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  1. Scott!

    Lefty Shotgun

    Dad is not looking to sell them...now... My grandpa isn't doing that great and I don't think he wants to sell that gun because it's his dad's.
  2. Was out deer hunting so I snapped a picture of the rye in the corn stubble. It's not abundant, but it's present and doing well.
  3. We did some work at the time of "planting" this year on what actually hit the ground. In corn, only about half ever hit the ground. This year the beans were 50% foliage and the corn was half dead. I think it was around Sept 24. Last year we seeded on Sept 19. We make the decision based more on the weather forecast (and airplane availability) than we do crop maturity.
  4. I replaced the condenser and it (sort of) runs again. I was too lazy to do the points initially so I skipped the points and condenser. Wrong choice! It still runs really rich and the float is sticking. The carb kit should be here any day and that should take care of the float problem. The 90* elbow coming out of the exhaust manifold was also cracked and junk. I took the intake off (after 1+ hour of swearing trying to do it on the tractor) and replaced that as well. It still has an annoying leak there, but I couldn't get the muffler moved back far enough to get it all the way o
  5. I fly rye into corn and beans. Killed it off before planting last year since the rye was going to I take off by planting. I'm going to try planting green this year if the weather works out.
  6. I flipped the cap 180 and it did not start. The timing did throw me off because it was almost out of adjustment in one direction and had a ton of adjustment the other direction.
  7. I got it in my TSC kit. I guess I should have put it and the condenser in.
  8. I'm really beginning to doubt my abilities as a hack...I mean mechanic. I tore the carb off and sprayed it out with carb cleaner. TSC didn't carry the right carb kit so rebuilding it isn't going to happen without waiting for the mail. The tip of the main mixture screw was bent a little so I whacked it with the butt of a screwdriver to straighten it out a bit. When I first put it back together I thought I may have gotten the tractor to at least run on it's own, but after about a minute of chugging it died and couldn't sustain life. I still don't trust the previous ow
  9. Negative. They are just out there in the open.
  10. The battery tested barely adequate so it got a new one with high hopes. That did not fix it. I can also add that when I got in the truck to head home after trying to fix it you could smell smoky nasty exhaust like it was running rich. That could just be from it not running well?
  11. Dad just bought a Ford 800 with a loader. He went to look at it early week and it didn't run perfect, but ran good enough. The float seems to stick because it supposedly leaks gas out when it the fuel is left on. Fast forward to today when we go to pick it up and it will hardly idle. It was 70 when he looked at it Monday and it is 30 today. I'm not sure that is the cause, but it could definitely make the problems show up stronger. What I did: - Change plugs - Change Rotor (didn't put the rest of the TSC kit in because points and condenser looked fairly new) - C
  12. It was pretty nasty when it came through Wisconsin!
  13. You have to force molt them.
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