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  1. If you have any outdated "ad block" spyware programs they will cause problems on opening sites , Shut em off or dump them and upgrade ,
  2. Take care , and listen to the doctors , Best of luck Kevin
  3. Sheet metal on the front ends of scouts, travelalls and pickups are full of 5/16 IH flange bolts
  4. I use a Jackson Insight insert that fit right into my jackson shell 5 years 1 battery Works really nice has 9-13 and grind mode plus 4x 2.5 view area Jackson Insight Auto-Darkening Lens 46128
  5. Here is a few Scouts with rather attractive and possibly useful accessories 😀
  6. My TD7C will spin the brand new tracks in first no problem .....IF ... I am not loading the blade under a boulder or stump then I can stall the converter , Kinda hard to gauge just how much force it is producing , But the engine is makin smoke and sounds healthy enough , I am not sure if their is rpm specs in the manual or not ? I know Terex used to list engine rpm and stall rpm specs for their loaders , Correct ,Not a good thing to load the machine to the point of stall for any length of time
  7. One of my worst fears , Thank goodness all is well ,
  8. Make sure all fluids are up to snuff , You need to see (with floor plates off) if the driveshaft stops turning when stalled , if D/S stops it is stalling converter , if D/S continues too spin either trans or drive clutches are slipping. Torque converter stall can be engine rpm too low Drive clutches can be adjusted Do you have service manuals ?
  9. There seems to be a few states where rust is not a serious problem with old IH's I have had great luck with vehicles and parts from Montana and Texas . I think where exactly the vehicle sat out it's dormancy weighs heavily on condition. Tony , The gauges you chose are Fantastic looking , As always paper towel in hand wiping the drool from my keyboard 😀
  10. The T6 is just beyond stellar !! Would you share your other projects with us here ? or if not here could you let us know where we can check em out . Kevin
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