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  1. So Bill, did you guys get the F-12 running?  Did you get to drive it?  Hope you had a safe trip home.  We enjoyed the show and stopped at Jelly Belly Jelly bean factory, and hit the "Gathering of the Orange" in Indiana.  Bought 3 nice IH oil cans at that show, one I've never seen before fire extinguisher recharge canister. Saw another show in Bucyrus Oh which was nice as well and enjoyed talking to some farmers from out there.  Only 2 dairy farms in their whole county, all corn and soy and mine is taller than theirs since they planted so late this year due to rain.  Saw this and thought of you.  http://oneonta.craigslist.org/grd/5628468162.html

    Looks like a heck of a deal.  I have enough trouble keeping what I've got running though.

    Take care,

    1. ny bill o

      ny bill o

      hi mark, we just got back from methodist night at the binghamton mets. mets lost....

      i was guessing that the F12 would be running by 2pm friday. actually, it was 230pm. i didn't drive it myself, but it was test driven saturday am after it was painted friday night, and then touched up before it was presented to CaseIH on saturday afternoon.

      think i'll pass onthe CL 560. like you, i have more than enough to maintain/ rebuild.

      you guys must have planned out your trip well, to hit that many shows on the same trip. it sure looked dry thru the I90 corridor in In and Oh.


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