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  1. Hydraulic Clutch control

    Thanks IH , had a look there no leaks , replaced seal anyway, Got all the parts today , prices here in oz are horrible ,
  2. Hydraulic Clutch control

    Just split tractor found large amount of transmitiin oil pooling in clutch compartment replacing input pto , seals bearing ,oring , clutch kit Have I forgot anything 🙄 Please
  3. Hi Hector , you are spot on somewhere along the line the engine did change. you wouldn't have a list of serial numbers for bosch , I do have another one I'm repairing the shaft on and wanted to see the age of the two
  4. Can any help with serial numbers or model numbers please
  5. Hydraulic Clutch control

    Didn't kill engine, clutch it is,
  6. Hydraulic Clutch control

    Thank u
  7. Hydraulic Clutch control

    Thank you Yep late 60's has TA, going to start work on in in next couple of days, will order parts from USA,parts here overpr Will do
  8. Hydraulic Clutch control

    Thank u before I split tractor is there any thing else I can check for cause my clutch problem? ie very sluggish, can't get it to go up a small incline without effort, recently had it bogged in knee high mud, a fellow farmer said he could get it out , he didn't, just made things worse, he rode the clutch a lot, caused more head aches. can it be the pump? sny thoughts from any one would be much appreciated
  9. Hydraulic Clutch control

    Hi All , question please, about to split my 756 to repair clutch, As my 756 is also a loader would it make sense to put in a hydraulic clutch control.been told I probably wore out clutch from all the loader work. any advice please, Huss
  10. Awesome James , will give it a go and let you know. Thank you for the advise
  11. Hi James It's the same pump you have mentioned Unfortunately haven't had a chance to try Was ment to have a try today but daughter not Well
  12. Will try anything at moment, will give it to on weekend? I thought perhaps supply pump has packed it Any other thoughts pl keep them coming in
  13. Hi all, been a while. Still going with my td9 . Need guidance please Having problem with what seems to be the fuel supply pump ,can't get fuel from supply pump to the fuel filter. I have checked lines for blockages,etc , even opened left retainer screw on top of fuel supply pump. To test gravity feed fuel coming in , well there is plenty coming in Start the td9 still ,then nothing😱 no fuel going to filter. Has any one had this problem? bit of a pickle , Can you help Huss