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  1. Talked to owner on the phone tonite. He's in Louisville to the farm show. Asked him about the driveshaft and he said it is center line of tractor, not offset. No IH casting on the axle. All the seals he got are wrong and ujoints. Small seals on axle shafts leak and large one on the ball socket. Pinion seal is ok. He also said that while disassembly by the IH service manual that the pieces were completely different. He said the dealer is being very helpful and is trying to figure out what he has. When he gets back from Louisville hopefully I can get over to look at it

  2. Friend bought a 5488 last summer and the wheel seals are leaking. It must be after market as he cannot find parts for it. Just wondering what models can be used on the tractor??The identification tag is missing so he does not no what kind of axle he has. What was original axle from factory?? And what after market were available?? Thought I'd ask so he can find parts, maybe someone has come across this before.

  3. Was going to watch it but after the supposedly black anthem started, I turned it off but then decided to watch Reba sing the REAL NATIONAL ANTHEM then I turned it off. Don't think I missed much. nfl  is a joke

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  4. Has the pedal slipped on the shaft? How much free play do you have? Pedal should have no resistance for about one inch of travel. Also, from your pics it looks like the return spring is missing which holds the throw out bearing away from the pressure plate fingers. Remove the lower inspection cover from the bell housing and inspect the beating and fingers of the pressure plate. With the spring missing the bearing would be running continuously which is not good.

  5. Rest in peace SIR. Great country artist and paid special tribute to our military. Loved his song RED, WHITE and BLUE. American soldier was another great hit

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  6. All the malls are good for is gangs to hang around and cause trouble,steel from patrons and the stores. The mall in flint mi. is pretty much a vacant building. Don't even go close to it anymore. The one in Saginaw is no better.

  7. 59 minutes ago, augercreek said:

    Thank you for sharing this with us, you are defiantly in our prayers.

    Thank you so much. We have had better days. Will post how our daughter's surgery goes, praying for good results. Some sad posts here, but time just keeps ticking away. They say time heals,it may a little bit, but we never forget.



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  8. A past co worker and still a very good friend just lost there son. Have to go to the funeral home this evening. His son was a police officer and got hit on the express way ( I-75) helping someone with flat tire. This will be a very difficult funeral. He leaves a wife and very little girl. Then to top this off, we just found out our 45 year old daughter has thyroid cancer and is having surgery later this week. Prayers would be appreciated. So, as the title of this thread, very very sad

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  9. With the parts you will need I would go for good used ones unless you can't find any. Most scrap yards should have what you need other than bearings and seals. I did a 1486 last summer,ring and pinion, pumpkin, crossshaft, spider gears, and one bull pinion shaft. My local scrap guy had everything I needed and would guess he has what you need. You should get a good service manual for setting up the ring and pinion, bull pinion, and axle pre load

  10. On 1/13/2024 at 5:46 PM, Reichow7120 said:

    Yeah. Dad found it cleaning out old paperwork a few years ago and I said id keep it.

    Still have the tractor too. Though Brighams has long been out of the farm equipment game. There is still a hardware there. Family sold it a little over a year ago to someone else.

    This picture is of the place in the 70s. 


    The dealership I worked at sold a 886 and I had to go to concord dealer to pick it up around 1980. Not much work in the shop so boss sent me to pickup it up. I remember this deal very well because we sold the tractor to a fella whose brother was a mechanic at a johndeere dealer. We could never figure that deal out.😀 Bout a year later he bought a 686 from us. Thanks for the pic and brings back memories.

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