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  1. Learned about the hose trick back in the early 70's at IH training for the 3&400 series engines in Columbus Ohio from an older mechanic at the training center. The instructor at the time had never heard of it either but thought it to be a good idea. It does work. I have a split connector made up that connects to the block drain and radiator drain and hooks to garden hose and use hot water. I use a good radiator flush a couple times before using the garden hose.
  2. Any you guys remember or had party lines?? We had a booth outside the post office also in our small village or I should say corner, that's about all there was.
  3. Not the shift rail shaft then, its a 5/16 bolt. Must be draft sensing arm.
  4. Draft control sensing arm? Or hi-lo shift shaft? Hard to tell what size thread you got there
  5. Have never heard of this issue before. Your thinking the crankcase is siphoning the oil out of the canisters?? Have not heard of D361 creating a vacuum after shut down. If crankcase breather was plugged should create pressure not vacuum. Can't see it happening. Good luck with it. I'm with stronger800,see what others have to say
  6. Easy 12000 around here if decent. Three point worth a bit more than fast hitch
  7. Some beautiful country there.😀 Snow on the mountain tops?? What's the temperature at your work location?
  8. Cable probably got unhooked for maybe two reasons, linkage froze up, including cable or low side was slipping. With cable unhooked the TA shift spool is probably not seated right.( snap ring on the spool should be seated against the retainer nut). Get things adjusted and working properly and go from there
  9. Is the rear tractor on the trailer just have a rollover?? Don't look like any doors but hard to tell for sure
  10. That is one sweet 1066 with front assist
  11. Great band, actually, awesome!!!! I played in a band for 30 plus years and did alot of their music.
  12. I believe your right and might as well do the injectors while your at it
  13. Are these gas or diesel? Would shy away from 706 with a D282, D 310 is much better, my opinion. 766 would be a wet sleeve diesel also. 806 would be dry sleeve. Both are very good engines, D360 in the 766 and D361 in the 806. I'm assuming there all diesel. Gas would be 706-c263 or c291. 766 would be c291 I believe. 806 would be c301. From the engine back these tractors are pretty much the same. Shifting pattern is a bit better on the 66 series for the range transmission. Axle a little bigger on the 766 and 806. Horse power wise its got to be the 806, its a good ole horse. Just my thoughts😀
  14. If no unusual noises I would run it. Probably left over from previous repair, didn't get cleaned out correctly
  15. Glad you got it figured out. Very easy check on engine that been sitting for years and not running correct. The old M has a special place in my heart. I have found the 1951 M that my grandpa bought new and is completely restored now. It now has an easy life pulling wagons and going to plow days a couple times a year and handles 3-16s trailer plow very well
  16. Good idea to change all the HyTran fluid and filter with a new pump. Whenever I do anything with the MCV I always install new spring kit for the valves from hy capacity , and oring and gasket package. Good idea to have service manual. You can bleed it from the plug that takes a 5/8 wrench to remove, its just below the sender unit. I take it, your rear remotes and hitch are working ok! Of course this is a guessing game if you haven't checked any pressures
  17. Thanks, ill try and dig it up😀
  18. What's the good, bad ,ugly?? Looking to maybe purchase one. Its a 2013 model with 6000 hours. Has done alot of pto work most of its life.Pto has just been rebuilt. 16/8 shuttle. Front wheel assist.
  19. 617937R1 is the part #. Book says its 1/4 x7/8 spiral pin
  20. Welcome aboard sir. So sad about the accident, hope you recover 100% plus. Enjoy your pictures,awesome. I'm sure you will love it here and lots of knowledge in case you need answers to Any questions. By the way, your gonna love the M
  21. Looks like it'll be showroom ready😃. I like it.
  22. So, we have two #1's, 1086. (Interesting). Where in Michigan is this sale? Who is handling the auction?
  23. Have you checked the hose connection in the differential housing threw the third link cover??
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