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  1. $1000 an acre per month is what the airport is getting I think they're up to 60-70 acres.
  2. Put it in a Prius and go collect some Honda's with big mufflers!
  3. I wonder how much Ferry Farms would be sued for if that whole mess would come down?
  4. I shot for 100 pounds on Freeman 2 tie, The stackers charged the same if it was 100 or 75, so crank up the pressure,
  5. A good boom loader could place the bale right where it goes. All the guy on the truck needs to do is set in place, The elbow is generally the first to go on the old boomers,
  6. Tjoker


    ‎If anyone is interested I can connect you with the seller Ken TJ Sween‎ to Central Washington Traders 17 mins · Ih 5488 tractor $14,500 Ephrata, WA Case international harvester 4x4 around 200hp rear tires like new. 3 point, pto, drawbar, 3 Remotes. Low medium high range with 1-2-3-4-6trans has issues with gears 1-3-5Great working a/c. Ran a Heston 4900 big baler all summer. 6500 hours. Trades considered. baler also available for sale.
  7. They turned the porter-cable line into junk tools, is craftsman next?
  8. If that's Cle Elm lots of coasties there it's becoming a bedroom community for Seattle,
  9. then let dry , then wash again in a different light let dry, then wash again
  10. I had a big wheel, I'm not overly impressed with Yamaha but I couldn't get a fat cat anymore. That being said I still got $700 for it on my auction after not running for 6 years. Four wheelers are nice but a bike still has a place in my heart.
  11. "You chose wisely but you chose too soon" as they were running the next cow in.
  12. I always hated fair calves!! Damn pets!
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