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  1. What was going on before you replaced the pump and resealed mcv
  2. Very nice video, interesting with the bagger system
  3. Customer called and wanted me to see if we can figure his problem out. Header will not raise, reel will not turn, and unloaded auger will not turn on. Reel will work fore and aft. Unloader auger will swing out and in. This happened while sitting over nite. Everything worked yesterday. Checked fuses and Circuit breakers, and lots of connectors.everything seems good. Reel works up and down also. Any suggestions???
  4. I'd be all over it, here in mich. That is cheap HP.
  5. Are you saying, you have no hand pump for the steering, local tractor salvage yard would probably have one then get it resealed before you install it
  6. Very nice find, I love it. Every time I find a fence row tractor here,owner never seem to want to sell. I always get the same old story, gonna fix'er up some day. Even been told, don't come back, if I want to sell it I'll put a for sale sign on it😂
  7. ksfarmdude is spot on. I have had to remove the cover on a few tractors and get the cover rebushed at a machine shop because of to much slop and new shaft for the cam. The roll pins on top off the cover with the shaft collar are also a good wear spot. With to much wear in the cover, it can create a bind with the cam and the shift fork and will split the roller that follows cam
  8. The dealership I worked at sold quite a few of the 4166 &4186, even a few 4100's before I worked there. Never really ran one to much. I did demo a 4186 with a 710 six bottom plow and it seemed to handle it good. Customer eventually bought tractor and plow. Only troubles seem to be steering related, after using crab steering they would not go back to normal steering without dogtracking a little. Seem to be a very fine adjustment. Think they had a DT436 if I remember right. Often wondered if anyone ever put a TA in one, especially with the heavy duty ones that are offered now. They came with TA delete just like a 1486 could be order without. Over all I would rate them as a good to very good tractor for small horse power four wheel drive😁
  9. That is definitely a thing of beauty. Congrats😃
  10. Had a 7250 with same type of problem this past spring. Pulled injection pump and had it rebuilt and problem solved
  11. Good luck with the rest of your harvest, stay safe. Nice looking combine there😀
  12. Beautiful 1086 you got there. Did you just get it painted also? Looks like either can has been painted over. The 14 looks good also😀
  13. Did you take mcv apart and new gaskets and orings when you replaced the pump?? Remove all spools and springs? I usually replace all springs and emery clothe the spools. Spring kit is available from hy-capacity. Service manual will help you immensely.
  14. Jumper tube orings, TA shaft steal seal rings??? Lube regulater stuck??. If lube pressure is low your lube light should be flashing?
  15. Man, you sure you want to sell that. Very good looking 706 you got there. It has been very well taken care of. Usually when it looks that good its also good on the inside, especially coming from in the family. Even has a fender mount radio 😍
  16. Nice. Thanks for posting😃 looks like fun for all.
  17. Quite the paint job. Reminds me of the "76" cub cadet😃
  18. Looks awesome, I like it😃. Don't see those here in Michigan. By the way, where can I find a head for a 282. Presently working on a 706 but need a head. Ole one is cracked.. Think customer is thinking of parting tractor out now if can't find a head
  19. Keep us posted, we will try to keep giving you words of wisdom. Wishing you all the luck😀
  20. Steering lines can leak just sitting. Front steering bolster needs to be removed. Not a bad job with cherry picker. Probably bout a six hour job
  21. Engine oil or hyd. fluid???. Steering lines right there, if there not leaking than probably front crankshaft seal.
  22. Good luck with it😀 going back to a chore tractor or keeping it a puller?
  23. For $1750 a guy could afford to put a little bit more into it
  24. Sorry for your loss. We've all had special losses in our lives, but it has to be real hard when you lose a child. God be with you and your wife. Have lost a sister and brother in our family.
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