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  1. Valves for T 20

    Mo , I have some used ones, Unfortunately not in the best shape , Yours for the shipping if you want I could grind em for you and see whats left afterwards ? let me know
  2. TD14 Bendix spring, possible solution

    i just uploaded both pix from my samsung no prob . do you have I phone? Let me know if I can help with Android
  3. Loadstar Brakes

    Private message sent
  4. CAFES show

    Nice poster Tony !! The only sign of green is the trees
  5. The Passing of a Forum Member

    So sorry for your loss , RIP
  6. TD14 Bendix spring, possible solution

    They can be posted direct to Redpower --- No hosting service needed Let us know if you need a few tips to post them
  7. A/C pressure ??'s

    Thanks everybody , Cattech's test worked perfectly , The more cardboard covering the condenser the higher the pressure , It was nice to be able to "load" check it
  8. IH COE at Phily auto show

    WOW is that sharp !!! Love the "Jetson" style clearance lights
  9. A/C pressure ??'s

    Landini Mythos 100 tractor with modern (2012) HVAC system , system flushed New GM (Delphi) v5 compressor ( rotary piston type w/variable displacement ) displacement controlled by compensating valve on compressor (not electric) New filter/drier, original TXV valve ( not orifice tube style) Evaporator,condenser, heater core are all clean (inside and out) Ran vacuum pump for 1.5 hrs , vacuum held steady overnight System calls for 47 ounces R134 and 8 ounces oil , Charged it up Static pressure after sitting overnight is 67.5 psi at 60deg ambient When running 5-10 mins Low side 26psi High side 125psi It cools VERY good very quickly Evaporator temps are in the 20's Should I be concerned with the high side pressure being this low ? The manual calls for @ 60deg (min)135psi (max) 185psi
  10. Excessive blow by from valve cover breather?

    Is the engine reaching operating temperature ?
  11. Fuel pump rebuild kits for IH truck engines

    Linky Link Then and Now Automotive Then and Now Automotive Great outfit Highly recommended !
  12. Fordson F Tractor project

    Keeps any humidity/condensation from starting rust, Helps oil drain back to pan , and it looks cool
  13. Roller Finished

    What are you going to use it for ? How much weight will it hold ?
  14. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    I can fully attest that Chris makes some of the best Maple and Honey products available !! YUM The Spicy maple bar-b-q sauce is one of myself and wife's favorite
  15. Valves for T 20

    Mo , give me a day or 2 -- I will look -- How many you need? Fordson house and Rice Equipment should have new ones ( maybe used also ?)