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  1. For once were getting a better deal lol. We looked into makin our own pellets for a while but the set up cost was very high to get a decent non homeowner set up. Cheapest we found was around 25-30,000. Any of the comercial guys we talked to said don't even look at the ones made in china. They said you really get what you pay for there. Its a shame really we have cords and cords of slabs tons of sawdust and even a bunch of round wood yet we're going out and spending money on wood to burn lol.
  2. Once they're compressed into wood pellets I don't think it makes a huge difference. We burn pellets year round too. We tried some hardwood pellets one time but the extra 2 bucks a bag didn't seem to justify it. There wasn't any more heat from them and at the end of the day there was still 1 bag burnt so for us it didn't look like a good idea. Just out of curiosity what are you paying per bag by the pallet? Just bought a pallet here a couple weeks ago and it was 5.50 a bag plus tax.
  3. Funny you should post a pic of that just saw a 747 fly over home here that left anchorage 3 hours ago. No connection but still thought of you when I saw it lol. Cathay pacific 80 was the flight number. 747-8 was the plane.
  4. Lol. Could substitute our new "leader" in their too.
  5. Christmas cake was out allready here too. Guess they have to start early to try and sell it all so they don't have to give it away after Christmas lol.
  6. To be honest I can't actually remember. We bought ours in 92 with 670,000 kms. Was 34,000 then so I would suspect a new one would've been in that 60-80 k range. Was only 8 at the time.lol.. New one now is 150-200 k depending on how you dress it up. It's really ridiculous on how we've let prices get as high as they have. I can remember in 08 when dealers were starving to make a sale. Brand new dodge diesel moderately loaded 37,000. Every time we turn around companies are blaming rising costs on the dollar but that only flies for so long. Eventually things catch up and you can't use that excuse any more. That's about the time our dollar gains again but prices never do drop down. Just a vicious cycle.lol..
  7. Some very nice views for sure. We've got a few peonies planted here on the farm that have been here for probably 30 years or more. The one group my grandma planted lord only knows how long ago. Still bloom nice every summer though. You're sure gona be busy clipping once they start blooming. The guys that I know that have def haven't had allot for problems so far and it gets pretty cold here too. I was actually looking at new trucks the other day. Priced out a couple but they were both over 70,000 for a 2015 GMC loaded up pretty good. To much for a bloody truck if you ask me.
  8. Always check up and see what you're up to. Besides snowmobiling seasons only a few weeks away for you lol. Always appreciate the pics even if there's a ski doo or two in em lol. Course the other stuff is interesting to see. Not allot for pipeline activity here.
  9. Please keep it in the north for another cocuple months please.lol.. Not quite ready for sledding season here yet. Sitll have half the crop out. Need the crop in so I can buy a new or newer one to play with this winter. Been awful wet and cold here too though the last week now. Hopefully it'll turn around now. I keep saying that but so far it hasn't happended. Get a couple good days and things just start to dry out then it rains again.
  10. Is neat to see what's going on in other parts of the world. Actually made in Winnipeg I believe unless things have changed which they might have. Looks like Manitoba plates on the trailer. Little hard to tell for sure though. Probably hauling a new model down to run on the wheat run hence the no decals maybe. Don't want to give anything away to the competition lol..
  11. Their versatile combines. Owned by rustlemesh(spelling not right but its something along those lines) has a rotor that spins one way and concaves that spin the opposite direction.
  12. Best thing for em. Nice to see kids out actually playing rather then cooped up in a house with a computer or a smartphone.
  13. Princess auto is much the same. I know some guys that are addicticted to it. I only go in with a 100 bucks or less in my pocket. Can't get in too much trouble that way lol.
  14. There's allot of speculating going on right now as to weather there will be a crop this fall or not. Some are dry done are wet and some are just right. We're on the edge of to wet at the moment but that is better then to dry. Was at another. Auction today and it was up and down. So e stuff was up pretty good and some stuff they could hardly get a bid on. Overall I'd say in saskatchewan our economy is doing pretty good yet. Things have slowed up a bit but if there is no crop you'll see things drop right out from underneath you. Its a shame when someone else has to fail for you to get ahead. Someone else's crop failure could mean good thi gs for us as our crops so far are looking good. I don't like to look at it that way but unfortunately that is the stock market world we live in today. On a side not my nephew is working in Alberta on storage tanks for crude for the keystone pipeline and so far there's been no sign of slowing up. Little buggers making more then me lol. Even more then his dad when he's really going at it lol. Crazy part is he's still going to school for electrician. 2nd or 3rd year apprentice now.
  15. If the suns out bright its pretty bright outside till around 10:00. Starts getting dark after that. By 11:00 its dark and by midnight its black. Can still see a orange glow in the north but its more or less dark. By 3:30 4:00 its nice and bright again though. Was fairly dry here but the last two weeks have been pretty wet. 3 inches on our home quarter and as much as 4-4.5 inches on some of our other land. Go further south though and its still somewhat dry from what I hear. Has to be a certain amount of doubt amount farmers as ritchie brothers had a big 1 day sale in Saskatoon today and some stuff was up to a third less then what it had been selling for.
  16. We have a Ruston Hornsby elevator engine similar to that but a little bigger. Don't recall what the hp rating is on it but it is a neat old piece of history. Ours starts off air pressure or belt pulley on a tractor. Good ol crank power too but that's be a bit tuff on them cold mornings lol. Ours has a wick that burns and seems to me there's some kind of percussion cap but its been so many years since I've really been around it I can't say for sure.
  17. There are some software programmers that are able to hack into the new tractors so its not quite as bad as they make it sound but pretty darn close. Guy I know locally here works for ekotuning and can tune the newer deeres as well as cnh tractors and combines. They're doing def deletes on some of the new stuff too. Don't think he's done any himself yet though. It sure is nice to open the hood on a tractor or what ever though and not see a computer staring you down in the face. It'll be a sad day when we start to recycle tractors like we do computers. (And I don't mean sending them to the wrecker to be parted out)
  18. Hard to even fathom those numbers. Must be a pile of shut offs along the way just incase.
  19. Hungry little bugger wasn't he.lol..
  20. No shortage of firewood anyways lol. Birch is a little bit of a rare commodity here. Logged about 14 cords of it this winter. First time we've ever had the chance. Our birch is no where near as straight either. It's crooked and always on the side of a hill a mountain goat would struggle on lol. I've never seen that many seeds before either. Actually debated this winter if they even produced seeds as you just don't see them around here.
  21. Sounds like you guys did a h$ of a job. Id say he owes you guys a round or two of beers.lol.. Sure makes a solid point about being prepared in the backcountry.
  22. Yikes scary stuff. Glad there was a happy outcome.By the sounds of it he was very lucky. Done sledding here now got one last ride in last Thursday. Only 40 miles but still had some fun. Actually almost ran out of snow in places. Everything faired well though even with the poor conditions.
  23. starting to see more brown and black then white here now. Last week it's warmed up pretty good and most of our snow is almost gone now. Was out the last couple nights putting around on the sled. Had to do some water skipping to get though a few spots. Came home and everyone wondered how come my boots were so wet.lol.. Supposed to cool off the end of this week again though so unfortunately winter is here for a bit yet I'm afraid.
  24. Right now I'll take it from where ever I can get it.lol.. Might be making it's way here though, by tomorrow it's supposed to be 35 F here. Drops off the face of the earth almost for the next few days again after that though. Sure been allot of ups and downs here with temperature this winter. I had to laugh a little when I saw that pic. Glad no one got hurt. As long as he learns a bit from it just got to cough it up to experience I guess.lol.. Brothers looking for some aluminium and stainless steel shafting for me at work so I can get mine back together. Hopefully he comes up with some scrap pieces that I can use. Don't really want him to half to cut up a full length of shaft so I can get a 12" peice.lol..
  25. -40 here this morning. Don't want rain but a little warm wind from the south would be nice.lol.. To cold to do much logging so I tore the sled appart. Found a bent rear axle last night. Think everything else is okay though. Outside 2 inches is bent out on the axle. Don't really recall any one incident that would've caused it but its there so it's got to be fixed. Hopefully get some new material this week and make a new one on the lathe. Gona put a 4th wheel in there too see if it helps support things a bit. Might make a new brace to go accross between the rail tip ups too. Seems like a weak spot.
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