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  1. I gotta ask TD9 ,,, Would the finals not hold oil ? or were the finals just one of those things that were meant to get looked at and didn't . I am in no way criticizing . just curious
  2. Thoughts and prayers for your family and loved ones ,
  3. Sorry , Would that be a "bear of color" or a "Bear the color of a turd" ? 😀
  4. Would it be a black bear or brown ?
  5. Thoughts and Prayers for all, My wife suffers from Crohns and Hashimoto disease It is somewhat controlled for right now but flareups are common ,Hoping for a positive outcome on the procedure Kevin
  6. Prayers for a great outcome
  7. There is a few companies that will install a new wear surface in your drums , Give me a little time and I will post link here. Meanwhile try searching "brake drum relining"
  8. Holy Moly Mike , I will have to remember that helpful trick !!! I did not see the track in the pictures ? Did you have to retrieve it
  9. If anyone knows of someone still tinkering with those sweet running Murphy Diesels ,I have a set of 4 injectors I would love to get them to someone with a need for them , If I look hard enough I should have a set of Murphy "school" books and tools , My dad went to a Murphy factory sponsored training school back in the 50's , They gave the graduates books and specialty tools I put the coffee cup in the piccy so the size of these unit injectors could be realized 😀
  10. Thanks for posting Buddy , I dont collect cable operated iron , But I happen to have a Northwest Catalog in my collection . The "skimmer Scoop" seems like the forerunner to a Gradall
  11. Thoughts and prayers for all affected by this terrible disease.
  12. Nope the bleed valve should be closed tight to add grease ( you only open it to bleed the grease out to loosen track ) I was thinking maybe someone loosened it and forgot to tighten it back up 😀
  13. Cant remember on the 15 if the bleed valve is a hex head right next to the zerk for adding grease OR if the bleed valve has the zerk threaded into the bleed valve (someone here may remember) Either way the zerk has to take grease and not leak and the bleed valve needs to be tight
  14. If the zerk fitting is not working properly ,,either bound up or leaking it wont work. also make sure the bolt/valve is tight when pumping grease in If all is well with fitting and valve Mike gave you the answer
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