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  1. HUSS

    KB5 wiper motors

    Thank you, was hard going , just posted picture of engine, the truck sat in a shed for 25 years , made some changes , oil filter , Carburator , bigger gear box by using an adapter plate on bell housing etc the grill assembly come about 90 % complete .sorted other trime from eBay, wreckers etc not easy I knocked out all the dints , used a range of sand paper (wet and dry) from 80 grit to 2000 , if any one reading this , be very careful or you will sand all the way through as I did and then you will have to find some more. then buff and polish on bench grinder preferably on a stand alone stand , obviously use buffing pads etc Time and patience, some thing I never used to have , must be getting older.
  2. HUSS

    KB5 wiper motors

    Hello all being restoring my KB5 for a while. Just wondering if any one had had luck with finding replacement wiper motors , that is replacing the old 6 volt motors with 12v I don’t have any motors start with and secondly I cant find any motors small enough to fit up top Any suggestions please
  3. Hey Rob, how you been?



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