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  1. Yes !!!! Surprising the $$$$ they bring fixed up , they are pretty hot right now
  2. Tony, could I make one suggestion , This is probably one of the nicest upgrades for ease of driveability , along with unequaled customer support from IH parts America and the guru of injection Bill Hamilton himself , The kits he offers are 100% plug and play Hamilton TBI Fuel Injection System for your IH Pickup, Scout, Travelall - IH Parts America Hamilton Fuel Injection
  3. Here is the google search results 872425r91 - Google Search
  4. A fine company your entrusting with your truck Tony, Have purchased many items from them and have received top notch customer service !!
  5. was the machine operating correctly prior to repairs ? (other than worn shoes) Pretty doubtful oil is bypassing the valves in that amount of volume (possible but doubtful)
  6. Do the brakes only apply when the machine is put in gear ? If so it sounds like some hydraulic lines may be crossed
  7. Just in case the "Biggest 4" is lacking a few HP/RPM here is a little huffer to spice things up😀
  8. She sure is in beautiful shape !!! I think Barbara Eden might of competed with her ...... either way I'm gonna go **# one out
  9. i know the 7.3 is good truck engine . not so sure it will have the grunt the 554 has (or had) best of luck keep us updated
  10. Vic, probably easier to fab than to find one. i will check my kit and see what it has
  11. is your shifter linkage working the selector valve properly?
  12. I would think a push/pull cable would take care of your issue in a neat fashion
  13. BALL 188951H1 - Case, New Holland Parts | ACRAR Supposedly there is one in the land of beer and mercedes😀
  14. Welcome aboard Svart !! we would love pics of your IH /or other machines and toys , feel free to start your own thread if you like Kevin
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