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  1. Looks like a great time had by all. Love all the pics. Any info as to what kind of engine is in the Super M?
  2. Thanks. Never been in to one of these before.
  3. What usually happens when the pto handle just flops back and forth. shaft to rod pin is ok
  4. Not to bad of a job at all. I believe there was an update on them also.
  5. Also a very sharp black farmall M with a v8 used to be at farmall land usa
  6. Just did a brake job on a 1086. Owner got brake kits from a&i. Couldn't use them. Bout half the separator plates were warped. Couldn't get all the brake discs on the pionion shaft. Got kits from hy capacity, much better.
  7. With customers approval, I drilled 5/8 holes in the frame rails for the splitting stand.
  8. Good luck in your new endeavors. I'm sure you will be very successful
  9. Wow, wish we got some of that. We are bout 15 miles N.E. of owosso. Haven't mowed grass since 2nd. week of june. Another week with no rain and we will be in dire strates. Was up by Clare over the weekend and they are in good shape up there, lots of moisture
  10. Been using the green antifreeze and the filter with conditioner since the filters were introduced back in the seventies with no issues😃
  11. Used to get up that way alot when kids were young to go camping. We go out early morning and late evenings in the Wolverine and Vanderbilt areas and see elk. Biggest one we saw was just south of Gaylord, 6x7. Have some friends that live in Kalkaska
  12. So sad to here this news. Dad passed 21 years ago. I know the feeling. Prayers for you and family. He can now rest in peace
  13. I have done this to all that I rebuild that do not have a jam nut. Like snowshoe said,#45 block, drill and tap then install set screw. I always use anti seize on set screw so it doesn't freeze up.
  14. Trying to get customer to repair now but he insists that he will do his wheat first, then fix. All I could tell him is good luck. Will let you all know how he makes out. Thank you guys for all the advice😁
  15. If bearing is shot then why no noise, no metal shavings, and only .045 movement. We removed the axle coupling and turned the tire for and aft and turns easily. he wants to get thru the wheat then repair. It was about a quart low on oil
  16. Back together. These bearings worked very well. Very good update. While under the machine I noticed the inside of the left drive wheel quite oily and dirty. I put dial indicator on axle to the rim and jacked it up and had .045 axle movement. Just wondering, should not have any movement far as I'm concerned. Should have preload? Drained a cup of oil and it is real clean, no metal, probably normal wear?
  17. Up date on this tractor. Finally got to customers farm to look at this. Didn't know if it even had the interlock,was just wondering if it did and I know it is only for the speed tranny, but I have heard about removing it. Thank you Maynard for the info. But back to the range transmission, it shifts good in high and medium but will not shift into reverse or low. Tries to move forward in low but nothing in reverse, just grinds. Kinda feels like the shift fork may be broke?? Any suggestions.
  18. Wow,wow,wow. That is one BEAUTIFUL 1206
  19. Has the bearings ordered from black ace parts. Looks like that will save alot of work and money. Augers and wood blocks are over a $1000. Thanks jass1660 for the info.
  20. Have read one here before about the shift interlock being disconnected to help shifting. What does that consist of?? Just remove the line and cap off the fittings or is there more involved. This tractor has a hard time getting in mid. range and reverse. Hi and lo are fine.
  21. Have seen this before, but a long time ago I had to enlarge the base mounting holes from 3/8 to 1/2 inch holes,then used 1/4" longer bolts with flat washers to adjust pump to line up with water pump pulley. Can't remember for sure but maybe I even had to go with 3/4 " holes
  22. Will definitely show him this update. Thank you
  23. Have to go help a fella try and change the augers under the rotor that carry the grain to the sieves. Have never done this before, anyone with experience removing these?? What kind of job will this be? He said the wood bushing are shot and has worn the shaft down real bad.
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