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  1. Spring plowing with the 656

    wont see plowing in mich. for awhile. still freezing here. we have 3 bottom mounted for our 656 that we like to use once in a while. still like to sit on an open tractor when the weather permits. nice rig you got there............
  2. 5088 gauges quit

    ground wires are on the right front cab mount. make sure they are clean and tight. sentry lite working????.
  3. 1206 hydraulic problems

    also is the tellite staying on or does it work at all?????
  4. 1206 hydraulic problems

    check to see if the pto will work. if not, I think you might have stripped the splines out of the pressure plate. the pressure plate drives the hydraulic pumps and the pto.
  5. PTO Judas pin

    should have checked the pressure before any thing to give you an idea what might be wrong
  6. Hydraulic fluid

    sounds like typical salesman. use hy-tran only...........
  7. Forum problems??

    same problem here in Michigan yesterday, better this mornin
  8. 1586 Electrical Gremlins

    don't know if this could be the click, but I had a 986 would flash the turn signals every time I would hook up the battery. you could here the flasher unit click every time I would touch the ground cable to the negative terminal. the owner was changing the batterys and he heard the click and thought this is why his batterys were dead. he did have bad batterys and it was just by chance that the turn signal switch was also bad. kinda wierd cause i have never come across this before. new turn signal flasher switch and all was good.......
  9. Possibility of a 51st state

    anybody want to buy Detroit and we will throw in flint and Saginaw
  10. High Hours - Low Hours - How Many Hours...

    a little TLC goes a lot farther than how many hours are on it. maintance,maintance,maintance
  11. 66 and 86 Tractors - What Are You Getting Into???

    shift linkage problems are usually pretty easy fix on the 86 series once the seat and seat platform are removed. cab removal for clutch splits are not required for either model. the cab has to be removed on a 66 series for transmission and differential work. does not have to be removed on an 86 series
  12. 86 series Hydraulic TA problems

    the linkage may be broken on the firewall which would allow for the detent spring to make it feel like it is still shifting. a quick look under the left cab steps to see if the ta spool is moving up and down when you move the handle would tell you if the linkage is operating properly. the snapring on the ta spool should just make contact with the retaining nut when shifting to direct drive
  13. 856 clutch wont disengage

    after reassembly make sure to adjust the transmissiom brake after the clutch has been adjusted and also the TA dump valve
  14. First three Red girls to initiate new shed

    boy, them girls would sure look good here in Michigan..........great lookin tractors
  15. 1086 transmission trouble

    pull the pin on the transmissiom brake and try it........... does the ta shift ok?????
  16. 1066 with spare parts in hydraulic filter housing

    looks like a shifting cam roller. does the shifting seem sloppy for either the range tranny or the speed tranny. both use the roller for shiftforks.
  17. TA

    don't need a wrench for the clutch carrier. one of the slots on the nut will have a lock tab that will have to be bent up to turn the nut with a punch and hammer. usually not that tight. the planet carrier and ramp and roller unit removes from the rear. be sure to mark the unit before removing and the planet gears are all timed so be sure to find the marks on them
  18. TA

    I could rebuild it for you, but it would have to be after deer hunting season
  19. TA

    does it grind in high or low range or both and has it ever stopped moving in low. does the tractor grind while moving or in neutral. i'm probably around 50 miles from oxford
  20. TA

    do you know, is the ramp and roller bad or direct drive clutch. does the tractor stop when you pull the ta handle to the ta position or slip in direct drive
  21. 656 hydraulics

    are u using hytran oil...... had one a few years back with the same noise you talk about. changed his oil to hytran and the filter and the noise was gone. don't remember what oil he was using but seemed to be a higher viscosity
  22. TA

    yes what model tractor u got
  23. My daughters new Tractor

    congrats to your daughter, what a great story. love to see the young ones involved with these great machines. i'd be putting her name on future raffle tickets
  24. welcome to the forum.... first off, make sure the clutch has free play, at least an inch from where the pedal contacts the platform. also sounds like you need to change the hytran and filter
  25. Amazon is considering Pittsburgh

    cant see them coming to Detroit. they never find enough people that want a job, there happy with their welfare, ,,too lazy to get a job.........