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  1. Take for free and list for sale. Likely been good for $400 here if good tires and rims!
  2. I bought mine for $6.99 CDN at Princess Auto.
  3. If reverse works fine all the time, and issues in forward, sounds like the forward clutch pack has issues. Your test gauge would seem to show that.
  4. Your wore out shear pin holes will cause shear pin issues. Engine would likely stall before something lets go in the PTO assembly. I'd be more worried about the tractor twisting something apart on the machine.
  5. Canadian market tractor originally, be UK built. I don't think 454 Hydro went to US market. US Market 454 would be Louisville. There was a 574 Hydro as well.
  6. What's a 2022 tractor that size with computerized engine with bunch of emissions junk cost? Old stuff that works, and will keep working seems like a much better buy.
  7. It is a David Brown. Case owned David Brown. They were decaled David Brown in the UK, Case here. 1594 was the replacement for the 1690, which apparently had engine issues. The Case IH Maxxum was the David Brown legacy to Case IH.
  8. Your locks will reach. With the splitter in "neutral" pull the remote lever all the way up into the detent. Loosen the thumb screw and rotate the lock and slide it up so the flat part is tight to the bottom of the lever. Tighen thumb screw. The lever does NOT need to be in the "jaw" I've split a lot of wood with it that way.
  9. No rear remotes? Plug into those and tie the lever back?
  10. Exactly, most modern tow model "1/2 ton" will out pull any original powertrain squarebody. Think it is just nostalgia, comparing rose colored glass memory of bygone era of how good things "used to be"
  11. Try Fawcetts? They show 7 x 624 on their parts list. https://www.fawcett.cc/inventory/?/listing/dismantled-machines/165442431/1968-international-624-40-hp-to-99-hp-tractors?dlr=1&accountcrmid=30828&settingscrmid=30828 https://www.fawcett.cc/inventory/?/listing/dismantled-machines/21111023/1967-international-624-40-hp-to-99-hp-tractors?dlr=1&accountcrmid=30828&settingscrmid=30828 https://www.fawcett.cc/inventory/?/listing/dismantled-machines/165442323/1967-international-624-40-hp-to-99-hp-tractors?dlr=1&accountcrmid=30828&settingscrmid=30828 https://www.fawcett.cc/inventory/?/listing/dismantled-machines/165442353/1966-international-624-40-hp-to-99-hp-tractors?dlr=1&accountcrmid=30828&settingscrmid=30828 https://www.fawcett.cc/inventory/?/listing/dismantled-machines/208292167/1965-international-624-40-hp-to-99-hp-tractors?dlr=1&accountcrmid=30828&settingscrmid=30828 https://www.fawcett.cc/inventory/?/listing/dismantled-machines/22762975/international-624-40-hp-to-99-hp-tractors?dlr=1&accountcrmid=30828&settingscrmid=30828 https://www.fawcett.cc/inventory/?/listing/dismantled-machines/20366003/international-624-40-hp-to-99-hp-tractors?dlr=1&accountcrmid=30828&settingscrmid=30828
  12. That's an older David Brown unit. I think you'll find it's closer to an 885 (DB one, not the CaseIH one) with the center shifters. Case changed the 380 to be a Doncaster IH design tractor after merger (380B)
  13. On my 495 valve the lever neatly snaps into a detent, it pops out if too much pressure unless "locked" I'm thinking if the tractor is going into relief with full remote power there is something obstructing flow when the spade valves are in neutral.
  14. From the 84 series book, my 95 series manual only shows the XL cab photos. For me for wood splitter, I use "neutral lock out" but put the lock on the lever when it's in "raise"
  15. I run a wood splitter with own open center valve on a 495. The 495 has one factory remote and a joystick for the loader on the power beyond. The remote valve is: UP NEUTRAL DOWN FLOAT If I plug in the wood splitter, I lock the remote in "UP" with the factory thumb screw/lock out bracket. It does not kick out when bracket is secured. Lever will kick out on own at "end of stroke" in UP or DOWN if bracket not used. The loader does NOT work when the remote is locked in.
  16. I did cab corners and rocker panels in my 2011. Standard repair in the rust belt. Had the quarter size rust spot 5 years ago, I painted and bondoed it then and it last 4 more years, had new cab corners and rockers fitted. Was WAY cheap than a new truck.
  17. Either they bought a lot of sales slips premerger or they didn't sell much equipment after the merger, IH documentation in 1988 is awesome. I take it the first 2455 was damaged?
  18. Great Brittan. Guess I'm not surprised, round bale silage originated overseas and most of the original silage wrappers and balers were from overseas.
  19. That one has the 14 speed synchronized box. The older ones had an 18 speed non synchro box. 9th was direct in either range. 5/8 9 1/2 4/7 3/6 R1/R2
  20. I've always considered those 500/800 series to have lineage back to a tractor like a 450 IH that was copied and improved. The 9 speed main transmission has 4 slow gears and a fast road gear, high range 4 faster gears and same road gear, Sort of like a 9-speed M set up. Perhaps some one who has worked on them and the older IH's can comment.
  21. The tilt cylinder should be double acting, 1501 was trip bucket or the single two way dump cylinder. The boom cylinders were single acting normally, so no, you can't lift the tractor with the loader if they are single acting.
  22. Used to be a few around this area. All long gone as far as I know.
  23. 574s were all D239, that is likely what he meant. The 474 was D206. 584 was D206 and 484 D179.
  24. Guess I never read block numbers, but is 239DT a turbo block or was that such a thing on those?
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