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  1. patricksjohndeeres

    CaseIh Floater

    I understand CaseIH made a toy 1/64th fert floater, does any have any ? thanks you
  2. patricksjohndeeres

    1206 IHC found

    I have found 1206 IHC wheatland model ser #8824 . must be one of the last ones! Does anyone know what is the last 1206 wheatland builtt ?
  3. patricksjohndeeres

    William Simpson "s toys ** Very Old **

    The Case 600 and 7130 Case/IH are mounted in the glass case with the Case eagle , with a place were his name and years are on , so no boxes . I was very surprised the family had this up for sale when I found it , So did you build the 49994 toy and base at Ertl for this purpose ? was many made ? Thanks for sharing this info
  4. We acquired these pieces earlier this year and are wondering if anyone has an approximate value or could provide other information on them. Mr Simpson received these after 30 years of service with Case IH (1958-1988). They came with a letter of authenticity from William's son. We are contemplating selling the items by auction or private sale. They are 1/16 scale. Thanks for any help ...
  5. I am redoing a Farmall 400 esaka tractor, nobody has formal red paint , is international red the same or not ?..Thanks
  6. patricksjohndeeres

    William P Simpson toy collection items

    I was able to obtain these pieces of the late William P Simpson as the J.I. Case company gave to him for years of service , I have a letter state such from his son which is a lawyer today. Th letter give s a history of William P Simpson. here is the pictures of the two items I have , I was wondering a fair value on them as I was going to put them up for sale .These are a one of a kind. any help would be great .. Thanks
  7. patricksjohndeeres

    1206 Ser number wheatland

    Ser # 7531 Standard /Wheatland survived in ND USA
  8. patricksjohndeeres

    **Need some Help** Case/IH Guys Please

    The steering is made so it turns around and around on turn table . The word Piffle means to ack ineffectively . And thats what the tractor has on it for Decals
  9. patricksjohndeeres

    **Need some Help** Case/IH Guys Please

    I obtain these pieces from a fellow , Its a display Case with a 600 Case and a Case eagle in middle and 7130 tractor 1/16th scale, with metal plate stating it was given to William P. Simpson ... He was very well known threw out the world with JI /Case company . I also have a letter of Authenticity from his son stating how this award came about and the life of William P. Simpson. Years of service from 1958 to 1988. I was wondering a value to put on it to insure it ? Any Help is appreciated .. I also have a Case knife as in picture and have no value on it as no info in internet .... Last pieces would be the Red Case 4 wd on a turn table 1/16th scale , The numbers on it is ''49994"" and say Piffle on tractor cab... again can not find any info on it ...I would like to hear from anyone that can help on these three pieces ..If you need more info please ask .Thanks in advance
  10. patricksjohndeeres

    I H Dairy collectors

    if you are interested I have Model F and G Cream separators blue ribbon service book , and Blue ribbon service training course on milkers, by IHC
  11. patricksjohndeeres

    4300 IHC rims

    I will send you a private email
  12. patricksjohndeeres

    4300 IHC rims

    set of two rims, 23.1x26s ...
  13. patricksjohndeeres

    4300 IHC rims

    I have couple of original rims for the 4300 IHC tractors, I know not very many out there , just cleaning out the shed and someone may need them, ..rare find today
  14. patricksjohndeeres

    1256 IHC Wheatland

    Was wondering is there many 1256 IHC wheatland models with factory delete in them ? Thanks
  15. patricksjohndeeres

    IHC High Crop tractors

    Is there many fellows into collecting the IHC/Farmall high crop tractors