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  1. Sure foggy out tonight in spots. Felt nice riding the bike though. Few drone pics from this afternoon too.
  2. Coming home with a tank of water to test the sprayer I spied this nice medium sized buck come across the road and go through our canola field. I tried to take a video but in between stopping the truck and looking at the deer I screwed up and didn’t hit record. Video didn’t start till I went to stop it. Oh well caught it a tiny bit in the corner of the video. Almost can’t see it standing in the crop.
  3. https://parts.agcocorp.com/ca/en/p/gauge-protector/ag515414?clear=true diaphragm is inside here. Pump pressure on one side and some sort of liquid that doesn’t freeze on the other side. Sender ontop is almost like a old oil pressure sender except it has 2 wires.
  4. Canola is starting to stretch up some now. Least in some spots. Hopefully keeps filling out and the heat hasn’t caused them to abort to badly. I know there’s some that doesn’t look great. Pedals have a pale yellow look. Almost orange and they’re falling off. Called heat blast. Neither me or the crop likes this +30°C (+86°F) and above temps. Been working in the shop and it’s so humid in there. Open up the doors on both ends but if there’s no wind moving it doesn’t help much. Have the swather in there now fixing a couple minor oil leaks. Think I got the last part today to get that sprayer pump fixed. Least I sure hope I do. Water test again tomorrow and see where we end up. Had one stupid part crack on me the other day or I would’ve been done. Called a gauge protector. It has a diaphragm inside it that separates the chemical from the gauge. Diaphragm transfers the pressure to the liquid you put in on the other side. I had tried to t in a manual gauge to verify pressures and it just caused more headaches. Nothing another 240$ part wouldn’t fix 😢.
  5. Hopefully has a speedy recovery and no more issues.
  6. It was looking like I was headed for Saskatoon tomorrow for parts for this stupid chem pump on the sprayer yet again but full line said they couldn’t guarantee the part I needed would be there. They had it in stock but it was out on a service truck of all places. I wanted to go to the sask aviation museum as the Lancaster bomber is making a appearance there tomorrow. Stoping for fuel on their way to cold lake I believe. Would’ve been really neat to see. Never been to the museum either. Supposed to be pretty good from what I’ve heard. Took off from home tonight at about 7:00 and headed for the bush again to do some trail maintenance. Managed to get all the way around and down to the river again. Few bad spots but overall not to bad for blowdown. It’s unreal how the shrub bushes have grown up this summer though. Places where the trail just disappears.
  7. Considered going to ag in motion but likely skip out this year again. You go say hi to quickdick? Lol. Had to run around yesterday for some parts for the never ending sprayer chem pump replacement ordeal. Been at it over a week now to replace a stupid chem pump lol. Hopefully have all my leaks fixed now and I can punt it out if the shop then bring the swather in. Saskatoon is the only one I’ve been too. It’s a neat place for sure. Not sure if they still put in their thrashing days or not. Used to make a point of going. Definitely not looking forward to the heatwave coming. Have some canola showing signs of stress already so not sure what’s going to happen. Need some rain pretty soon again. It’s a good thing we’ve been getting these occasional evening showers. Doesn’t amount to much but at least it gives the crops a little drink.
  8. Well darn that didn’t work so well. Disregard this other posts. I hit submit reply and it didn’t do anything so I hit it again and still nothing. Refreshed the page and it didn’t show up so I replied again. Oh well I’ll be hard to miss that way anyways lol.
  9. Saline ground or looking to cure some other issues? Busy looking field anyways lol. Crop looks good though.
  10. Saline ground or looking to remedy some other issues? Busy looking field anyways lol.
  11. Saline ground or looking to remedy some other issues? Busy looking field anyways lol.
  12. Little different crop pic this morning lol. Strawberries have sure been putting out this year. This was just over a half hours picking with 3 of us picking. Raspberries will be next. They’re taking over the garden. Patch is about 20 feet wide now and 70 feet long. Only got about 2/3 of the strawberry patch picked so I guess I know what I’m stuck doing tonight now lol.
  13. That’s for sure. Only hope he was looking away or at least young enough to not remember.
  14. Few more pics from last night and one from this afternoon on my rented land on the reserve. Was quite Smokey so the drone pics weren’t the best. Still can’t upload the pics direct for some reason. Something with the format although they load up fine on the computer for some reason.
  15. Kind of wish I had a yield monitor in the combine. Now that it’s all headed out it’s not as visible but if you know where to look you can still see the line. It’s only about 7 acres at the most so I won’t loose much sleep over it anyways lol.
  16. Just saw where one women was killed getting to close to the tracks. Tough scene for the crew for sure. Unfortunate that something like that could tarnish the whole trip. I get that people want to be close and experience it but come on. Use a little common sense. Young women with a young son too.
  17. Just saw some updates today on this adventure. Sounds like the crew and locomotive made it back safely to Calgary again. Would sure be interesting to sit down with the crew and listen to some of the stories and hurdles they had along the way. Imagine there was a few incidents here and there.
  18. Took these last night. Fair bit of smoke in the air from the fires. Cleared out a bit this morning.
  19. After a hot day of working in the shop I said screw it and took off on the quad around 9:30. Got back about 10:30 again. Cooler air felt pretty good. Could’ve done without all the bugs though. Wheat on our north quarter is getting closer to all headed out now. It’s progressed quite a bit the last couple days.
  20. We haven’t quite broke 90 here yet I don’t think. Must’ve been awfully close today though. Man was it hot. No breeze either. Was working in the shop all day and had to change clothes a couple times. Drank lots of water.
  21. No stihl in the pics tonight for dt fan lol. Went up to our north quarter and it’s actually more advanced then the wheat at home. More heads showing up anyways. Surprisingly may be a bit heavier too at least on the good side of the field. It’s a little lighter land too but it’s really been putting out good the last few years now for some strange reason. The real sandy stuff is starting to burn off now though in this heat. Storm coming from the northwest tonight. Cousin that’s at the lake north of pa had some video up and it was storming pretty good. I can hear it rumbling now in the northwest so it’s getting closer. Lots of lightning showing up on the map.
  22. Different angle of the same wheat field at home. If you look close you can see where I ran out of nh3. Shows up a lighter green and shorter. Sure makes a big difference.
  23. Ours is a long ways from all headed out but there is the odd one poking through now. Looks good. Did you grow some Brandon still to compare it with?
  24. Lol yup have to do some trail maintenance down to my grandfathers old mill site and some other trails pretty soon so I haven’t taken it off yet.
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