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  1. RAIN

    About 4" of leftover snow and 2.5" of rain wasn't real fun here in Janesville, WI.
  2. M hit and Miss barn find

    You are going to need gaskets? That implies they make them! lol. If it is anything like my Stover engine your students will learn how to make gaskets. If you need a gas tank you better get it ordered asap. Hit and Miss Enterprises is good but SLLLLLOOOOWWWWW.
  3. IH Collectors, Wisconsin Chapter #4 Winter Banquet and Annual Meeting Saturday, February 10, 2017 Rex's Innkeeper 301 North Century Avenue Waunakee, WI 53597 10:00 - 11:00: Registration, Membership renewal, Chinese Raffle ticket sales, Chapter Merchandise for sale 11:00: Speaker - Roger Lewno, CASE IH Product Specialist 12:00 pm: Lunch Family style dinner with turkey and dressing, beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, vegetable, coleslaw, fruit, coffee or milk Annual Meeting& Election of Directors Chinese Raffle: Donated items for the Chinese Raffle are appreciated. This is a really fun way to raise funds for Chapter #4 and win great items. Drawing will be held after the election of directors. Cost is $20.00 per person. Pay at the door. Guests are welcome. RSVP by PM if you would like to attend. Please include first and last name as well as city and state in your PM.
  4. Chapter 4 Winter Banquet and Annual Meeting

    Here is some the fun we enjoyed. Roger Lewno shared some great stories about his time at Case IH.
  5. Seeking some Ford advice

    Yes. There is a sticker on the bottle that says ignore molded marks and use the new sticker locations. I could get you a pic, but I'm sure there are pictures all over the Google. By radiator cap you mean bottle?
  6. Shop stuff

    A green buddy of mine has that Shania poster in his shop.
  7. Seeking some Ford advice

    IIRC 6.0s don't have a radiator cap. It all gets filled through the bottle?!?
  8. considering a security camera

    Can you hook them up wireless? It looks like there is a receiver you can install into the back of the DVR. Does it come with those?
  9. Cleaning out the shop

    You could always use it to store welding rods. Seems like a good way to justify keeping it!
  10. Millennial interview

    There is a new group for us.
  11. Millennial interview

    That's will work. Look up Rock River Lab - New when you graduate.
  12. Millennial interview

    Soil science, agronomy, or dairy/animal/beef science major? I have a job for you when you finish school.
  13. reddy heater

    Don't watch TV AND type. I meant diesel/kero. lol The diesel heaters are pretty complicated with sparkers, fuel filters, air filters and stuff.
  14. reddy heater

    The propane ones are WAY simpler than the LP ones. I fourth(?) the thermocouple. All I had to do was clean mine up and adjust the clearance and it worked.
  15. Ag census

    That's the part that gets me. Why don't all of the government offices pull together and do the work themselves!?! Somebody tell Trump what a waste this thing is!!!
  16. how do you guys handle snowmoble trespass

    If you ever have to go to St Louis, try Pappy's. Their ribs are some of the best I have found in my travels. I'm the trail boss for our local club in Whitewater, WI. Around here we will put up snow fence and/or flags to TRY to keep the trespassers on the trail. It isn't 100%, but it is pretty effective. Maybe get on Google and find the local club that puts the trail in. Maybe Michigan doesn't work quite like Wisconsin???
  17. how do you guys handle snowmoble trespass

    Does the trail run near the property or are they coming from all over/neighbors.
  18. Dr.Pol

    He is on "free tv" Saturday mornings.
  19. I would like to see a few pictures of the sled the Case was pulling.
  20. genius's at Genex

    This starts to answer some questions.
  21. need real life experience with midwest cover crops

    That's the disease in silage. Allelopathy is where one plant tries to kill another.
  22. M diesel and Super MD experts

    It's essentially the same question as the "MD Sleeve Question" thread that is on the first page. Long story short, it's a mess!
  23. H starting tank questions

    To answer your question. No, $140 is insanely high priced. Drop the $100 and that's the highest I have seen them sell at an auction.
  24. gold in my basement

    Yes, I'm south of WW by Hwy A and 89. The tractor is 15 min from my place. Gonzo's brother did the work and showed me the pics on his phone. It was quite a deal!
  25. gold in my basement

    Yeah, it's pretty cool. Hopefully Gonzo comes along with some pictures.