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  1. What would you suggest??
  2. I have reworked the cable mount for them. Just takes a few minutes then mount it on the other side
  3. Got one with complete rebuild, fits farmall M - 450. New from Steiner tractor parts list them for $399.00. P M me if interested.
  4. Had him check that and he claims it has plenty and new fuel also. Drained out old fuel and new screen in sediment bowl and claims tank is clean and even ran with cap loose in case of fuel cap breather plugged
  5. Thanks, guess i'll have to get a service manual for this engine before I look at it
  6. Swapped distributor with his brothers tractor and no difference. Set timing at 30° full throttle and same thing. Runs perfect no load but put on their feed grinder under load and starts backfiring, not right away but after about 15 seconds and will keep backfiring until it stalls. When I say backfire I mean it sounds like a 12 gauge shotgun. His brother tractor is fine with parts switched
  7. Didn't mention it but it had a new manifold installed as old one was cracked and heat riser spring
  8. Haven't looked at this tractor yet but owner thinks cam is off by one tooth. It starts and runs good, no issues until under heavy load and will start backfiring and stalls out even with no load on it. Once it starts backfiring there is no keeping it running. Will start back up right away and runs fine until putting load on it. His brother has a 706 and they have switched carbs, coil,resistor, distributor. Plugs and wires are new. Head has been resurfaced and valves ground. Compression is low of 115 and high of 125, pretty even. My question is, is there a way to check valve timing as to when #1 is coming up on compression stroke ? I do remember back in the day for doing so on diesel engines but can't remember the specifics. Owner says its been this way ever since he bought it and doesn't use it except for wagon pulling and would like to get it fixed
  9. State of the art is right on the money😄 what great machines the 66 series are, even if some don't like the cab
  10. The last 3 years things have gone to h#$#. Maybe, just hopefully things can change come November 24
  11. You can suck it out if you wish, there is no drain. Sp!ash lube fills the little housing. I have never done a double split on the mechanical TA for just the TA clutch replacement. I always remove the bearing like hydrotek .mentioned
  12. To see bull gear, remove brake assy. Remove brake piston housing , some call it the bull pinion retainer. You will be able to see the bull gear, jack up the wheel and turn slowly and inspect the bull gear closely. Like snowshoe said, bull gear to wheel is one to one ratio
  13. Were staying on lake Hamilton. Found your two towns on I.40 this lake level is really low.
  14. Really nice area here and lots of deer. Takin grandkids diamond hunting Tuesday
  15. Celebrating the birth of Christ in this beautiful area this year. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you RED POWER guys.
  16. And they (govt.) need fossil fuel to build their electric motors.
  17. Ya, I think your right about old farts😃 I work basically on IH tractors built pre 1990's. Been at it since 1970, so I know the older ones pretty much inside and out. I do occasionally work on a blue one, orange and even a green one, and lots of lawn mowers. I find your work very fascinating and you don't have to work in the dirt and caked on grease from the last 50 years🤔
  18. Glad you got out uninjured, we never know what might be just around the corner. Can't help with the cup, I got one just like sandhiller. Go luck
  19. So sad to here stories like this. Prayers sent for your family. Sometimes we think we have it bad but someone always has it worse
  20. I always put a rubber band on the pinion shaft pilot bearing when going together. Holds the lower roller bearings up. Leave the MCV off the speed housing while installing to the differential housing. Makes lining up the PTO shaft splines to the PTO driven gear much easier instead of laying underneath and working thru the bottom opening.
  21. You can line it up if you wish but no need to. Came across this several years ago on a 444
  22. May he rest in peace. Always enjoyed his posts. May God bless him and his family at this time
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