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  1. Just putting that rock trap beater back together. I’ve got the shaft back in and have it shimmed to the left now as I was told to do by another friend. Ended up welding some keystock onto the spacer and added a extra washer to the one side. Did a bunch of measuring and figured out what I needed that way. Still have a wee bit of play but not enough to worry I don’t think. Sorting through spacers and washers now trying to get things back where they belong. Guy before me had some stuff mixed up. Ha e to pick up some cone bolts yet and some connector link pins for the feeder chain (those s clips that lock the connector link in. Those stupid cone bolts are sure expensive. The ones on the machine are getting pretty worn though. There’s actually a couple missing too. Have to get a repair link for the feeder chain too. Tore one slat partially off in the last 10 acres last fall.
  2. Brother picked up parts for me at affordable I’m saskatoon and brought them up to the bush where we met to go quadding yesterday. So today I’m slowly putting things back together and debating where to shim what. The one factory spacer got hurt a bit and the keystock they welded on from factory is gone. May just try to weld a new piece in and bend it to fit. That stupid piece of pipe spacer is 350 dollars from cih. Had a good quad trip though. Put on 170 Kms and saw some sights that we hadn’t been to before. Ended up being a longer day then we’d planed but that was ok. We hiked back to a couple spots where my brothers friend that came with used to go. Down creeks and up hills a mountain goat would struggle on lol. Was only 10 miles away from home at one point but with a river in between us. Got back to the trucks and I could see red and blue lights flashing just down the road. Conservation officers had stoped a group of quads and no one had helmets with open liquor and I suppose no insurance. I pulled up with my truck and quad loaded up thinking she was going to give us a hard time too but I was friendly with her and when she asked what we were up to told here we were scouting the burn for sawlogs which I was doing. She asked if we’d been hunting or shot any animals? I said no and she said okay I’ll move over and you can go on your way. One of the girls was walking down the toad so my brother picked her up and took her to the next hilltop so she could call home and get some helmets brought out. They got off pretty easy too. That old log structure used to be a stables. It’s straight across where my grandfather used to have his sawmill set up on the creek. They crossed the river and came up the hill there and logged on both sides of the river. It’s not their building but there was a family that was set up there.
  3. Yup I know guys around here who have baked a whole quarter and end up with 40-60 bales on a bad year. Kind of like combining 150 bu oats, the guys in the combines are having fun but the trucker is dragging his arse by the end of the day😂. I liked growing flax on good years. Was nice to combine, usually worth a fair bit and it looked pretty in the summer. Unfortunately we’ve had some wet falls where I’m not sure we would’ve even gotten it off again. I’ve only grown in once and it sat out over winter. Luckily it was only 27 acres lol. Dad had to winter it once as well but otherwise managed to get it off every year. Some years not without some scraped up busted knuckles though lol. Sawzall quicly became our frown lol. There was a couple times where a match was looking awful tempting lol.
  4. Busy fixing equipment and sawing lumber when it’s not to hot out. Crops are coming on fairly quick so it looks like another summer has come and gone.
  5. I always get nervous with that big glass window only a few inches away from the header. I have visions of things moving the wrong way and me picking up the pieces lol. Feeder chain isn’t that old on ours I don’t think and the floor is good. Must’ve been done at some time or another before we got it as it does have quite a few hours on it. I’m sure I’ll find more to repair though as I get into it. You know all to well how those projects go lol. And yup you got the poorer part right 😂😂.
  6. Decided to go back out and check my barley tonight again. this heat seems to have cut slug population back some anyways. Found a few but nothing like before. Barley seems to be filling out good and if it keeps filling should be a pretty decent crop. Canola has almost lost its bloom now. Fields are starting to get more green. No sign of army worms yet. Hopefully they’re not a issue this year. Got the swather out a few days ago and all set up again. Managed to pinch a hyd line a little bit with the center tilt cylinder though. When I started the swather up the header shifted a bit up and the cylinder happened to catch a line as it moved. Didn’t hurt it bad but still not great. Got the combines out this afternoon and took the header off the ih. Have to repair the rock trap beater bearing. It went out at the end of last fall. Bad enough it lost all the balls. Thinking I’ll have to pull the feederhoise and go through it at the same time. Tempted to put a new front drum in it. The chains worn into it pretty bad. Last time I priced it I think it was around 800. They wanted 200 for the bands to repair the drum so I didn’t really think that was worth it either. They weren’t even sure that came with 3 as we have the 3 strand feeder chain.
  7. Sounds like you’ll be spending more time tying bales them bailing lol. Not a bad problem though. Kind of fun but kind of repetitive too when you can only go a little ways and you have to stop and wait again. Never made a bale of hay in my life so it’s all foreign to me to a certain degree lol. Flax is looking nice. I haven’t seen any around here this year. Seems to be less and less every year. Conditions haven’t exactly been favourable for it so that doesn’t help. No rain here now for almost 2 weeks and surprisingly we’re getting dry now. Some of the canola is showing signs of stress in spots. A nice half inch soaked rain would be perfect about now. As long as it knows when to quit again at least lol.
  8. They can sure do a lot of damage in a short time. They raided our patch last year but it was already basically mature and no longer good for eating. I see tracks around here I asionally but don’t usually see them. The one I did see is no longer with us.
  9. Helicopters around here like db1486 said run around that 10$/acre. Might be a bit more if you’re brining one in from out of the area though. Guys that are doing that are travelling through and covering quite a few acres a day. It does sound like a bit of a worrisome situation. Anything you do that isn’t in writing and later down the road find out isn’t approved could come back to bite you.
  10. Wish I’d had a camera or modern cell phone with me about 15 years ago maybe a bit more. I was out harrowing a field just a mile east of home one spring when out of no where here came this big ol clumsy twin engine piston powered military plane. I don’t know what it was for sure but he circled around me on that field for close to a half a hour. They’d fly about 5 miles north then come back and bank right overtop of me. There was times I’m sure he was no more then 50’ off the ground. Could hear it quite clearly over the tractor. Was almost to the point where I was ready to fold up and get out of that field lol. They eventually took off and never did come back again. Some sort of training from the Cold Lake base I imagine but have no idea what was really going on. The Cf-18 jets from cold lake used to do training missions up to PA. They’d do touch and go landings at the airport then boot it back home again. Kind of fun to watch.
  11. I have 1750 invested in mine with 2 batteries. That’s taxes shipping and everything I’m cdn dollars. I have no regrets buying it. Mine is a dji phantom 4 pro. I don’t use it as often as I’d like as I’m isually the one running the equipment and I don’t have enough faith in it to let it follow me around blindly. It will follow a object though and I have tried it a bit. I just don’t trust it lol. They can be finicky and you can’t laumch them from metal objects. Both times I did mine screwed up and caused me to pucker up a bit as it started to respond oddly. It does quite well on its own with its built in gps. It’ll hold its position even in strong winds. The obstacle avoidance technology is nice too. When it’s turned on it’s almosy idiot proof lol. I have buzzed a couple of tree branches though. Never crashed it yet though thankfully.
  12. Thrips are a little new to me as well. I was scouting one field for them a few years ago and found some but not enough to spray. They’re a tiny insect that will crawl back into the stem where the head comes out. They’ll suck the juices out and kill the head. Ive found them in the head too deep down inside. I’ve never seen the slugs before. Didn’t know what they were for sure when I saw them. Thought they looked like snails in a way and I guess I was halfway correct. Another fellow posted some pics of slugs in his canola from last year. They did a lot of damage to the leaves by the looks of it. Now he said they’re in his barley this year again on that same field.
  13. Went out to check on the road construction near my rented land tonight and do a little crop checking g while I was at it. Found a surprise when I got out there though unfortunately. Found a bunch of slugs crawling around in my barley. Wasn’t sure at the time what they were so I put a post up on the 306 farm group and asked. Talked with my agrilogist after too. He actually thinks the slugs may be going after thrips in the heads and stems. Have to go back out in the morning and take another look. Always something it seems
  14. Lol looks good from here Ralph. I think for the most part guys will get more hay around here then they have the last few years anyways. Seems if they don’t get that late April early May rains on the lighter sand they hay land doesn’t produce much no mater how much moisture we get later. Still hasn’t been much wrapped up here yet Seem to get a little bit of rain everyday. Missed us today which was good.
  15. Spraying for bugs or fungicides? South of here about 150 miles there’s some irrigated land that they grow potatoes on but nothing close to home at all. On a side note the potatoes in our garden are growing like crazy. Been eating fresh ones for about 3 weeks now. The tops on them are huge this year.
  16. Canola is just coming into full bloom here now. Looking not to bad now. Field across the road should look a little better in a few more days. It was seeded 4 days later thanks to a rain delay.
  17. Was sweating away outside almost all day so I took off on the quad tonight and went up by where my grandfathers old mill site was again. Did a little crop checking along the way too. Canola is starting to fill in pretty good now. It’s a week behind yet though. Maybe even a bit more. Wheats looking good. Some signs of disease in it though. Flag leafs are huge but they’re showing some signs of disease I think. Hopefully it fills out ok anyways. Barley if you look at it just the right way almost looks like it’s starting to turn on top. Could just be the heat though causing it. Lots of moisture underneath yet for it.
  18. Sure hope not. There’s a heavy band of clouds north of here tonight though and it’s been awful hot all day so it wouldn’t surprise me.
  19. Nice pics all thanks for posting. Someday I’ll make that same trek from here. Have a friend that did it a couple years ago with his 02 dodge diesel he had bought that spring from the states and his fifth wheel camper. All was going well till he got into Alaska a ways and the whole front frame above the fith wheel on the camper itself cracked out. Had to hire a portable welder to come out weld it up and reinforce it so he could make the trek all the way back to Saskatoon. He made it safely. Said it was well worth it though even with the added excitement lol.
  20. You’d be getting sick of looking at farmland by the time you hit the Ab border I bet lol. The violet fields were probably faba beans and the white flowers were probably field peas. Its surprising how far north into bc there is agriculture actually. Still a grain elevator at Dawson creek I think unless it’s been shut down in the last 10 years or so.
  21. Good to hear you’re back safe and sound. That’s a long haul to do in a short time. Certainly takes some of the fun out of it.
  22. You’re almost in home territory now lol. Sounds like you’re making good time. Hopefully it’s been a uneventful trip with some nice scenery. Take any pics along the way??
  23. Came home from pa this afternoon well actually from St. Louis as we were in pa earlier and had to pick up some junk dad bought at a online auction out near St. Louis. Turned out if his yard and all we could see were these huge white plumes directly over home. Figured great we’ll be in mud all the way home. Roads were dry till we got about 4 miles away and then they just kept getting muddier as we went. Checked the gauge when we got home and it was a little over a half a inch again. Doesn’t sound like much but when you get 2 or 3 tenths or more everyday it never really sets up. Was supposed to haul grain tomorrow but I don’t see that happening now. Need to get the combines out too but hate to leave them out in the rain too. Got some feeder house work I have to do on the ih. Massey shouldn’t need much as I hardly used it last fall. Only took off 50-60 acres lol. Had a fellow here for lumber this morning too and he was asking me if my rented land on the reserve got hit with hail. I said not that I know of. Apparently there was a bad storm that went through there a couple days ago. I went out after and checked what I could from the road and all looked well. Fields over a mile long on the east side though so no way to see it all from the road.
  24. Looks good Ralph. Our wheat is probably around 60-75% headed out now. Barley at home is almost all headed out. Some of the low spots that were wet earlier on ante s little behind. Main field is looking really good though. Little concerned about lodging though. Anywhere I overlapped and doubles up on the seed and fertilizer it’s laying down pretty bad already. We’ve been fortunate to miss out on the big storms so far. Hopefully it continues that way. Was some ugly looking clouds floating around tonight and heavy rain not far away from here. The one storm came within a mile of home again. I could see it pouring down just down the road. The next storm came up from the north and ended up going east of us. My rented land may have gotten another heavy shot of rain, I’m not sure. We ended up with another 1/4” here again. I’m sure other places got a lot more judging by how hard the rain was coming down. There was a funnel cloud just over PA this afternoon too. Same system that came through here I suspect. Was quite a large area under a funnel cloud watch this afternoon.
  25. Look at it this way mto you’re probably gonna get chewed out from some of those people regardless of the price so you might as well make it worth your while 10 US dollars is a lot more in our beaver money but still lol I haven’t seen a big change in battery prices here lately. Group 31 post top are 80-90 dollars. Group 78 are 100-135. Bought a oddball one for the Hyundai sante fe it’s a group 124. It was 90 dollars through a friend at his cost.
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