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  1. I guarantee IH didn't build 2 7388's with the SN 501. Remember these were prototype tractors that were demonstrated at various farm shows and dealer events across the country. IH wouldn't have stamped 2 tractors with the same SN. They used linecards for pete's sakes. Furthermore, we've seen the pictures of the 501 serial numbers for the 7388, 7588 and 7788. I'm certain the other 2 7388's are SN 502 and 503. The way I see it, someone claimed they had the 1st 7388 and others ran with it. Over the years, here we are. If you disagree with me, that's fine. We all have opinions. The proof is in the pudding. Last I heard, the 7388 in question resides in Wisconsin. A simple pic of the SN tag will suffice.
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