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  1. Heck, Wisconsin is probably worse than that! They now close school and cancel events the day before it starts snowing. Two storms ago they cancelled the kids basketball games and just about everything else that day and the storm went South and we got around 1" of snow.
  2. My kids are off school...but their mother has in-service. Guess what that means!
  3. I have never needed anything more than a white spinner bait. Can't keep those toothy things off a spinner bait or a buzz bait.
  4. If I use my I-joist cutoffs for blocking do I need to back the web with something that fits? I think it would be a 2x4, but have to measure the web.
  5. Finished floor!?! Probably 3/4" plywood/OSB. If I feel ritzy maybe I can sand it and polyurethane it. Maybe I can find a school being torn down and salvage the gym floor. Maple sure would look sweet! My rough math says this will cover about half the floor. Is there a rule of thumb to use for bracing joists? As you can see, I don't have any lateral bracing on them at this time. Sorry...Google... Table 1 Quantity of Bridging versus Floor Joist Span Span in Feet Quantity of Bridging Less than 8 0 8 to 12 1 12 to 18 2 18 to 24 3 24 to 32 4
  6. Sorry, the picture would have told 1000 words. The new third story is 14" TJI manufactured joists 16" OC. Fun fact, the downstairs is also 16" OC. I kind of had one on my phone without knowing it!
  7. Construction season has once again returned to the farm. Unfortunately I am an agronomist NOT a carpenter. A short reminder of the shop/rompus room project. I am essentially adding a third story to my traditional dairy barn. 3/5 will be shop that is two stories tall. 2/5 will be three stories with machine shop on the bottom, game room in the second floor, and the top floor (in the gambrel/hip part of the barn) will be basketball hoops and batting cage the full length of the barn. The dilemma: All *modern subfloor is tongue & groove OSB or plywood. I happened into 60ish sheets of free 3/4" plywood that was ripped down to 42" width but it is NOT T&G. This will be going in the "new" third floor of the barn. Will it be too spongy (especially to dribble on) having regular plywood NOT T&G? What should I do? I don't have any decent pictures of the barn in its latest state. I will grab some pictures when I go outside to do chores. Sorry Driver1 and everyone else. I know every thread needs some good pictures and every time I see Driver he wants an update
  8. I ditched a 2001 7.3 with 215k for a 2016 6.7 with 30k. No regrets at all. Went from ext cab to four door. Similar milage between the two trucks. I went to Louisville and back with the popper and it only did 16ish. I don't remember the exact number.
  9. Tell me more. There is (was) gum only available in California? Is that what Smokey & The Bandit II was about?
  10. I get it, because they waddle when they walk!!! That is hilarious!!!!!
  11. Most barn doors here in SE Wisconsin are round tube.
  12. I would say a body mount.
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