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  1. Thank you Gentlemen ! Got the first 56 years under my belt oughta be all uphill in the snow from here on 😀
  2. Will do , and happy to do it !
  3. Here is google search results for strainer part number 622255C1 622255C1 - Google Search
  4. X2 on unofficial allis site Good folks over there. Have some JD1010 steering clutch and trans parts if you are ever in need ,May have manuals also
  5. I will agree with Ray , The rams are usually the problem , If I remember right your valve assembly should have "load check" valves that can be faulty Do you have a parts book ?
  6. Nebo has quality lights for reasonable prices Powerful LED Flashlights | Lanterns | Headlamps & More - NEBO
  7. Fished a complete pair of heavy dungaree coveralls. Then an engineers hat, out of a D8 tank once , Nice big fuel cap I was able to stick my arm in the tank right up to the shoulder , Of course I was about 13 years old at the time 😀
  8. If no one else answers I will get my manual this evening, Are your drive clutches adjusted properly ?
  9. The measurement specs are for initial assembly after having everything apart , screws are for wear adjustment Yes screw them in and back off a bit , you may have to fiddle with adjustments coupla times
  10. Transmission shift ok ? Does it feel like brakes could be sticking or being applied ?
  11. Scout // Light Line Distributors, Inc. Here is a list of Lightline distributors
  12. Have a 316 wouldn't trade for love or money 😀 455 all wheel steer is on my wishlist
  13. Better off using 3-4 ft pipe wrench and 6ft of pipe on that
  14. 345 no sir !! 392 Ha Ha !!! 549 No Thanks !!! How bout a 700+ HP Hellcat mill 1973 International Loadstar with a Hellcat V8 – Engine Swap Depot (15) Summit Truck Bodies | Facebook
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