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  1. Changed my coolant filter on my 766 with D360 engine the other day and the top of the filter was black with engine oil.  Upon opening radiator cap, I found that was black oil coated too.  Its not grey, so I know I didn't run it long luckily but upon talking with my mechanic friend, he said I need a new oil cooler as it must be leaking oil into the coolant.  I've checked everywhere I can think of and can not find a new or reman one (735259C91).  Best option at this point is to take it off and have it rebuilt by Hy Capacity 4-8 weeks.  I did see engine oil coolers for 360 truck engines available...anyone know if one of those would work or if they are (likely) different (part number 1810216C2)?  Anyone have one by chance that would fit the tractor?  I really don't want a used one as they are all over 40 years old and will be needing repair sooner than later.  They do seem more available for the 400 series engines, although they were much more common than the 300 series. 


  2. Looking for someone who may have a used plow beam for an IH 720 auto reset plow.  Bought a new to me plow and in a couple acres I managed to snag a huge rock and broke the beam right off.  If anyone has one in driving distance of Central NY or can ship let me know!

  3. I'm going to mount a CIH 510 loader on my CIH 5230.  In loader operators manual, it says since I have 14.9R24 tires on the front, I will need Oscillation Stops.  Does anyone know what these are or where they would mount?  There's a small hole in the loader mount and in the tractor frame that I'm guessing it attaches to.  Any idea what it would be listed under on CIH parts?  I've been looking for it but to no avail under tractor or loader.  Not sure how critical it is, I don't want to mess anything up.  Thanks for any pictures/advise/description of these stops.

  4. On 7/20/2020 at 11:24 AM, Matt Kirsch said:

    Even though it's not 100% Plan A, perhaps you can hire a fabricator to install the brackets from the 7710 on the 5230, perhaps in a way that you can simply unbolt them and install them back on the 7710 should the 5230 go down.

    The work to adapt the brackets can be much simpler than building new ones from scratch.

    There's quite a difference between the two tractors, but you're right it would be a lot easier to try to adapt what I have than starting with a blank piece of paper (or in this case steel).  Sure would be nice to find the mounts but it isn't looking good.



  5. I have a Ford 7710 with a GB 660 loader.  I want to move that tractor to manure spreader duty and put the loader on my CIH Maxxim 5230.  Ideally, I'd keep the loader mount on the Ford in case I ever had to put the loader back on it in the event of the 5230 needing major work done.  Since GB is out of business and bought out by Bush Hog, I called them and basically they just laughed that they haven't had those in several years/no longer available.  I heard they made the 510 loader for CIH but my dealer said they don't offer/can't get the mounting brackets either.  Just wondering if anyone by chance has a mounting bracket for a GB 660 to go on a 4x4 5230.  Otherwise, I guess I'm stuck with the Ford as my loader tractor until I or it dies.  While I'm good at a lot of things, welding and fabrication isn't one of them so I can't just "make one" myself.  It looks pretty involved and would likely cost a pretty penny to hire someone to attempt to make one.  Finding the brackets factory made and ready to mount would be the best scenario.  I called Weingers and MacFaddens and they both said they don't part out loaders.  Thanks for any help/advise! 

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