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  1. Check linkage under the seat platform. The shaft for park needs to lower all the way into the cover to engage
  2. Ya, I'm the latter. My 806D was the first diesel on our farm. When I sold it to upgrade to a 986, it had over 11,000 hours and engine had never been opened up. Split tractor once for a clutch and it still had original TA when sold. Still kicking my self for selling it.
  3. Pretty sure, being that stupid that he will turn left and take out the no left turn sign🤔
  4. Do you wish to put a generator or alternator on it?? First thing is make it negative ground. Looks like you have battery, positive ground. Simplest wiring would be a one wire alternator. No regulator required as with a generator.
  5. Look like even has hook for safety chain🤔
  6. Some people should NOT own a tractor🤔
  7. Thanks for sharing Big Bud. Never understand why guys leave equipment sit out like that and rot away. There's a few around here but not that extravagant.🤔
  8. I have a gauge in the dash with numbers instead of the original with no numbers on our tractor and it reads 25 psi at idle and 55 high idle, hot.
  9. Did you dig the old packing out? Like snoshoe said, it looks like a graphite bushing. Tightening the brass packing nut will keep the screw tight
  10. Were the wedge lock rear wheels an option for the 966? Seems like all I've seen are the u-clamp style. I know the 10's and larger were wedge lock.
  11. Never thought they opened the wrong way either. Had a customer who had a jd tell me they were wrong and I asked him what way do the doors open on his pickup, his answer was , hummm , never thought about that. Never ever gonna satisfy everyone and they all have their own opinion
  12. I used to have the center tube with the starter hole but sent it to scrap bout 5 years ago, along with the engine block. Got tired of saving it for 25 years. If you know it will run then maybe $500.
  13. Our dealership sold quite a few 2+2's to the dairy farmers. They really liked them on the manure spreaders in the winter when there was lots of snow. There is still 4 that I know of in use today in our area. I just put a TA in one bout 2 years ago. Also know of a 3588 with less than 200 hours on it. Looks like new yet with everything original,sits in storage.
  14. No starter, no run. Sounds like a parts tractor to me. For me, maybe $200 at most.
  15. Remove the right side hood. You will see a stand pipe on top of the reservoir with a breather element. There is suppose to be a screen behind the plate but with the add on filter someone probably cut the screen off the plate. (have seen that happen before). Not sure about the hole. If its pipe thread put a plug in it. Reservoir should be full to the fill plug. May have to cycle the loader up and down a few times then refill reservoir
  16. Yes, I know how it is when the grandkids are here. Everything gets put on the back burner. Time with them is precious😊. Paint does look awesome.
  17. Quite the oil pan on one. Awesome pictures😃
  18. I'd try to get it running first then worry about steering. How long has it sat without running. Once running if it has clean hytran and filter it should prime up. If not there is a small plug on the mcv 5/8 wrench. Remove it and start up and be ready to shut off because oil will make a mess in a hurry. This plug is just below the sender unit on the mcv
  19. The one his clear has a magneto ignition?? Never seen one on the 400's
  20. Cheap compared to the $62,500 post.
  21. Seems kinda normal anymore. Prices at some of these auctions are ridiculous
  22. Have a set of Duro metal works 1/4 and 3/8 drive in a handy holder from the 1930's that hang on the wall. Don't think these have been mentioned.
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