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  1. That is exactly what happened to the guys that I found with my stolen work ATV. At least he said, "here is a bunch of other stuff that was on it when I got it."
  2. Scott!

    17 hp Kawasaki Counterweight Shaft

    I have a bad picture of the counter weight shaft. It seems these counter weights are fairly common on big one lungers. They also seem to be a common failure point.
  3. Was mowing last night and heard two weird thumps. When I was looking things over I saw there was oil on the deck and behind the engine. Then I saw the counterweight shaft nuts had backed off/disappeared. Can I just buy some new nuts and turn the nuts in evenly? Will something bind?
  4. Scott!

    How many of you have this set up at home?

    I'm sorry, but I laughed pretty hard at that!
  5. Scott!

    bedliner concerns

    A plastic liner is a guarantee of the situation you are describing. There is always a layer of water between the plastic and the truck bed. If I were the OP I would get the spray in and throw a piece of 3/4 plywood in the bed. It would probably be even better than his plastic liner.
  6. Scott!

    polyflex question

    It's on back order. They did not discontinue it.
  7. You just said the same thing I did. The more hooks the more money you make off the pullers. I just added that it is boring for spectators to see the same tractors three times.
  8. I agree! And I do/used to antique pull. IMO the worst thing is having 500# weight class splits. You watch the same stupid JD A and Farmall H pull half the day. One class and done! On the other hand, when I have to pay $20/hook it is a lot easier to make money off pullers if they pull the same tractor multiple times. It's a double edged sword. The biggest local pull has the best of both worlds. They pull hot farm/10-14,000# tractors on one track and antiques on a second track. That way there is constant action and everyone is happy.
  9. Scott!

    Large prize raffle

    I think it was $4000-$4500, but some dealers kicked in and got it down to $3500. I will try to find the numbers in my minutes.
  10. Scott!

    Large prize raffle

    Our county snowmobile alliance has a youth sled raffle. We did a 120 Polaris for years. Last year we switched to a 200 Cat so it was trail legal. We sold around 900 tickets at 3 for $20 or 1 for $10. We had 1200 tickets printed. Last year (with the d200 Cat) was our most successful year to date. Chapter 4 raffled off a Farmall B we restored at RPRU.
  11. JD garden tractors charge through the key switch. It isn't that crazy in the garden tractor world. I actually figured it would start charging when you changed the key switch.
  12. Scott!

    New to me W6

    I have run into the same thing as mmi with Jensales. Mine were photo copies of photo copied photo copies. I prefer the copies of the original manuals. I don't remember where I bought them.
  13. Scott!

    New to me W6

    I don't like my Jensales manuals.
  14. BBQ catering. I cooked my own pig and round of beef.
  15. Have you seen half the people that end up getting married? It isn't hard to figure out why they ended up divorced. I would say 95% of people who get married in a church and have the Lord in their life stay married forever. This isn't a church rant, but it IS a marriage rant. Marriage is just the step after moving in together now days. You may or may not have kids at some point in this progression. I had a very conservative wedding 10 years ago and still wound up spending just south of$13,000. I kind of regret not spending more money on our photographer. We got the discount guy and it showed. Other than that I am happy with the experience. I bet my modest wedding would cost almost $20k now. If they only spent $30k then good for them.