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  1. if someone wants to buy it the way it sits contact myself otherwise I will have it redone and put back to original . tks updated aug 1st
  2. I had it hook draw bar to draw bar that way it would never move . the 806 has new tires on it and the wide fenders.
  3. UPDATE ... the I1026 wheatland is now in my yard and has the correct tag as I said.. the hydro needs to be redone and put back together, the engine runs very strong . .......all the original bolts are in pail. flywheel etc. the tractor was just split last fall and redone into 806 back end.. thanks
  4. Here is couple of 1026 wheat lands I had few years ago
  5. No more info private message only , no drama
  6. And you wonder why you have only 3 or 4 ser numbers ! I know my crap sir
  7. There is always some smart ass on every page that knows everything and puts everything down . A 1026 wheatland is very rare like maybe 55 made . I am just about ready to delete my posting because of know it all’s . Wonder how many of know it all’s have had a 1026 wheatland , I have had 3 in past years . Then u wonder why people leave these sites !!!
  8. I have the back half as well, the hydro was weak so guy split the tractor and using a 806 rear end , I have had 3 of the wheatland models over the years , very rare model, The original tag is still on the tractor
  9. yes I have both , the ser tag is on the bell housing not on the rear end !
  10. here is a 1026 IHC wheatlandmodel , running still working the fields, will be here in couple of weeks
  11. I have found a 1026 IHC wheatland model . How many are not acounted for yet?
  12. I was wondering if anyone would have a spare 7588 or 7788 IHC resin toy tractor 1/16th ... you can email my self at mosset2cylinders@hotmail.com.... thanks
  13. Found two more 1206 Wheatland models in Manitoba, ser number 8567 and 8825 both are running tractors,, these belong to another fellow
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