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  1. Found two more 1206 Wheatland models in Manitoba, ser number 8567 and 8825 both are running tractors,, these belong to another fellow
  2. Couple more 1206s Wheatland model user number 8177 which I have now and I know of ser 8141 is
  3. update ser 8857 Wheatland 1206 has been located in alberta Canada 

    1. red_reaper


      Thank you, I did not have it, next in line 8858 was in the Schrock in Indiana and sold at his auction back in 2011, thank you!

    2. redturbo
  4. Not sure if 826 Wheatland model has been recorded yet ser 7812 has surfaced .
  5. the one in MB that is listed above for sale is ser # U016277
  6. Another Wheatland 1206 tractor ser number 8779 is in SK . if this one is not on the list yet
  7. HI, Another collector has two 1206 Wheatlands in SK Canada. ser 8124 and 8274 both running tractors. You can add these to the list .
  8. both of them are Wheatlands and also ser 8640 wheatland 1206 is in Canada
  9. last two 1206s I have sold are ser #8250 which went to Utah and #8583 went to IA
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