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  1. Wish the pix were a little better,,, Any signs of previous cracking or damage??
  2. Welcome aboard Mike , PM member here "injpumped" he hangs out in the coffee shop or general Ih sections , he can help
  3. Heaven has a special place for people like you Mark ! Sorry for your loss .
  4. all gear drivetrain . I have an older one 14hp and it takes a severe amount of abuse , traded some repairs to a kubota for it when I was 25 im 56 now never replaced a hard part on it , GOOD Tractors
  5. I believe the spark plugs are actually 7/8 " 22mm is just really close, Maybe someone has the dope on this ??
  6. I think you are well in the safe range for temps ( based on other heavy equipment /dozers with T/C's Where do your other big kittys run ?
  7. chassis of a RC car or truck
  8. John Welcome Aboard ! Quick search turned up a few tidbits , I think a parts manual would be invaluable along with any other manuals that can be sourced . Green Diamond Engine - Restoring Cornelius One other site that i could recommend is OldIHC | Home for the Hopelessly Addicted We need pictures please ,Best of luck and will keep an eye out for more info and more posts from you
  9. I was thinking of poking holes and a piece of wire .... I like the magnet idea a lot better 😀
  10. Proto and Landmesser tools Landmesser Tools Company Sorry missed that you wanted 1/2 drive ---nevermind
  11. 52 discs @ how much $ each would probably help me decide , Also if i plan on keeping machine forever I would replace
  12. I would'nt want to horse those loader arms around without some help , Heavy lookin !!!
  13. My son gave me (what i'm thinking) is a very useful gift for xmas , I can think of a few filters and gear cases that might get serviced a bit earlier than needed 😀 Inside of the flex funnel is a sheet of lead
  14. Lorenzo, If no luck here, Head over to Binderplanet , keep an eye on the classifieds, The 80 and 800's ( especially with V8's) are pretty darn hot right now
  15. Time to clean the fuel tank and everything downstream of it 😀 Tank, Fuel bowl, lines, carburetor and she will run , Great Job so far
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