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  1. I have a room in Bloomington Country Inn & Suites for next Monday night. This would be the night before the Farm Progress show in Decatur. We were supposed to attend a meeting the day before the show, but the plans got scrapped. They wouldn't allow cancellations, so here I sit with a room I don't need. Does anybody want it?
  2. That was my takeaway from the story as well. ?
  3. How did they harvest rice back then?
  4. A grain binder, unless I'm missing something. The very thing that started it all for International Harvester.
  5. We always use our fist for determining the size of a bear when checking baits. If it's pads are larger than your fist then it's worth hunting.
  6. He finally figured out your pattern and came early!
  7. Diesel was $3.499 at all the truck stops at Rockton Rd/South Beloit!!!
  8. If he has his applicatos license than he would know there are multiple options to reduce the potential for drift. Just because a field was sprayed doesn't mean there will be off target application.
  9. I'm guessing you never sprayed yourself.
  10. I would take a look at the AgTalk classifieds.
  11. It's nearly impossible to kill slugs because they only come out at night. My SUPER full tillage buddy had slugs a few times. He top dressed potash at midnight a couple times. It definitely killed some slugs, but not sure where the economic thresholds were met. Either way you needed to add potash eventually. LOL
  12. Works for me. Tried the plant green deal this year. Yes, tillage destroys slug habitat. I found some slug damage this year, but not enough to scare me.
  13. It worked out alright last night!
  14. I follow a guy on Snapchat that uses this stuff. He's a little crude for some on this site, but he did some videos on how to polish treadplate. https://goshineon.com/products/time2shine-detail-kit
  15. That's actually the first thing that came to mind when we started talking about this Saturday!
  16. Does anyone have any experience with going in circles? If not, this thread will not make any sense. I am thinking about building a ride height gauge for our hot rod. I'm getting REALLY sick of crawling under the car and using a tape measure to measure ride height. It really becomes problematic when subtracting the 2 1/2" height of the scales. Something about subtracting 2 1/2" from 9 3/16" makes my brain hurt when I'm standing on my head reading a tape measure. I'm thinking of using something like a linear scale (like the digital readout (DRO) on a mill/lathe) or one of these digital caliper looking things. https://www.rockler.com/igaging-6-minimag-magnetic-fractional-digital-height-gauge?country=US&sid=V91040&promo=shopping&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=&utm_content=&utm_campaign=PL&gclid=Cj0KCQjw4cOEBhDMARIsAA3XDRipgPrLcwmK0X6qEqI8DIukcAS87tsH7JhFEOZvMzYQp2ato2uH2OsaAgdgEALw_wcB I like the idea that something digital can be zeroed out at 2.5" to account for the scale height. (or whatever your scale height is, but most people are using Longacre scales in my experience) In my dream world I will have all four measurements on one screen like the scale head. You can check your weight/cross and ride height all in one spot without standing on your head all night long. Adjust cross, check ride height, adjust height, measure cross, adjust cross...you get it. The circle never ends. Sorry no major question, just looking to start a discussion and see if anyone has any suggestions/better methods.
  17. Pick your own sunflowers? Striped or black? Pop? What plate/how are they planted?
  18. I see it has an alternator. ??? Good find. They are a neat machine.
  19. I cut a cheap wrench in half and used the open end iirc.
  20. Pave the round bale shed floor with them. If someone will take them for free get rid of them!
  21. I know there are a few people who do some work in the cemetery. Our neighborhood cemetery is in need of some repair. I'm thinking it would be a good project for our family or 4-H to take care of some of the headstones that have fallen into disrepair. A little background: The cemetery association is broke and will be out of money by this summer. The township will be taking over care from here to eternity. I don't see the township going above and beyond by any means. Questions: (Ranked in priority) - A lot of the oldest headstones are marble slabs. It appears they are just buried into the ground. Obviously some have started to tip over since the 1880s. Is there are better way to stabilize them than digging new hole and reburying them deeper? - Some of the marble slabs are cracked in half. I see some have been repaired with something that looked like grout or caulk. What is the best way to mend these broken headstones? - I saw a lady cleaning and painting the lettering on these marble headstones on Snapchat. It looked really good when she was done. Any tips on cleaning marble headstones?
  22. Happy Easter John. Do you guys have the He Is Risen crosses at your church? I saw them in Helenville, but didn't grab one and then they whatever been sold out. My mom wants one.
  23. I had a sparrow trap built like that when I was a kid.
  24. Scott!


    Becoming more common every year. Sexed semen creates too many replacement animals. Genomic tells you how productive a heifer will be long before her first lactation. The cull heifers have to go somewhere! Ita actually kind of funny. We were just talking about this at work last week.
  25. It's odd. My dad and I were talking about it tonight. They can keep a tire on an SLM and they have 50 more horsepower. He figures the problem is the cup cars weighing 1200 lbs more than an SLM. That would be almost 50% more!!! Too much traction and drive off the corner and they burn through the RR. In my opinion, not the best showing for Goodyear.
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