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  1. I have a super C hydraulic pump that is leaking fluid into the crankcase. I had the same problem on another super C and tried to fix it with the seal kit you can find for Pesco pumps on the internet. It still leaked and I bought a new pump. Has anyone out there had good results using a seal kit to fix the leak problem? My old IH dealer from many years ago told me the seal kits only fixed leaks from the low pressure side of the pump, and when the leak came frm the high pressore side it would not help. Thanks
  2. pstav

    W30 timing

    Both discs are the same, all holes line up. To change timing, remove bolts, rotate mag disc cw or ccw and reinstall bolts. Keep adjusting until mag fires as close to TDC as possible but not past TDC.
  3. pstav

    W30 timing

    I have a 1935 W30. The tming is set by lining up holes in a disc in the timing drive with holes in a matching disc on the magneto drive shaft. There are 16 holes in each disc, so there are 8 different settings for a 360 degree revolution. By my calculation changing one hole changes timing 22 degrees. Is there a way to adjust timing finer than 22 degrees Thanks
  4. pstav

    Exhaust rotocap

    Messicks no longer has available. Anyone else have ideas? Thanks again
  5. Does anyone know of a source for an exhaust valve rotocap for a super C with a C123 engine? Thanks
  6. pstav

    Super C rings

    To address Snoshoe, the plugs would foul after about a week of use, also only about 85 psi compression that would come up to 135 psi if I would oil the cylinder. For MMI : after 10 k hours there had to be a cylinder ridge of several thousandths of an inch. How could there be hone scratches remaining? Doesn't make sense. My engine has less than .001 of ridge. You cannot feel a ridge at all.
  7. pstav

    Super C rings

    The tractor has had at least 200 hours of use mowing hay since I bought it, so the rings have had plenty of time to seat. If I had known what I know today, I would have used bon-ami, but I sort of hate to reassemble the tractor just to try the bon-ami and then have it not work. Just hoped someone had experience removing "glaze" (whatever that is).
  8. pstav

    Super C rings

    I have a Super C that had the engine rebuilt before I bought it. It has oversize sleeves and 3 3/16 pistons to match. The compression was poor (85 psi) but would come up to 135 psi when I put oil in the cylinders. I decided to do a valve & ring job. When I got it apart, the valves were perfect, and it had no cylinder ridge at all. I could still see the cylinder hone marks. Bottom line, I believe the rings never seated. As a fix, everyone recommends new rings, hone the cylinders. My question is this: Has anyone ever tried just re-honing the cylinders, using some fine emory cloth
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