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  1. Cleaned up the big pile today, was almost all out so figured it was safe to burry. Picked out some more of the bigger stuff in the other 2 piles and burnt up today again. Hopefully be able to clean those last 2 piles up in the next couple days. Going to hook on the v ditched tomorrow and do some before it freezes up to hard. Made a drain pan for the cat today too out of a old oil furnace diesel tank. Had been outside open for years so figured it would be safe. Needed something pretty large to hold all the oil/coolant in the transmission. Hopefully get that torn apart beginning of the week if I start to catch up on work.
  2. Weather has been holding yet so getting a little more done with those brush piles. Most of its burnt up now so hopefully in a few days I can have them all buried. Covered up the one small one already. The big pile burnt really well so there isn’t much left there to clean up. First and second pic are the same pile taken this morning and later on this afternoon again. The other 2 larger ones are still pretty hot in the center. They had a little more dirt in them so I’ll have to rake them out a bit. Be nice to have them cleaned up before the snow comes at least. Last year I got chased out in a winter blizzard. 2 days later we had 2’ of snow and snowmobile season had started lol. Still hoping to do a little bit of harrowing yet too where dad did that fall work. Ground is starting to freeze up in the shade now though so hard to say if I’ll get to that or not.
  3. Got to work on cleaning up some of those brush piles from last fall today. Burnt pretty hot for a while. Starting to die down tonight a bit but still pretty hot in the center. Hopefully pile it back up in a few days to burn again and then burry what ever is left
  4. Have a hard time doing that as it’s constantly in the back of my mind when I’m away what I should be doing but still need to do it once in a while. If it hadn’t been for my brother I likely wouldn’t have gotten away. Possibly vice versa as he was debating on going too. He’s kind of the same as me only worse for the work part. Puts in some long days at work and then at home doing more work. Hopefully we’ll be able to get away this winter on some more snowmobile trips. Dad wants to go back logging this winter though as prices have come back down some finally so hard to say how much free time I’ll have. We actually looked at a really nice bluff of white spruce this morning on private land close to home. Kind of a bidding war yet though. Always somebody will to work for less it seems so it’s hard to say if we’ll get any there or not. Real nice timber though and only 6 miles from home so it would be a shame to not get some of it at least.
  5. Lol yup they’re kind of a neat bird though no real fear of humans. You could plunk someone down in the middle of the wilderness and with some food likely have them eating out of your hand pretty quick. Other names are grey jay and Canada jay.
  6. Took the day off yesterday kind of unplanned but was nice to get away for a bit anyways. My brother texted me 9:00 Saturday night wondering if I wanted to go quadding on Sunday. At first I said no I can’t take time off but thought about and decided to say screw it and go play. I got up at about 5:30 and got stuff ready so I could bring the cat back home. Scrap guy was coming to clean up the stuff dad gathered up last spring so he was my back up plan to get the cat home if it wouldn’t drive back. Worked out ok though and I had the cat back in the yard on its own power by 7:45. Loaded the quad up after that and headed out. Had a nice ride and the weather was perfect. Followed the torch river between the Hansen lake road and candle lake. Nice scenic little ride. Put on around 50-60 miles. Cooked hot dogs at the turn around point and got swarmed by whiskey jacks. They were eating right out of our hands. Had to stand guard over the food or they’d have cleaned us out lol.
  7. Rotella t is a little bit hard to come by here too. In the spring we were buying pails on sale for 62.99. Now it’s 85$ and up. Non sale prices at some places are over 100. We went back to our old supplier and refilled the barrel we had. Was still 800 and some dollars though. currently needing close to another 100 and some gallons for the cat. Not looking forward to that bill. Oil cooler went so the transmission needs to be flushed and the hydraulic oil is due for a change. Final drives too.
  8. Still that way to the best of my knowledge. Charter buses as well. I’ve heard claims that they’re safer that way but when you hit a large object or roll it sure comes into question as to why there isn’t. Driver always has a seat belt but the other seats don’t.
  9. Pretty similar to grandmas 78 Buick lesabre that I fixed up in high school and drove. Still have the car. Drove it around a little bit this summer again. Carb was acting up though. Never got time to tear it apart. Leaking gas out around the accelerator pump.
  10. Sat on the bus for all of my school years and often thought about the possibility when we were siting there with nothing else to do. In a rural community with all gravel roads and not a pile of traffic the risk did seem pretty low. Has been a few collisions over the years in the surrounding area though. Bad one about 4.5 years ago that some of you would’ve heard about I’m sure with the humboldt broncos hockey team. 16 people killed when a semi came through a stop sign. Miracle anyone survived really. First responders had a rough night that night.
  11. Sounds like better weather for the weekend here maybe so hopefully stays nice for you guys too. We’ve had a couple good hard frosts here now. Sand flys have finally disappeared.
  12. We’re in a real mess that’s for sure. I’m thankful we have warehouses for most of the big dealers right here in our province but everyone else pulls from there too. This summer has been good, anything we’ve needed dealers either had in stock or could get it in a day or two. Hopefully that continues. I’m in the process of rounding up parts for my d7 and fear that could be a lengthy procedure with shipping as no one has stock here for the oil cooler. Our local tillage mfg sold out back in June or July for next years production already. They bought up a pile of steel apparently last winter so hopefully it shows up when they need it or some farmers are going to be rather upset when they’re ready to go to the field and the new air drill isn’t. I was in our local fountain tire dealer the other day and a semi pulled in from North Dakota. He was there picking up a semi load of tires.
  13. Uh oh sorry to run salt in a open wound. Figured you guys were all done. Hopefully our snow/rain stays away from you guys. Sounds like the heavier snow may be headed just south of you though if it makes it that far. Just rain here so far. Just enough to make it greasy on top and debatable if the scrap guy should come today or not.
  14. We haven’t grown flax for about 10 years now. In the wet years it was a real struggle. When conditions were right it was a beautiful crop to combine when they weren’t well let’s just say it combined nice come spring lol. Db1486 had some in I believe so he should be in the bucks this year lol. New summits all around right @db1486 😂😂
  15. I do find the equipment and some of the technology interesting but that’s kind of the extent of it these days. Same thing for gold rush. I don’t mind watching the equipment work. I actually met Parker one day at a ritchies auction. They sat down at the table next to us to eat when we were out buying our excavator. They were looking at larger hoes.
  16. Had a a little set back today. My dirt pushing might be done for the season unfortunately. Went out this afternoon to do some more work and ram into problems once I got the cat going. Let it warm up while I fueled it up for the day. Took off to the ditch that was a couple hundred feet away. Made one back blade pass in the ditch pulling dirt out of the bottom and noticed the heat gauge climbing quickly. Long story short turns out the transmission cooler went and the eng coolant drained back into the transmission. Hopefully didn’t hurt the heads any but they are susceptible to cracking if overheated or heated to quick. Still runs fine so we’ll see. Going to try and limp it home tomorrow on water and get it in the shop so I can work on it.
  17. I would like the show more if they didn’t repeat themselves every 5 minutes. Almost seems like every show is a rerun. I do watch it off and on but haven’t gotten into it to deeply. I actually find myself watching even less tv lately. Seems like I just want to turn the noise off at night and read peacefully online. Looks for stuff I can’t afford on Kijiji lol.
  18. That’s pretty cool that they show up that far away. I was out around 10:30-11:00 but they were still going when I came in. Last winter I was up real early one morning. I went outside for a few minutes and watched the northern lights rolling across the sky just like waves only they were flashing across the sky above me at like a 1000 mph. Just a continuous wave. Never seen anything like that before especially moving that fast. Looked like the starship enterprise launching across the sky lol. (No I’m not a Trekkie 😂😂)
  19. Yikes that’ll wake you up quick. Glad the outcome was a good one. Could’ve ended much worse.
  20. One of the perks of living in the north I guess. We don’t see them real often but they do seem to be getting more frequent at certain times of the year. This was one of the brighter displays I’ve seen. Never actually heard them at all though. Not sure if that’s myth or not but I’ve heard in the north you can hear them crackle at night. My friends gps was acting up last night on the tractor and he blamed it on the northern lights.
  21. Some of those curves almost look the same wonder if they weren’t indeed the same ones we were watching. Kind of neat that they show up that far away if they are the same ones.
  22. Pretty impressive light show here tonight. Friend of mine messaged me while he was out in the field and said they were out so I had to go take a look. Sure enough they were dancing above us and even brighter to the north west. Almost touching the ground the way they looked. Always enjoyed watching them at harvest. They sure seem to be brighter lately though when they are out. First time I’ve seen them since last winter though.
  23. With a decent water source they might do alright there. It’s a mixture of either sand or peat moss on that quarter. There’s a swamp that runs through the middle of it. Even it’s dry this year though. They drilled a bunch of wells on that quarter years ago trying to get a decent water supply for the cattle. They never did get a good one though. Dad almost fell into the one open one after we bought the quarter. Pushed the old concrete steps from the house overtop of it so it would never happen again. Found one other real old one I’m the swamp too. Least I think it was. Wasn’t deep but was a round hole and seems to have some wooden cribbing. Oddly enough just a few hundred yards north there’s a good well on the next quarter. He used it for his cattle for years.
  24. Happy thanksgiving to all my Canadian counterparts here. How everyone had a good holiday. Went to my sisters this afternoon for a turkey supper. Took the day off from running the cat. Was almost to cold today anyways lol. Snow in northern sask today so it’s making it’s way over here now. Little bit of rain here tonight. Was only +2 on the way home. Saw -8 for tomorrow night. Looking like summer might be over. Still thinking about one more quad ride before the snow comes. Maybe this weekend if I can get enough work done this week. My nephew took the infrared thermometer out to check the water temp. Not sure exactly how accurate it was but it said it was only 7 or 8 degrees. I didn’t go for a swim anyways lol.
  25. Awesome. Good to hear you’re on the road upwards now.
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