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  1. Scott!

    7140 that burned

    I'm with Troy. Make it a power unit type pump.
  2. You're all good 👍. I just know they do it different in some parts than we do around here. Heck, on the Rock Prairie the only time a combine has it's unload auger out is when the cart (is supposed to be) there to unload. Head east of here towards Elkhorn, Burlington, and Racine and they run around with their auger out at all times. And they have more trees and crap to run it into!
  3. Never! Cart guy slows down n speeds up or combine is in charge of that?
  4. What about filling the cart front to back?
  5. Congrats. Was just down there for NAILE. They really spruced up Freedom Hall over the summer. The paint is bright again not all yellow and full of soot.
  6. Same thing my uncle said.
  7. My uncle, a plumber, said buy the cheapest one you can find. There isn't enough of a difference to matter.
  8. Scott!

    Christmas Parade

    The Allis weighs MORE!?!
  9. Scott!

    Christmas Parade

    Looks like a good time. Sure does look at lot nicer than Wisconsin!
  10. Scott!

    not a gun guy

    .410 is the about the only gun you can not use in Wisconsin to shoot a deer.
  11. Scott!

    Ford F250

    2016 with 6.7 40k miles. Janesville and Louisville and back with the popper in the back. 400# boar on the way south. Picture was taken at the Louisville Ford Assembly Plant. Mine was probably made in Canada because it came from there???
  12. Verbalize EVERYTHING! I'm checking my mirrow. I'm covering my brake. I took mine in Wisconsin at the bus company in Monroe 10+ years ago in a pickup and gooseneck. I did not have to parallel park. I got dinged on two things. Pulling up too close at a stop sign and not putting my four ways on going up the "mountain" slower than traffic.
  13. Better buy it before it gets banned by the government or morning "news" shows shame it to death.
  14. Scott!

    CBD Hemp

    Let me start by saying I'm not trying to be a smartbutt or a know it all. Are you sure it's a spectrometer? Most CBD is analyzed with HPLC. The most common method for pesticides is GCR. If they are using spectroscopy I definitely want to hear more!
  15. Scott!

    CBD Hemp

    UK said right around 50% of Kentucky CBD hemp was a failure last year. Keep in mind, that isn't 50% of the growers, just 50% of the planted acres were unharvested. Wouldn't any small farm have more income sources than the 1-5 acres of tobacco/hemp? As some know, I work for an agricultural analysis lab in Wisconsin. We added hemp analysis to our suite of services this spring when WDATCP (Wisconsin Department of Ag Trade and Consumer Protection) allowed third party testing of hemp. I would say hemp occupied 75% of my time in July and August. It has been a really fun and busy summer. I met a lot of really cool people and a few really trying people along the way. I spoke at 5ish different field days/meetings. It looks like I will be working with legislators/lobbyists on moving hemp legislation forward and streamlining the sampling and testing requirements. I never even knew I was interested in hemp until this summer. Now I'm one of the states top hemp agronomists!
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