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  1. Ok guys thanks for the help. I had to Crack the book open because I had no idea what a transducer was or where it was located lol ( instead of saying I'm not mechanical I should have said to really dumb it down for me ha) anyway I have a question now. The book doesn't say how to move the gear tooth. So my question is once I remove the transducer how do I move the gear to make sure it lines up with tip of transducer?
  2. Hey guys haven't posted in a long time. I bought a new to me 1086 last weekend. The tach quit working tonight.... I'm not much of a mechanic and IL be honest I have not cracked open the tractor operators manual very far yet. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what I might b up against here. The speedometer works yet and the exhaust temp. if that helps rule anything out. I will have many other questions to follow about other things but for the most part this is a pretty straight tractor. Thanks for any help!
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