things dont pan out at Fordson
  6. Have you called the fordson house ? they list them The Fordson House.T20 parts, 10303 DBX is this the part number you need ?
  7. Welcome aboard Barn Fresh !! Others may know more But I beliieve the bearings are "semi-babbit" in other words they are babbit poured onto a backer shell, The best advice I have seen is finding good used ones and cleaning them up and fitting them individually. Both Fordson House and Rice equipment and ebay have advertised good used rod bearings in the recent past. Best of luck and we need some pictures Here is an engine piccy to spark some interest and some misc pics of new ly installed small end bushings and plastigauge used on setup
  8. what year biggie , ? I have a 66 1/2 ton 2wd T-all that has one of the nicest 95% original bodies I have ever seen ( CA black plate truck) I may have to reconsider keeping it , zero cowl rust , no floor rust , no front radiator support rust ,no bondo, front right fender replaced with a near perfect CA replacement
  9. Nice Job Rocko !! My knees and shins don't envy you having to crawl all over those "High heels " , I have a good supply of tough lawn and patio chair cushions to lessen the bruises 😀 What did you use to move the iron around ?
  10. Not pushing you for or against VT , But I have baskets of steering clutch discs (good condition) ,trans parts, misc stuff for that machine sitting in dry storage and they are yours for coffee money if needed Located in Royalston Ma
  11. Sorry book is packed away, I believe next page is not pertinent to gas start operation, I posted the piccy just for reference purposes Book is just a TD6-9 repair manual
  12. Had to upgrade with this nifty accessory on my 67 T-All😀 Of course my legs look better in person
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