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  1. John Hahn used to be the go to guy ? Seems like he is no longer in business found this info Hahn Tractor Seats | Farmers Hot Line
  2. Matco is available directly on line, I just ordered new slides for one of my boxes Portable Tool Boxes | Tool Boxes & Storage | Service. Trust. Results.® | Matco Tools
  3. These folks on the list are great I try to support the lightline dealers when possible Find a Dealer
  4. Welcome aboard pawket,, ! Ebay has original manuals , binderbooks has reprints , windshield glass is available new, we need pictures
  5. Kevingweq

    Rip clyde

    Very sorry for your loss !
  6. Here is pre-oil procedure Old Iron Pt 1 v1.2.pdf pre oil Here is a diagram of sv oil flow
  7. If you find oil pressure at the galley (where sender is located) and still no flow to the valve trains dollars to donuts you got wiped cam bearings . A lot of folks ,,myself included swear by a "preoil procedure" before even turning an sv that has been having a lengthy siesta.
  8. Just a little hint , after installing sleeves and time comes for pistons .... when the last ring makes it past the ring compressor the piston and rod will (under it's own weight) slide right down the liner and nick the crank . I learned my lesson 😀
  9. Kevingweq

    Corona virus

    Massachusetts closing tens if not hundreds of schools many for thirty days or more , panic buying in full swing
  10. You stole that big hunk of gorgeous steel !!
  11. I wonder the differences in the newer T9 's versus the older F20-T20 that run just fine on gas although designed for distillate ?
  12. Acton Mass $2.39 gal #2 off road $2.59 Gal on road low sulphur
  13. Turned em for you cap'n
  14. Try searching posts in this board , It has been covered but I dont remember particulars , Pretty sure that somehow you use the hydraulic power of machine to remove bushing. I did a little searching member "oldihdsl" may have some info in previous posts or threads ,He really knew his stuff on lots of equipment. You could try searching his posts using keywords 270A, oldihdsl, swing, redpower etc Here is a link to his activity oldihdsl's Content - Red Power Magazine Community
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