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  1. Scott!


    Happy Easter John. Do you guys have the He Is Risen crosses at your church? I saw them in Helenville, but didn't grab one and then they whatever been sold out. My mom wants one.
  2. I had a sparrow trap built like that when I was a kid.
  3. Scott!


    Becoming more common every year. Sexed semen creates too many replacement animals. Genomic tells you how productive a heifer will be long before her first lactation. The cull heifers have to go somewhere! Ita actually kind of funny. We were just talking about this at work last week.
  4. It's odd. My dad and I were talking about it tonight. They can keep a tire on an SLM and they have 50 more horsepower. He figures the problem is the cup cars weighing 1200 lbs more than an SLM. That would be almost 50% more!!! Too much traction and drive off the corner and they burn through the RR. In my opinion, not the best showing for Goodyear.
  5. Not much different than the clinical mask studies that show great efficacy. But when you look at meta data studies from masked vs unmasked states/European countries there's no statistical differences.
  6. MLA rules say an ellipsis should be used when only a portion of a quote is used. Also, if there are pictures in the quote delete them. That just annoys me. LOL
  7. That's the best time to take maternity pictures. ? Just kidding around. Great picture and congratulations on continuing a legacy!
  8. That's not high on the hog. That's pretty low or maybe from the shoulder. ?
  9. For me it's because it was a modified approval process for a first of its kind vaccine. I suppose I use GMO seed so I shouldn't worry about GMO vaccines. The other reason, because the chance of it killing me or my family is slim to none. If we would have opened after we flattened the curve we wouldn't have near as many varients to worry about...but that's a different thread.
  10. They just can't kill enough cattle/hogs to meet demand. This was becoming a problem over the last decade and now the 2020 BS has made it an impossible feat to get something in. There are times when we have to call around to get a kill only for a pig roast! We have cut 8 hogs, a steer, and a cull cow at my dad's this year. We do deer processing and are pretty setup as a butcher shop. We don't have a band saw so no bone in pork chops or t-bones. We sold the saw decades ago because we didn't want to do farm stuff. Now that we can't get any meat in for the family it looks like we will be
  11. I guess it seems relatively safe to me. Anybody remember this? https://journaltimes.com/news/national/walworth-police-suspect-murder/article_9219240b-33bc-569e-816b-65921c4a7e48.html
  12. Slaughter fee is a separate fee to the cutup fee here in SE WI. All four lockers do it the same.
  13. Plenty of snow outside Stuttgart.
  14. Most of the spuds grown in Antigo are seed potatoes. Lots of chippers and table potatoes in the Central Sands. I knew some guys that did a lot of nematode testing for overseas export in the Antigo area. Something like 100 cores per acre and one sample per acre. No thanks!
  15. Here I always thought Dick Slayer was a spoof account created to stir the pot and screw with people. I guess it shows my trust in people.
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