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  1. I’ve always heard people talk about that and wondered if there was any truth to it. Must admit I’ve always been a little skeptical lol. Good to know. They’re a solid work horse that’s for sure. Dad bought ours nearly new back in 1984. Think it had 3-400 hours on it then. It’s had regular maintenance but that’s just about it. Few things here and there but nothing serious. It’s worked harder the last 10 years then all the years prior so it’s not exactly in it’s easy life now either lol. We should probably do a bearing roll on it before long but the motor is still solid. 6500-7000 hours on it now I believe. Need to take the rad off before spring and get it repaired pretty sure there’s a pin hole at the top of it. Not sure what happened there. The surge tank where it mounts has cracked too.
  2. How dare you turn that beautiful white pow into dirt 😂🤣 Still nothing here for snow. A lot colder today though. No sun at all and there was the odd flake floating around all day.
  3. Looks like it’s working up nice. How’s the versatile handle the salford? How fast are you running it? There’s times I’d like to have some form of vertical tillage tool here as well but we are somewhat limited in the hp department so naturally limited in size. Good to see another versatile earning its keep yet though. The view out the window looks very familiar lol. Hopefully the weather cooperates so you can get the corn off.
  4. I just hope this isn’t a prequel to winter for us and the snow makes it’s way north again. Just not yet though lol. Brother in law sent me a snap last night and his yard was all white too. He’s only 50 miles south as the crow flies. Last winter the snow seemed to be stuck in a belt south of us. Was debating going out with the v fit yet yet but the ground might be freezing up already now. Have some dirt work to do with the cat too but haven’t been overly excited about starting on it lol. Kind of chilly on there now too. Got the last of that brush pile cleaned up so that’s done at least. Didn’t have to burry anything thankfully was just a nice little pile of ash left.
  5. Curious who all got snow today. Nothing here at all. Was sunny all day. Definitely a chill in the air though. Went and cut a load of firewood this afternoon. First load of many so hopefully the snow holds off for a couple weeks yet anyways. Sure nice working in the bush right now. No bugs and east to move around. Working on getting some trails opened up yet for winter at the same time so it’s kind of a win win lol.
  6. Yards still a greasy mess but the fields were firm enough I was able to get the hoe out this afternoon and repile what hadn’t burnt up yet. Went back out tonight for close to a hour and just soaked in the heat. Semi warm out yet, stars were out bright and the northern lights were shinning a bit. Doesn’t get much more peaceful. Could’ve pulled up a lawn chair and fell asleep out there lol. Coyotes would probably wake me up in the night though lol. Not sure what it was but there was something in the fence line just a couple hundred feet to the south last night while I was out there. Ours year branches breaking in the bush. Sounded pretty big so I didn’t stick around to try and make friends.
  7. Was a cool wet day here today again. Decided to light up the brush cutting I did last fall on the home quarter. Wet enough there wasn’t much danger of it spreading at least. Have to take the hoe out tomorrow and repile it after it’s burnt down if it dries up enough. Could hear the neighbor combining late into the night/this morning. Not sure if they got done or not. Still a few guys chewing away around here yet.
  8. I wondered about this too when we were looking at trucks. Ultimately ended up with a new ram 3500 as prices on used were dang near the same as new at the time. People I talked to seemed happy with the coil spring set up though. Never treat drove one to compare ride quality but for a 1 ton dads new truck rides pretty nice.
  9. Well it’s not exactly crop related but thought I’d throw up a few pics anyways lol. Took off this afternoon and went north east of home across the river. Some of you might remember this spot from previous years pics. One of my favorite spots close to home to go to. Toured around on some back trails that I hadn’t been on before and made my way back across to the main trails. Definitely wasn’t alone up there. Lots of big fresh wolf tracks everywhere. Was a nice little break and kind of the first real quad ride away from home all summer. Hoping to get out once or twice more before the white stuff comes. Stoped by and checked out the new shelter too. They’re not done yet but it’s coming along pretty nicely. Stove is in just needs the tin on the roof and some other finishing touches.
  10. Oh I’d like to put it in everything for sure just the price tag says otherwise lol. I’m not sure I can get compatible parts for our outback anymore either if I wanted to put it in the combine or swather. Haven’t looked into it to see if their newer hyd valves and steering wheels would work with our older s3 monitors or not. They’ve sure been good to us otherwise. Have them in the 2 tractors and sprayer. Considered setting up the air drill with sectional control for the nh3 but I never bothered.
  11. Lol I get nervous when the gauge gets below a 1/4. Don’t think ours has a low fuel alarm at all just the gauge. Have run it down to the empty make a couple times but was kind of puckered up and fingers crossed lol. Least that’s a east problem to fix.
  12. I had the exact same thing happen this fall at our gate. Coming back with the semi loaded. Turn signal was on for a 1/4 mile and had been shifting down the whole time. Got to the gate and was getting ready to turn in. Looked in the mirror and here was a Yukon suv coming flying up beside the truck. Would’ve been directly into the fuel tanks if we hadn’t stoped. Brining our combine home from the auction after we bought it proved interesting too. Had a semi pass me with another semi coming. Had to hang off into the ditch to let him by. When I was about 10 or 12 I was driving the john Deere 4560 into town to get some work done to it. Was going down the highway and had the same thing happened. People in a hurry putting their own safety and everyone else’s at risk.
  13. Nice to see for sure. Coop where we buy our fuel was handing out some baskets kind of like that as well. Mom and dad went out for fuel one day and the manager came running out with a bag full of goodies. Said we’d won it in their draw but I’m not sure he even had one just handed them out lol. Wasn’t going to ask questions just thanked him and said just for that I’d hold off on doing a snow dance a couple extra weeks.(he’s always bugging me about snowmobiling and thinks of me every time it snows lol) He’s not a winter person.
  14. I almost pulled the trigger on a set of led lights for the 2188 this fall but ran out of time to get them installed before harvest so I left it. I didn’t do that much combining after dark this fall anyways. Only a couple of nights I worked past 11:00. Most nights I was in the house by 10:00 for a change. I’ve considered adding auto steer to the combine now that we have the straight cut header. Before that it was kind of pointless. Swather doesn’t have auto steer either so the combine wouldn’t have a straight line to follow anyways.
  15. When I finished up everything else before it really was like you were driving blind. Just point and shoot kind of thing. Went back in the daylight the next day and didn’t find any missing pieces so I thought I did pretty good lol. No way I could’ve straight cut like that though I don’t think. Least not without overlapping a whole bunch. My lines would’ve been pretty crooked in the field too I think lol.
  16. Must be something in the water lol. Just in the process of putting ours back together so I can till our garden too. I went in with the high clearance sprayer and sprayed the spots I could get into. Even with the boom tips folded in I didn’t have quite enough room to do it all. Figured I’d be on the *^%* list if I sprayed out all the raspberries rhubarb and strawberries lol. Wind was in my favor so I think I’m safe. Find out next spring I guess lol.
  17. Well that’s the official end to harvest now. Was kind of fun to be back in the cab even if it was only for a hour lol. Not quite dry but it’s close enough. I’ll have to haul it straight in anyways as I don’t have any bin space left. Had a load on the semi yet that we had to haul in this afternoon before I could combine as it was. Little piece yielded better then I thought so it’s kind of like a Christmas bonus lol.
  18. Got the last of my spraying done this afternoon finally. Got the sprayer rinsed out and all the lines blown out tonight when I got home. Still have to get some antifreeze for it but it’s drained enough even if it freezes I don’t think it will hurt anything. Hopefully get that last little bit of canola combined this week and then put things to rest for the winter. Was another really nice afternoon today again.
  19. Lol I prefer the white meat myself. I used to be big on the drumsticks and used to have to fight my nephews for it I’ve since gotten older and wiser lol.
  20. Sturgeon, jack fish, goldeye walleye and I’m sure a few other species that I don’t know. Been quite a few sturgeon caught just north of home near the forks of the rivers. They’re a ugly looking dinosaur lol.
  21. I haven’t for years but there are quite a few that do fish in the river north of home. My brother and nephew do a fair bit of fishing but not to many others in the family do. I’ve lost more fishing hooks then I’ve caught fish in the river so I kind of gave up lol.
  22. Well first nice day in a little over a week now. Really warmed up this afternoon and the sun was out with crystal clear blue skies. Decided to go open up some trails that had a whole bunch of deadfall on them. Didn’t get any work done on the main trails but got the loop to my grandfathers mill site cleared up again at least. Burnt up a tank of gas. Have another 3-4 days left yet of work to do. Hoping to take the trucks up and bucks some of it up into firewood for this winter. Most is green but there’s some good dry stuff too. Was wandering around down by the river and found a traffic pylon from Prince Albert. Floated downstream about 35-40 miles and happened to get stuck there I guess. I’m sure it didn’t make its way into the river on its own.
  23. Our weather must’ve made its way over there. Was snowing here 2 days ago. Not much but you could see it coming down. Further south the ground was white for a wee bit. Beautiful weather today though.
  24. Thanks. Haven’t seen any 100$ turkeys but I’m guessing g they’re out there lol. Prices seemed to be around that 40-50 dollars for a 20lb bird. Used to get them for 20 bucks. I used to always go and pick out the biggest one I could find for Christmas but have been cutting back in size a little the last few years. Starting to get expensive and you can only eat so much cold turkey lol. Hope everyone has a good thanksgiving. Nothing to special planed here, supposed to go to my brothers on Monday for a small get together.
  25. Had the chance to buy a quarter of land and a 92 dodge diesel 4x4 that was fixed up pretty nice about 25 years ago. Should’ve taken him up on the deal but hindsight is 20-20 they say. Could’ve had them both for 60-65,000 dollars. Same quarter now is probably 300,000 bucks and the truck would probably still be worth 10-15,000 assuming I kept it nice. Oh well easy to say should’ve. I’ve always had a soft spot for those trucks though. I remember when the 94’s came out and changed how trucks looked forever to a certain degree.
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