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  1. took the fitting off and it was blocked , I think the ball in fitting that I drilled threw had turned and closed it off again. I used a piece of wire to put threw it again and put it back together, runs good now,, so I will run it for a while and see it it will do it again ,I will have to drill a bigger hole if it happens again , Thanks for the help 

  2. Have a 1256 and it had been sitting for some time, it starts right up and I haver used it around yard a few times, no issues,, yesterday went to use it and started nice ran for about 10 min then powered down and stopped,  tried to start again fired up but again powered down. I read the posts that is maybe be return top fuel fitting the issue, I cleaned it and drilled it out and still the same issue... If I loosen the side screws on the small flat plate fuel will spray out and the engine will stay running. the min i turn them tight she stops running.. What could be the issue ? Thanks for any help 

  3. Update on 806 IHC now,, Its home here now and removed cab and loader, its had a engine over hauled at some time and new engine block as its yellow , nice running tractor ..


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  4. just a update, the tractor has a loader on it and the hydraulic lever was in lock position  to supply oil to the loader controls, I put it into neutral and now have more oil going to the hydro, I now can get 13 mph out of it in high range , 

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