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  1. The seal you pictured is only a dirt seal , It's purpose is too wipe the shaft clean as it travels back into the gland . The shaft oil seal is located in a bore under the dirt seal , It is the black seal 2nd from top left that you pictured
  2. Thank you for ridding the planet of those slithering beasts ! And I'm sure the pups are a little safer in their travels now Have fun on old Flowerpot , Enjoying your adventures and thanks for posting
  3. Stockton Wheel is pretty popular with the folks who need custom patterns and sizing .Stockton Wheel - Products Heavy Duty - Military - Light Truck - Off Road
  4. It's rusty and crusty and missing about everything , But YES the need has been felt way out here in Massachusetts , sadly I cant do a thing about itπŸ˜€ ,But mention it over on Binder Planet Is it for sale? Free?
  5. Here is a thread i posted a while back on cylinder repacking , Might be a few pointers . IH 520 Loader Hyd cylinder reseal - IH Construction Equipment - Red Power Magazine Community
  6. Best advice I can give is stay with one brand of primer/ primer sealer /top coat - either base/clear or single stage I have painted very few cars and trucks but was able to get decent ( far from perfect) results on my travelall Here is a pic of one of the doors showing off some NAPA crossfire Turquoise Metallic Base/clear paint
  7. Thanks I went on binder boneyard site . They had a few parts i was looking for. would like to have them upgrade my suspension as they do all that fabrication work. but too far away. 2600 miles from my location. A lot of spring shops have shut down .

  8. These folks have a pretty steady supply of round body 61-68 parts , Binder Boneyard (1) The Binder Boneyard – BinderBoneyard Here is a list of Liightline suppliers Scout // Light Line Distributors, Inc. (click on "find a dealer" )
  9. These folks are knowledgeable on the construction side , I have used them and can vouch for them , https://www.winmillequipment.net/
  10. Welcome aboard Sam, This should help you out ,736180C1 - Google Search
  11. The clutch and brakes operate with the levers . Pull partway the clutches release, pull further and brakes are applied , You should be able to feel this on an incline . You may need to fine tune the adjustments , Its possible your brakes are coming on a little early . Your manuals for a later machine should be OK for the most part Someone may chime in with filter #'s etc. NAPA has fairly good listings on IH stuff
  12. Welcome aboard Koot !! They have disc style wet clutches and brakes Fairly easy to remove and have relined. Winch drives from pto shaft in rear planetary /steering compartment, you might need to find the proprietary adapters /shaft at the rear case opening to connect to winch Picture of brake and steer clutches, last picture you can see the PTO shaft that will need to be connected (with shaft and bearings to power winch ) This info is for a TD7C as far as I know 8E should be the same
  13. I would put in 1st gear , clutch cover on with few bolts , slip the clutch release levers on the splines and figure a way to work them (slip small lengths of pipe over them ) perhaps hold them in released position with ratchet straps . spin the input shaft with clutches released , If they are working (disengaging) machine will not try to move, If they are stuck you need to disassemble . Or just pull em out like old iron suggested ?
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