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  1. 9 bolt cast centers

    All states has a set
  2. 9 bolt cast centers

    How rare are these and does anyone have a set they may sell?
  3. 1979 transtar and my 66 1206

    Yea I have it tuned pretty good 😉. And yes the cab is mostly alluimimun so all your weight is the drive train
  4. 1979 transtar and my 66 1206

    That's what the clock was saying I ran 5 heats that day and won every one by at least a cans length. Would start off in 6th gear then shift to 7th then Jake to the stop. This is dirt drags which are shorter track then asphalt drags
  5. 1979 transtar and my 66 1206

  6. 1979 transtar and my 66 1206

    Yes my single axle will get up and go I actually do some drag racing with it and have so far been undefeated it was doing 62 mph in 5.2 seconds which I think is pretty good for a 12000 pound truck. Yes my eagle is shagged all over haha and the engine in both trucks are IH red I was told they did that up till 1981