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  1. Have a 316 wouldn't trade for love or money 😀 455 all wheel steer is on my wishlist
  2. Better off using 3-4 ft pipe wrench and 6ft of pipe on that
  3. 345 no sir !! 392 Ha Ha !!! 549 No Thanks !!! How bout a 700+ HP Hellcat mill 1973 International Loadstar with a Hellcat V8 – Engine Swap Depot (15) Summit Truck Bodies | Facebook
  4. Check this guys collection of Iron , IH and other trucks cars etc Products – Page 2 – Montana Solid Iron
  5. If memory serves me, Try smacking the balancer onto the crank snout further (In) this will loosen the tapered lock rings use brass drift or wood and dead blow hammer An IH DT358 has a similar arrangement
  6. Kevingweq

    Thank You

    Hope you have plenty of time set aside for "Scoutin and Ficchin" great medicine for body and soul , We are pullin for ya Runner ! Best, Kevin
  7. Clutch and Friction Service - Brake Linings and Clutches for all types equipment, bonding of Fiat Allis, John Deer, Hough and Overhead Crane Brake Shoes These guys were great ! Have used them 3-4 times. They had shoes for my TD7C exchange in stock
  8. X3 .New disc needed , and shoe , reline all, Breaking track and final drive work is no fun ! The best part is finishing the job 😀 Check all bearings while you have it apart and of course new seals are a must , best of luck , take lotsa pix
  9. Don't know what the heck it's in , Just glad I don't have to shift it 😀
  10. Here is my 67 Travelall 5 speed Overdrive shift pattern
  11. Thoughts and prayers ,
  12. I'm pulling for you Runner ,Hope it all turns out for the best Thoughts and prayers
  13. Here is another pic showing the orientation of both the clutch adjuster screw #16 and brake adjustment screw #4
  14. I doubt there is a problem with the hydraulics , I would hazard a guess and say the brake linings are wore out or tore off the shoes , The Brake and clutch shoe job is not that bad after the tank and seat frame is off and everything cleaned up , Just cross your fingers the discs are in decent shape 🙄 Few pix from TD7c On a side note , sometimes (not often) when adjusting the brakes it requires more than one adjustment , not only does the adjuster move the shoe but it has to shift or slide the disc over on its splined shaft towards the inboard shoe
  15. Sounds like you need to perform brake and clutch adjustments , I will try and find the right section in the manual It has been posted on here before , perhaps some searching using "td7" "redpower" etc will help with a Google search (not the search on the forum)
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