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  1. Cotton picker spindle. It was my job to change those finger shredding devils on our IH 220 pickers.
  2. My son in law took the grandkids to watch the parade. They absolutely loved it.
  3. Prayers from Indiana
  4. I miss driving my grandpa's old 220 IH cotton pickers. I really miss the smell of fresh picked cotton.
  5. Prayers from Indiana!
  6. I have a set of old triangle shaped Snap On's that I've used for over 30 years and I love them. They grip well and the bits are extremely durable.
  7. Been through this with my dad, wife, and father in law. I'll be praying for you and your family.
  8. Powerful song! Thanks for sharing.
  9. Hang in there Dave. I'm thinking bout you buddy. Mark Evans

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