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  1. I would start by pulling axle and outer wheel bearing ,This will let you see whether its the shoes holding it . Or the studs and hub, Do you have other side off ?
  2. Yes you could , It would be way more difficult , Super importand that the cam bearings are precisely located in respect to oil journal holes . (as im sure you know) I don't think you could see well enough with all that iron in the way. I would be skeered of nicking a new bearing sliding the bumpstick back home also. The rear bearing requires rear cam cover removal . Did your bearings fail ? If so You need to undress her and clean out all oil journals from top to bottom anyway .
  3. Not a fun job ! But necessary with these old curmudgeons 😀
  4. Bought tons (literally) of stuff from ebay sellers , I can't resist the letters "NOS IH" Many parts for my 67 travelall were found by searching and waiting on ebay . I hate to say it but I am that guy that outbids you at the last second of the auction 🥵 One of my best buys back around 2000 was my TD7C . actually 2 of them were on auction from MTO's neck of the woods No reserve and not much info in the description , pictures were poor so was the seller responses , I capped myself at 3 grand comin down to the wire and my bid gets topped ,I say what the heck a
  5. My deepest sympathies and condolences to you and your family .
  6. 1964 Model here, Youngest of five kids ( four girls ahead of me ) Sisters all drove standard shift, I remember flocks of boys hanging round the house , One particular suitor ( Later became Brother in law) would fight like the dickens with my sister and then hop in his car all pissed off , I WAITED FOR THIS, He had a 68 RS Camaro with an honest to goodness 283 stock car motor that turned 7500 rpm , He would leave the driveway with that chevy at redline ,Grabbin every gear of that Hurst shifted muncie , He became a great friend and B-in-law , RIP Dave Dad and Gr
  7. Welcome aboard AC !! Sorry I cant help with parts for your M, I can suggest Bates Corp, or FP Smith in CA. Do you have a Terra Tiger ? would love to see some pictures
  8. My sincere condolences Pid, Thoughts and prayers to friends and family.
  9. Welcome aboard Andiaa, You have posted your question in the "Truck" forum, You would get much better answers/responses if you posted in the "General IH" forum Best of luck !
  10. Here is the thread snoshoe spoke of , 706 german diesel thermostat update - General IH - Red Power Magazine Community And here is a YT thread with part numbers for conversion thermostat in 310 diesel from 706 - Farmall & International Harvester (IHC) Forum - Yesterday's Tractors Here is a few pics of a D358 setup in a loader , I found a NOS DT358 and and put it in the old girl I may have more pics if they might help
  11. Could'nt you use hydraulic pistons with pulleys and cables for lifting ? A setup similar to the old gradall boom in and out setup, or the old rolloff trash truck winch arrangement
  12. Change fuel filters !! Verify fuel flow from tank to primary filter , How cold is it up there in the Great White North ?? Cold enough to gel fuel ?
  13. Negligees , rolling papers and a D9 , Sounds like a heck of a night 😀
  14. Welcome aboard Gene !! th ere is a thread going on right now on this forum with top idler removal TD-9B - Page 3 - IH Construction Equipment - Red Power Magazine Community
  15. Not to get off topic , What is your intended use ? You would probably have way more into repairs than the purchase price, If in fact the pumps and or drives are bad
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