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  1. Personally I avoid drive throughs. I’ve always disliked them and prefer walking in to place my order. I guess it’s partially because I don’t like eating in my truck but that’s still not the main reason.
  2. Was thinking the same thing when I saw this post. Never have gotten a explanation as to why really.
  3. Went up to the river just before supper. Nothing moving yet on the river. Don’t expect the ice will break up this year at all. So little run off. Was a nice little ride anyways. The springs have been running all winter though by the looks of my grandfathers old logging road. Had to watch where you stepped.
  4. Just looked at the forecast again and yes looks like we’re going to get a little wet. Figures, the yard is just starting to dry up again.
  5. Looks like a really nice place to ride along that big ravine. Could be lots of fun with some deep snow to play in.
  6. They could fill the glass with root beer and we’d never know the difference lol.
  7. There definitely used to be a lot more visiting going on in the neighborhood 20-30 years ago. Most of our old neighbors are gone now and in a lot of cases there’s been no one move in to replace them. I go and visit with my one neighbor once every week or two. Go over and have a coffee for a hour or two. I’ve never been one to go to coffee row at all. Some people here drive 15-20 miles one way every day sometimes multiple times a day just to sit and drink coffee. Not sure how they get anything done lol. As far as our immediate family we get together at Christmas time usually where everyone comes. Otherwise it’s a quick visit here or there. Brother and I go snowmobiling and quadding together so we get to spend time together that way at least. Other brother used to come too but now he says we ride to fast lol.
  8. Without the fresh snow I couldn’t have gone either It’s pretty much all ice underneath. Once you got back on the untraveled trails it wasn’t to bad though.
  9. We have a case 90xt and a Kubota ssv75. Kubota is nice and all but I prefer running the case. It’s more nimble and more powerful. Visibility of the bucket is better as well. Both have been trouble free so far. Case has around 6700 hours and the Kubota is around 1400 now. We’ve owned them both from new basically. Doesn’t matter what size you buy you’ll wish it was a little bit bigger. Eventually you’ll find something that it will almost lift if it only had a few more pounds in the back lol.
  10. Mostly all old logging roads. The diamond mine opened up a bunch of them again and did a lot of exploring through there about 10-15 years ago as well. Some even before they. Some of the roads are actually old highways (if you can call them that) as well. There used to be a few main roads going through the bush and a couple ferries to get across the river as well. This is all on the north side of the river just east of us a little bit.
  11. Well I’m pretty sure there w wrap for the year now. With the forecast calling for +14°C on Wednesday I’m sure this will be the last chance to ride. Was sure if I’d head out today or not but decided to load up at about 2:30 this afternoon. Managed to put on another 115kms at least. Went back on some trails I hadn’t been down in close to 30 years and some that I’d never been down at all. Was a nice afternoon to be out anyways.
  12. Sister invited us up to the lake for Easter so of course Winston got to come along too. Bit of a family reunion for him as well. His uncle on the left and grandfather in the middle. Had to hold him still to get the picture as he wanted to go play lol.
  13. I stoped in and was visiting with my brother one day. We were out in his garage looking his new tractor over and telling me about the bolt on chain hooks that he bought off Amazon so he didn’t have to weld it and ruin the new paint. I get home that night and go onto Facebook to look around and what do I see but a Amazon add for weld on chain hooks lol. Zuckerberg(sp??) can say they don’t listen all they want I’m not buying it. Neve once did I look for chain hooks or even think about looking for them so it’s not like I had a history with them.
  14. Woke up to 2-3 inches of snow this morning. Didn’t load the sled up yet though. Maybe tomorrow if i feel like it. Took the cat out of the shop this morning after doing some maintenance and repairs to it the last few days. Got most of the snow pushed out of the yard so it’ll dry up again and then put it up on some logs to change the final drive oil.
  15. They’re cute and fun to watch but a real pain to have around too. Had them almost as pets one year. One was tame enough it would eat out of your hand. Got the big idea one day to feed it the tops off the strawberries. He sure liked it and must’ve told all his friends. Couple days later the darn strawberry patch was picked almost clean by the little buggers. We weren’t friends after that lol. Had another one that was hanging around the shop one fall too. Came in the shop one day and all the air filters were pushed off the top shelf and replaced with spruce cones. After that it was war. Now I pick them off as they show up. Although saying that we have one hiding in the attic of the shop. Haven’t been able to get that one yet. No insulation there so not a whole lot he can hurt but still needs to be gone.
  16. Couple pictures from this afternoon down at the creek that runs along our one quarter. Still trickling but definitely not what I’m used to this time of the year. Used to be quite normal to be under water where I’m parked on my quad this time of the year.
  17. Inch or two of snow back in the forecast for Thursday Friday so maybe there’s hope for riding this weekend yet lol. It’s nearly all ice right now so need something to keep things cool.
  18. About 10-14 years ago when we were so wet the beaver population exlploded. Didn’t matter how small of a pothole it was if there was trees around it there was a good chance there were beavers in it. That’s when they came out with the beaver tail bounty. Paid for a couple of new guns that way lol. Numbers are definitely down now compared to then. Will be interesting to see what the creek looks like come fall. Nearly all the beaver dams washed out last spring for some strange reason and most never got rebuilt so the creek is nearly empty now.
  19. Biggest thing now is it’s alarming as to how dry it is. Lot of the moisture that did start to soak in from the thaw has froze dry now again over the last week I’m sure. April can be a wild month too so who knows what’s next. Could get more snow in April then we had all winter lol. Drove over the carrot river on the way home yesterday and it’s usually a small but raging river. Was barely a trickle running down it where I crossed the bridge south of Nipawin. Creek by home has nearly quit running again too. Bound to be a tough winter on the beavers I would think. Everything is froze to the bottom and no water in the creek to cover the houses in the banks.
  20. Well the sled didn’t make it in the back of the truck this weekend. Still holding out hope for one more ride but we’ll have to wait and see. Decided to load mom and dad up today and go for a drive instead. Didn’t get to make my annual Nipawin trip with the sled this year so took the truck instead. Was a nice day for a drive anyways. Stopped at the warm up shelter and got a few pics again. Mom and dad hadn’t seen it before so I figured why not show them where our trail funds are going.
  21. I’m guessing that’s a fake end to the video but still. This day and age kids(and maybe adults too)don’t need encouragement to do stupid stuff like this. They get in enough trouble as it is.
  22. These are my 2 main go to flashlights now. The small ones are nice for getting into tight spaces and the larger one really lights up a room. Have used it a few times when the power has gone out. For what I have invested in them I’m happy with them. Both are rechargeable. Got sick of replacing batteries in some of the other ones.
  23. They have a 8.0 and 12.0 now with the stacked cell technology too I believe. Going to be comparable to a gas engine pretty soon.
  24. Thank you everyone. Had a semi busy day running around getting parts and groceries. Unfortunately no sledding today and the temps are a little cool now for quadding. They were calling for a low of -26°C on Friday last I looked. Unfortunately no snow in the forecast so not sure if I’ll get back out for another ride yet or not. Just talked to my brother a few minutes ago and we both haven’t ruled it out yet but we’ll have to wait and see. Everything is pretty much solid ice now so either need a trace of fresh snow or some slightly warmer weather again.
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