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  1. This is my latest one with the new forge battery. I haven’t used it a whole bunch yet but happy with my purchase so far.  I have 2 of the 2nd gen 1/2” m18 impacts as well. They’ve been excellent tools. 5 years of trouble free use. 




  2. 1 hour ago, db1486 said:

    Looked like spring here last night as well. Puddles everywhere and water running down the roads and through the yard. Woke up this morning and it looked like winter. Just a real slushy mess now. Hard to say how much we actually got but I'm guessing half inch of rain yesterday and 6-8 inches of snow today accumulated. Maybe a bit more. 30 miles north in the park there was all of 2 feet that fell. I guess it's winter now lol


    I liked this post but I must say I’m jealous at the same time lol.  I was thinking we had around 1/2” of rain bit I went for a drive today into Melfort to pick up some parts and groceries. Safe to say it was a lot more then that. There was actually water running in the ditches and a lot of the low spots had standing water in them like a downpour in June. Talked to the guys in Melfort at Thomas motors(Polaris dealer) and they had 1.5 inches there. Heard talk of a inch in other places. Not a flake of snow fell 😢.  Grid roads were actually dry and not even icy today. Highway was wet and when I came home I could tell it was starting to freeze. Could feel it was slippery under foot while driving. 

  3. 1 hour ago, hardtail said:

    Surprised the river isn't open more, some rain and snow overnight but nothing deep enough for sledding, still quad, went into the city yesterday and the river is wide open, could be boating still

    It really varies on the river here with ice on the river. Closer to the forks it’s still about half open. Maybe more after this warm weather. It’s been raining since about 4:00 this morning. Looks more like June out the front window then dec. 


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  4. Yea I’m not really sure what’s pushing prices down. Just no one buying I guess.  Hopefully the New Years brings some promising prices again. Time will only tell I guess. 

    Calling for a chance of snow tomorrow now so maybe things will finally look a little bit white.  Got the last of my snowmobile trails cleared a couple days ago so that’s ready for snow anyways. Still have my old sled torn apart. Waiting on parts yet.  Pulled the starter out of it tonight. Brushes are worn and one of the magnets let loose. Time for a new one I guess.  Spent a lot of money on the older sled this fall so hopefully it’s good for a while now again.  Was in picking up some stuff from a friend of ours the other day and spied a socket set I’d been looking for. Gave me a good deal so I grabbed it to go along with my new impact. Never used any of their sockets before so hoping they stand up. 








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  5. 27 minutes ago, wheatking said:

    @poor farmer/logger  did you buy a combine at ritchies today? looked like some not bad deals to be had there even if you gotta put a couple buck into them


    wound up with a head cold so not up to much here these days 

    No I didn’t even really look to tell you the truth.  Skimmed through the listing yesterday and looked like some cheaper stuff but I didn’t got back through today at all.  With grain prices falling daily we’ll just hang tight for now I think. Our old junk will go another year if it has to lol. (Least I hope it will lol) 

    Hopefulky that cold passes quickly. Been good here so far. Last cold I had was when Covid went though a little over a year and a half ago. Thankfully never slowed us down much at all. 

  6. 9 hours ago, wheatking said:

    usually catch the northern lights here every now and again,      still no snow and winter is getting boring its non stop work hahaha usually when theres 6 ft of snow and -25 weather i can go into hibernation mode and relax but hopefully soon


    see canola price took quite a dump on Friday, which is not good hopefully see a little recovery in that market but i don't know what to expect 

    Yea I don’t know what to make of these markets anymore. Down a buck a buck a bushel from what I sold 2 weeks ago. Seems like there’s no rhyme or reason to it anymore just randomly moves. One day it’s up 50-60 cents then the next it’s down 80.  My concern is that come jan 1 it’ll drop a bunch more and won’t recover. That’s what happened last year with wheat. Still sitting on some because if it. 

  7. Still waiting here. Cooled off a little bit the last week but nothing to exciting yet. Hasn’t even hit 0°F yet. Almost 40 for the high on Tuesday they’re saying now. Still nothing for snow, at least nothing to get excited about. Long term forecast only shows a inch or two. Not sure we’ll get a white Christmas this year. Doesn’t look promising for snowmobiling for the next 3 weeks anyways. 

  8. 2 hours ago, 560Dennis said:

    Cant ( logger tool) 
    We used the one with good handle two weeks ago. Other one I got to replace the handle .




    1 hour ago, td9bcf180 said:

    Best cant hook I got- and it's hanging on the wall. 


    Our best ones the handles have gotten rotten. Have a couple of longer ones and one metal stihl one that work but they’re kind of a pain to use too with the longer length. The nice short ones were easier to handle. 

  9. 7 minutes ago, Loadstar said:

    Great photos of the Northern lights. Its funny they are so colourful in photos yet in real life , for me at least, they have no colour at all. Just lights in the sky. 


    They have to be pretty bright to show up like this in person. I have seen it though. Maybe not the red so much but definitely the bright neon green.  The long time exposure on the camera definitely makes them appear brighter. Still makes for some nice photos though.  It’s just that for the people who don’t understand it, it makes them think they missed out on the greatest thing on earth.  It was neat to see the red colors again though. Haven’t seen them in ages. 

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  10. Anyone else watching the northern lights tonight? Apparently they were out real bright this morning. Was cloudy last night so we couldn’t see them then at all. Coming down from the shop tonight they were out so I grabbed a few pics on my way down. 









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  11. 12 minutes ago, pt756 said:

    I  see the local price for corn is 3.85, almost 2 bucks down from last year

    All of our prices north of the border are down 3-4 dollars a bushel too. Seems people aren’t hungry anymore. China is buying from Australia again is one thing they’re blaming it on here. 

  12. 1 hour ago, AKwelder said:

    A friend called and told me to check out this listing




    Screen shot of post


    a bit expensive, but … each there own

    The DuPont overhaul always scares me a bit. I’d almost prefer to see it in its working clothes.  It does Appear to be in decent shape but I agree it is a bit high. Prices have been going up though. You know the old saying though,  a fool and his money are soon parted. 

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  13. 6 hours ago, sandhiller said:

    Been texting Dale on a fairly regular basis.

    Just heard from him this am.

    He sounds good, keeping busy and enjoying time with "the girl next door"😊

    Been meaning to ask him how HP is getting along

    Well how can a group of grumpy old guys on the internet compete with that ehh 😂😂 Good to hear he’s keeping well.  Tell him I say hi.

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  14. We’ve had a little bit of work done in shops and have some private guys that run their own shops do some work for us. Overall we haven’t had any bad experiences. I do pretty much all of our repair work but I must admit as I get older I’m getting tired of it. Need a bigger shop so I can spread the workload out into the winter more. It all gets crammed into the summer months usually and doesn’t leave much time for anything else. This summer was worse with the major combine repairs. 

    My brother was traveling down to Arizona about 20 years ago with his mid 90tys Toyota 4 runner. He got out into the middle of no where and the serpentine belt started to go I think was the problem. Got to a major center where he could get one and the shop tied to convince him that he needed a water pump too. Said nope just change the belt. Many thousands of kms later he sold it with the same water pump on it yet still running strong. 

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  15. 1 hour ago, AKwelder said:

    Installed WiFi in the shop


    now I might put up a TV.




    My brother has his all set up that way. Uses it for YouTube if he needs it for when he’s working on something.  Makes viewing a little easier. 

    Hows the snow situation so far? Nothing to speak of here yet. Keep hoping but so far nothing to get excited about.  No snowmobiling yet. 

  16. 32 minutes ago, Loadstar said:

    I have been surprised at the amount of volunteer spruce and pine that have showed up here in recent years. They never used to do that. I have transplanted a few of them to places where I want them to grow and they seem to be doing fine. A lot of my older blue or colorado spruce that were planted 40+ years ago are dying out from the bottom up. I keep trimming off dead branches higher and higher but eventually there is not a needle left and the whole tree is dead. Here is a picture showing one that I transplanted a few years back beside the "century shack" in my yard. Seems to be doing well.  

    Deer in yard.JPG

    We’ve lost some of older well established trees the last few years too. We did something similar too in our yard. Along the grid road we had thousands of little spruce pop up. We managed to keep the rm mowers out of them for a few years and then the road construction was going to start so we took the v ditched and made 3 trenches west from the shop where they cleared out the 100 year old maples that we’re getting well past their age. Took the skid steer bucket and dug out a bucket full of trees at a time then separated them with a spade and filled the v ditch partially back in. They really took off. They were around a foot tall when we moved them and now they’re pushing 15-20 feet.  That was almost 20 years ago now already though. Seems like just yesterday.  I like to think the v ditch helped to shelter them a little bit and hold some extra water when it rained or the snow melted. Not sure if it made a huge difference or not but figured it couldn’t hurt.  Overtime it’s all leveled out again and you can’t even tell anymore.  Need to pull some caraganas out before they take over though. 

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  17. 22 minutes ago, cm228 said:

    The inside of the pole barn. Currently set up for tree sales. Rest of the year it’s equipment storage. The farm has a 6-7 acres choose and cut lot but we keep a selection of trees inside for those who maybe can’t or don’t want to walk the fields  

    The CaseIH Mx90c is used to pull the tree planter, and the Jacto air blast sprayer for the trees, new tree field prep moldboard plowing, disking harrowing etc… and other odd jobs we find for it. 

    The kioti ck3510se is for mowing or air blast spraying between the tree rows. It can only currently get down rows of newer planted trees as we planted those wider on rows (6.5’) every thing prior was 5’-6’. We had to bump up the row spacing as this tractor is set as narrow as it can get and it’s still 6-8” wider than the previous kubotas (non cab tractors) My brother and I need to come up with some kind of side shields to protect the tree branches from the tractor tires. I had built shields for the previous to kubota tractors the farm had. Most times these are fully custom built items as no one builds tractors like the IH orchard tractors anymore. 

    The old massy 1215 is for mowing trees and spraying herbicide to keep the weed pressure away from the trees. We got this tractor from another grower so it already had shields. I built the frame work for the spray nozzles. It’s adjustable horizontal and vertical to be able to adjust for different sizes of trees and spacing.  

    My brothers Massey 1526 we use it mostly during this time of year as when in tree harvest there is a lot of moving, getting on and off the tractor and such. The Massey is much handier for this type of work than the kioti is, unless the weather is bad then I use the kioti 







    So do you buy seedlings to plant for future crops or grow your own? Up here we’d be 10-15 years to grow a white spruce to that size from a seedling. Haven’t had the best of luck growing our own. Currently have a pot in the house with 15-20 small volunteer  trees coming from seeds that drifted into the flower pot on the deck. They’re 2-3 inches tall now. The death rate seems very high with them though. Awfully sensitive it seems. 

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  18. 12 minutes ago, cm228 said:

    Yes many years, 6-7yrs to get to the 6’ saleable height. 

    We used to go out on the farm and cut a small hemlock each year for our tree. Then we started helping on the tree farm, now we get one there.

    Bit of a art to get them all shaped up nice and even too.  Not sure where the local shops get their trees from around here. I know there used to be a tree farm along the one highway but he gave up and the trees have gotten to big now. Didn’t help that highways came through and expropriated some land to twin the highway. Not sure they ever did come to a fair compensation for the trees he lost.  Not sure if they were able to move some or not. 

  19. 11 hours ago, mike newman said:

    ...twice  that here...sigh

    I should apologize for that   annual reminder of the inadvertent use of the wrong feul,  Ryan, but I won't because your explanation  of the incident was so amusing.........:D


    of course I have never done dumb things....:unsure:....what !!!:rolleyes:


    Oh I deserve it Mike. I should’ve known better that night. Trust me you’re not the only one who reminds me on occasion lol.  It’s all good though we can all laugh about it now. We’re talking about doing the same trip this winter again if the snow ever comes that is. Pretty bleak looking outside right now. Still hauling firewood home though so making the best of it. 

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  20. 1 minute ago, mike newman said:

    Ryan....not to mention  that ''diesel  additive,'' that you sometimes use,  has increased in price as well...:rolleyes:.


    I haven’t tried the cherry flavored diesel to see if it has any better additives yet might have to look into that 😂😂 no carbon tax on the red fuel so it’s cheaper so far lol.  Still stupid expensive for what it is though. Paying 1.45/l give or take a few cents now. 

  21. 18 minutes ago, acem said:

    Still mudding soybeans out.



    Ooff that doesn’t look Like fun. If that was our dirt there’d be nothing left of the seat cushion from being puckered up all the time lol. Hopefully the end is in sight you’ve had a tough fall with mud and down rice. 

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