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  1. Very nice?. Good luck with her
  2. That is correct! 84 series tractors have 4 position valve. Raise,neutral,lower and float.
  3. NICE? I know brake parts are hard to find. Its been discussed on this forum before. Keep us posted on your project
  4. Looks great? Just did a super C also for my uncle. It has only a standard hitch though. I see yours has no fenders. I found a set of fenders for my uncle's. Had to make the u-bolts to mount them
  5. Just came across a 400 that's been shredded for about 35 years. All sheet metal in good shape. Son of the owner thinks TA is bad. Doesn't run but does roll over. Thinking of buying but what's a decent price????
  6. Does hitch pump also loose prime??? Maybe jumper tube between filter housing and hitch pump is sucking air?? Filter cap oring can also cause issues...
  7. Beware of timing when removing the governor, it drives the distributor. The governor housing is kind of a pain to get off. Removing the fan shroud bolts helps so you can squeeze the shroud to the side to give a little more clearance. Loosen fan belt also helps.
  8. Have you had the governor off the tractor. Are the weights and pins good. Also the governor shaft where the Teflon bushing and thrust bearing spin on. Have seen those shafts half wore into.
  9. Just read this post, a lot of good info from all these guys. This is very interesting, good luck with the ole girl and keep us informed?. Buy the way,,, nice place and fish. Makes our walleye Saginaw bay look small
  10. My daughter was involved with the F22 Raptor at Lockheed martin. We got to tour the factory but some areas were closed to the public for top secret reasons. It is quite the fighting machine.
  11. Confucius say, man who stand on toilet high on pot.?
  12. any updates on your progress!!!!! Been following it cause I been doing a lot of work on one also,but nothing cosmetic.
  13. Glad you left the case name off the loader. That would have ruined the whole project. That is one beautiful tractor.....you should be very proud
  14. nice lookin 826. good thing you wasn't on the road, could have been real bad. least no one got hurt
  15. your 93 combine reminds me of our first selfpropelled machine. of course no cab. cant imagine sitting in all that dust today doing the wheat. I love all your pics, absolutely awesome.
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