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  1. Just thought your info was interesting, have been rebuilding old farmall carbs for bout 50 years. I see your not very far from New Lothrop, Montrose area
  2. Like all the tractors posted but for me it will always be grandpa's "M" that he bought new in 1951
  3. Thank you sir for all your info. Had to find morenci mich. on the map. Never heard of that town. It is located right next to the ohio border, bout 2 hours south of me.
  4. Wow, didn't know that but I don't get up that way very often. Frankenmuth bout 35 miles north east me.
  5. Excuse me, but I'm lost when you refer to the welkers of the world. What do you mean?? I would love to see a Big Bud some day, there just aren't any here in mid Michigan. All small farms by out west standards. Thanks for all your knowledge on these beasts.
  6. Haven't been on projects,build, and restorations page in quite a while and come across your carburetor info. Very interesting and thanks for the info
  7. I do the same here, when its warmer of course, with my "M". Usually a 4 mile trip. Nice looking tractor by the way😀
  8. Love the pic. Beautiful back ground and TRACTOR
  9. First thing you should try is remove the small plug on the rear of the mcv. 5/8 wrench is needed to remove the plug. Start tractor but be ready to shut to down as it can make a mess. This will prime the mcv. If it don't prime up then time to remove mcv.
  10. Looks like time to remove hitch cover and replace orings and Teflon rings. My guess would be bolts are loose that hold valve to cylinder or are broke. Sometimes, using a mirror you can find the problem
  11. Does only the left wheel drive? or are there 90° gear boxes at each joint with drive shafts
  12. Don't recall ever seeing that cam nut on that linkage. Usually the turnbuckle just mounts to the arm on the shaft
  13. Does anyone run corn with the bottom sieve removed and if so why?? Talking to a neighbor the other day and he has a gleaner and telling me he removes his sieve for corn. Says does'nt need it.
  14. Exhaust stack hold the cab from tipping off the back of the tractor?? Twin intakes= twin turbos, maybe?? Is a good looking rig though😄
  15. W4 standard is on my wish list. Remember watching one in a tractor pull bout 55 years ago and can still see that front end come up in the air bout 3-4 feet while pulling the sled. As a young kid I was sure impressed.
  16. Great. Good to here you got it going. Seems these projects always have a few bumps in the process
  17. Where you located?? That's the dealership I worked at. I probably did the pre delivery service on it when we sold it. 😀
  18. Something different about the grille?? 806, what a great ole tractor, I love them
  19. Very cool indeed. Your family can cherish it forever and lots of great memories. I personally know because I have a super A and an M from my grandfather that are now restored. I bout a woods belly mower for the super A and mow a 3 acre lot.
  20. Should have copper washers. Have also had to silicone the bolts a little. Don't over torque them as the pump is aluminum. You can do them one at a time but need to stick a plug in the hole when you remove a bolt, makes a little mess.
  21. Only ever seen one and it was set up with a boom for wrecker service for the road commission when their trucks got stuck or went in the ditch while plowing snow
  22. They were very popular around here when they were introduced. Many dairy farms used them for loader work,so they spent most of their lives in the barnyard. It was probably the most popular tractor sold at our dealership back in the seventies, we had alot of small dairy operations. Very good tractors. When the 84 series came out then front wheel assist became the norm for loader work
  23. Very nice pictures😀. Good luck while there and stay safe
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