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    Farmer of newer JD ,Collector of old IH and CASE , collection includes FAIRWAY 12,F12,F14,F20N.F30,10/20,W30,22/36,WK40,T20,T40, 4300,and 284 CASE RC,CC,L,LA,1200,and DEUTZ 160-06

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  1. Wondered that myself, # 1018. Ed do you think it makes more sense to sell through the collector magazines and collector auctions that through a more current model equipment auction like tractor house ?
  2. Anyone on here own up to buying the tractor ?
  3. Looks like the tractor sold for $66,600 , wonder if the cov19 event effected the price ?
  4. Correct, my bad , same company and I mixed them up , thanks
  5. I never hear of Farmer using that many (10) ,that would have been almost 1/4 of production, he would have been a important customer too IH !!! There was a farm family in Kansas that used ( or had ) I believe five at one time , believe they have sold or retired them by now . I farm but would no want to depend on a 60 year old tractor today ( parts and service ) and modern tractors are MUCH more operator friendly and comfortable
  6. Heard of a couple of farmers that used a few in farming years ago , but this tractor comes from a collector that owns many .
  7. Not bad looking , pluses fenders , hood and side curtains (!), right motor ( fuel pump ) and manifold and heat shield. Minus no air cleaner , cracked radiator support and missing fuel tank side pieces and toolbox . A little steep on price ( seen runners sell for less) but if it’s close and you need ( want it bad enough) go for it not something you see ever day
  8. If anyone wants to join the 4300 owners club Tractor house has just what you need! Oh better bring a large lowboy and plenty of cash ! Doesn’t look as nice a the one last year ,but how many do you see sell. Wonder if all this Coronavirus stuff will hurt auction prices of collectors items? ( not my tractor )
  9. One , disabled wreck early in the movie .
  10. Went to see the WW1 movie 1917 with my sons yesterday, about 1/4 the way through when they cross the abandoned Germany camp you see a pair of IH/ McCormick tractors , a Titan and a 8/16 sticking out of a bomb crater. ( spoiler alert!!)
  11. CONN

    I H M5H6

    After checking I see he’s a regular on the G. Yes know him personally! ( it was me )
  12. CONN

    I H M5H6

    After checking I see he’s a regular on the G.
  13. CONN

    I H M5H6

    For a good military collector forum try G503 , they have a section on 6x6 trucks . (I have a GMC CCKW ) like your truck ,look like been in the weeds for awhile. Not much interest in old military truck here , they would love that truck on the G503 !
  14. Yes ,was looking to add other power units , but have to stop collecting some where! What intrigued me was the cast legs,not some home made getup.
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