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  1. Is the clutch pedal to transmission cable hanging up and not allowing pressure to build for master clutch??. Spool should seat fully when pedal is released.
  2. Questions that we will always ponder and have questions about. Wonder who decides what the model numbers will be on a series??
  3. Try with front end jacked. Also try with the tie rods unhooked and see if the cylinder will travel its full stroke
  4. That is AWESOME. Love it Congratulations,one beautiful job😀
  5. Sounds pretty darn good.😃 5 gallons,wow you be eating sweet potatoes for awhile
  6. Saginaw county tractor parts has several steering columns, from 06 models - 66 models. I just got some parts off one for a 1066. And yes, the columns are different lengths, so you need your measurements.
  7. One very sharp 1206. $40,000 for the weights and tractor comes with them??
  8. Your going about it right. Its just stuck good to the mounting flange. I believe there is also an update for the bracket that the bearing mounts to, unless you have a late serial number. Maybe RRR tractor will chime in. He's the expert.
  9. Nice looking H. Looks like she's track ready. Good luck pulling next summer
  10. Also, have you checked the oil level in the engine. Just wondering, maybe you have a fuel lock, injector leaking fuel on top of piston, could also be antifreeze leak and have liquid lock on top of piston. Just coming up with suggestions trying to help you out. Good luck
  11. If you hook a jumper cable to the starter terminal, the starter won't engage but should spin really good, if not, time to remove it and rebuild or replace. Can also jump between small solenoid terminal and large solenoid terminal and it should crank over, but beware, make sure transmission is in neutral, hydro in neutral and foot n inch pedal depressed
  12. Prayers for your brother, hope for a full recovery. Dang, that sucks!!!!
  13. Love your posts. Got an M with same front axle that I have restored. My grandpa bought it new in 1951. I did exactly what your doing,transmission, differential, engine,and paint. Use it for a few plow days, hauling wagons, and pto work. I restored it back in 2007. Keep the pics coming. Good luck to you and the(M).
  14. Welcome aboard😀 nice looking 766. Like snoshoe said. There is a jam nut to lock the square block to the spool. Some guys have eliminated the lock nut and drill the block and tap it to install a setscrew to lock it to the spool. Turning the square block onto the spool further increases the pressure. To hold the spool from turning with the block, there is a small hole through the spool you can put a small pin punch through, ( I usually use an Allen wrench to stick in the hole,there harder than a punch). The spool has to be lifted high enough to find that little hole. I would guess to that the suction tube is loose. I always braze the tube to the hold down clamp
  15. Remove the top cover off the unit and check to see if the position control handle is hooked correctly. Can't answer your question about the seal your using.maybe once the seal is installed you can prick punch around the diameter to hold it in place
  16. Nothing can make you more proud than being a grandpa. Congrats
  17. It always amazes me why all tractors never have a third link and pto cover. Sure must be alot of them laying around the old farms. By the way, that is a nice looking 806
  18. A 340 with a reverser and not a TA.?? Have never seen one. Can't answer your question but I would think that is a dry housing as snoshoe said. TA equipped tractors, that is a dry housing, but not sure with a reverser. Does it have a separate fill hole for that section of the transmission?
  19. 1680 could have either a 466 or 8.3. Either way there is nothing real special to changing one. Hope it takes care of it for ya
  20. If all external linkage looks good and works properly, its time to remove range cover.
  21. Ya, I'm sure its scrap yard junk by now
  22. I know where there's a 756 gas that has been sitting for over 30 years. Had a left axle inner bearing failure and he removed the axle and never put it back together. Axle still lays next to the tractor. Offered him $2000 bout 20 years ago and he wouldn't sell. Said he was going to fix it up someday. Ya, right. I guess someday has never come and never will.
  23. It can be removed without radiator removal. I usually remove the four bolts that hold the shroud to the radiator and allows shifting the shroud to the side just enough to remove governor.. Radiator removal does make it alot easier though. Remember that the governor drives the magneto or -( distributor ), so keep it in time
  24. Remove seat, remove the lines on top of the valves. With the lines being steel, its hard to get much seperation between the valves. Do you have lines that go forward under the platform to the steering column support. If so alot guys throw them away if you not using a loader or cultivator. You just have to get shorter banjo fitting retainers from a tractor scrap dealer. Just my opinion. If you ever have to remove range cover, you will be glad those lines are gone. Just did one on a 806 bout a month ago. Cut the lines off and got the shorter banjo bolts.
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