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    Farmer of newer JD ,Collector of old IH and CASE , collection includes FAIRWAY 12,F12,F14,F20N.F30,10/20,W30,22/36,WK40,T20,T40, 4300,and 284 CASE RC,CC,L,LA,1200,and DEUTZ 160-06

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  1. Bonanzas don’t kill doctors , doctors kill Bonanzas ! One of the first high dollar plane, only doctors could afford, personality type would get in over there head and get in trouble
  2. That was just the price of admission, aviation fuel is $ 7 a gallon and I bet that girl will burn 10 gals a hour !
  3. Does everyone sell / do they make crankshaft bearing for the old F12/14 tractor ,I keep running in to bearing set that want you to have to make notches on the opposite side of the bearing caps? These set a for farmall A B and C tractors the shell that go in the block are the same,but the caps have the notches on the opposite side! I started with F12 at the beginning of my collecting 40 years ago, sort of remember the problem and now a lot later ,looking for imput from someone that has recently had this problem
  4. People pay good money for a yard art tractor, my brother ( not the collector in the family) bought this after I wouldn’t let him have one of mine !
  5. They advertise in red power magazine and antique power , would think they would want to take orders, can’t seem to get anyone at the Fordson house ether, guess no one works on tractors in the winter!
  6. Is Weber tractor parts still in business? Have tried to contact for a month, phone goes to voicemail, mail box is full ????a left email no response?
  7. Know of someone the did the same thing with a lowboy and a dozer !
  8. CONN

    Mez 4300

    If I remember right it sold for $56,500 plus 10% fee
  9. Anyone willing to fess up to buying Jerry’s 4300 or know where it went ? Looks like a good buy on such a well known tractor .
  10. They are not new to the large truck game , when in Brazil a few years ago saw VW class 8 trucks
  11. I would post ,but all the farming tractors are green, the reds and grays are for collecting. ( best of both worlds )
  12. Our 4300 was repainted  sometime in the past before we purchased it , it diffently has its working clothes on 

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