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  1. That’s been out issue too. Get one or two nice days where it just starts to dry up and then it rains again. We have kind of odd conditions this spring. Goes from dusty dry ontop the hills and pulling really hard as it’s so hard to sinking in mud and pulling hard because it’s to wet in the hollows. Regardless how you look at it the versatile is working pretty hard this spring most of the time.
  2. Finally a little bit of progress. Got going about 8:00 his evening finally. Was going to go till I ran the air cart empty but didn’t quite make it. Just got back in, had a flat tire on the front of the air drill. On the home quarter so I limped it back to the house and parked it for the night. Managed to get 55 acres in at least. Not much but it’s a start.
  3. Mom got one after her hip replacement and kept it up when she broke her femur bone a couple years later. Does come in handy for sure. I’m sure some people look twice at my truck siting in a handicap spot but what ever. Makes it a bit easier for her. Other knee or hip is bothering her a bit now. Other hip is worn out, we know that much but the doc said as long as it’s not bothering you to bad we’ll wait. Terrible backlog now after all this Covid mess. Basically a 2 year wait for anything. Told her she should get on the list now before it gets worse but she’s a stubborn Swede so what cha gona do lol.
  4. Brother in law sent me a Snapchat today of some wheat he planted nearly 2 weeks ago. Not sure it’s all up yet but he had some in the pic with green shoots on it at least. Only thing greening up around our farm so far is weeds. Even the poplar trees are pretty much bare yet.
  5. Its been trying to snow on and off most of the day here too. It’s never amounted to anything though and the yard is starting to dry up again thankfully. Road is actually dusty already when the cars go by. I’m thinking Monday might be start up day if I can get going. Still not sure where I’m even starting yet might be the furthest away from him which is mine for a change. It’s a little bit sandier so it might be a touch better then here. Will be going around wet spots for sure though.
  6. Crazy. This must be one of the latest wet springs you guys have had I imagine. Trying hard to snow here now again. Brother in law ended up with close to 2 inches yesterday. We missed that part. Rain is still soaking in fairly quick in the yard and field. Was driving around the field last night with the quad and as long as it wasn’t worked it’s still fairly firm. Some of the low spots are pretty squishy though and there’s water running in the runs again. Glad I didn’t fill in the v ditches yet. Helping keep some of the water away at least.
  7. So far parts haven’t been a issue yet. Hopefully it stays that way. Everything we’ve needed has been in stock or a day away if we pay freight. Did have to drive to Saskatoon one day to pick up a stupid little u-joint of all things. The u-joint broke on the transfer auger last spring apparently and I didn’t know till I went to service it. 120$ for a little assembly. 2 small u-joints and the yokes. Special size though that I could y find anywhere. Saying nicer weather for the weekend so hopefully they’re correct. Still a chance of rain next week though unfortunately.
  8. China had said they’re going to start buying Canadian canola again from Vitera and Richardson’s. Ironically the fat they announced that prices dropped a dollar a bu lol. They’ve been getting canola from us in a round about fashion all along anyways I suspect so it may not drive prices much anyways. Just making it official now and easier for them to get it as before I think it was going to Australia and then back to China as clean canola. More politics at play unfortunately.
  9. This rain seems pretty general from central Sk and east anyways. Not sure how the southwest made out. Have heard it’s still dry. Kind of surprised anything is growing in a way seeing how cold it’s been. Ground was getting white at my brother in laws south of humboldt just before noon.
  10. That’s definitely been in the back of my mind this spring. Seems like a lot of North America is behind in seeding. Not sure how you guys are making out in the central states but a lot of the northern states seem to be wet. At least Minnesota and east. Could be our best or worst year depending on how things go. That’s kind of normal though I guess. Seems like we’re setting up for a perfect storm though. Supplies could get very tight if things start going south(and I don’t mean south to our southern friends and neighbors lol.)
  11. Well there hasn’t been much to update here on my end. Equipment is more or less ready to go minus a few little things that still need to be done. Weather hasn’t been very cooperative. Few guys have just got going around here but there’s a tremendous amount of unseeded land yet. Not late yet but it’s starting to get there. Picked up some spray and was going to start ahead of the drill but looking like the sprayer might have to follow the drill. Not a lot for weeds coming anyways. Mostly just volunteer canola. Putting pre pass down on the cereals so don’t want to spray to far ahead of the air drill. Nice to have that residual as long as you can when the crop is coming up. We ended up with another inch plus of rain this morning. Still coming down. Believe it or not we actually had snow coming down for a little bit. Told one friend it might as well snow a foot at this point so I can go have some fun in it at least lol. Last of our snow banks in the field finally melted a couple days ago. Can still find some in the bushes though on the steep side hills where it drifted in.
  12. That sucks. Bad time to be down too. Parts are almost impossible to find these days too it seems. Hopefully they can get it resolved for you one way or another.
  13. I peaked out the back door about 11:00 when I went to bed. Could see the bottom quarter crescent of the moon then and the outline of the rest. Didn’t stay up and watch it at all. Sleep sounded more appealing lol.
  14. Looks like it’s in nice shape. Neat little set up. Will be quite the adventure pulling it around the states for sure. Need another trailer behind to haul a dual sport around so you can get real deep into the woods lol.
  15. I’d hate to see what happens when he sees a squirrel or gopher in the ditch lol.
  16. My brother in law experienced that first hand. Apparently he wasn’t quite the rider he thought he was lol. Whiskey throttle got the best of him that day. They stopped counting after 30 rolls down the side of the mountain. His dumb luck though he wasn’t hurt and all that was wrong with the sled was a cracked windshield lol.
  17. That would come in handy chasing dept of fisheries and oceans off certain jobs lol.
  18. Nope,nope nope lol. It looks fun but I like my feet on the ground. Plus if I run out of fuel on my snowmobile I can coast to a stop. Sure I might freeze on my walk out but hey that’s better then a fence post stuck up a certain cavity when you crash land lol.
  19. Must admit that’s probably not the first thing I’d pick for color choice but like you say it don’t look all that bad. Turning out nice with everything bolted up.
  20. Fields were dry enough and the snow gone enough I finally took my newer one out yesterday for the first time this year. Was nice to be out for a little leisurely ride and not in a rush.
  21. We might have to start a atv pic thread lol. Looks good. Being a Honda it should treat you well for many years yet. Dads has 34,000 kms on it now. Rubicon?
  22. You’ll be done before we start lol. North of Saskatoon is getting to dry too. Maybe not as dry as you or southwest sk though. Brothers just north of the city didn’t get a drop of rain last week either. Rained in Saskatoon but that was it.
  23. As a rule I will not start anything from the ground. Once in a while I get in a hurry and do it though. I cringe when I see people do it on a daily basis though. Neighbor almost got ran over when he had to jump start the tractor off the solenoid with a screwdriver. I helped him bring it home from the auction and cringed when he did that with the tractor parked in front of the restaurant lol. Wasn’t more then a couple weeks later it happened in his garage. Took out a wall and his overhead door. Lucky it didn’t take him out.
  24. Happy birthday db1486 hope you’re having a good one and the suns shining drying things up for you.
  25. Been some wild weather in the south already this spring. Hopefully it’s not a sign of what’s to come. Don’t remember funnel clouds this early. Raining just south of here today again but so far nothing here. Cooling off though and the clouds are getting lower.
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