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  1. You have our thoughts and prayers for all, Pat
  2. They're bulking up - sign of a rough winter coming.
  3. I'll try and attach a couple of pics - great show !
  4. I'm seeing 3 super features in the pic, disk brakes, sealed beam headlights and the Super sized carb.
  5. We need to keep him alive for spare parts, a living organ donor. Surely there are those that deserve what he has more than he does.
  6. Looks good LFD ! I also agree it looks too good in it's work clothes tp paint. I've been using Case IH 15w40 diesel oil in my Super H's with no problems. I'll be the odd man out as I've had good luck with Champion D15Y plugs, but I'm still using from the stock pile I bought 15 years ago, can't speak for the quality of the new ones. Pat in Wis
  7. Prayers from Wisconsin, hope the best for Ed
  8. Been a few years but Brillman treated me very well. Would gladly do business with them again. Pat
  9. Are you still keeping track of H's or is it just Super H's. I am looking for an H Serial #FBH 88571X6. Was in Fond du Lac County Wisconsin at one time.

    Thanks for any help.

  10. Erik Keeping track of Super H serial numbers, would like location, owners name if possible pm me here on Red Power or email me superh@dishmail.net Thanks to all who have helped with this list so far and thanks to the others who are also doing registries Pat in Wisconsin
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