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  1. I bale and load wrapper with same tractor, loader off to bale, back on to wrap, loader off again when done. Front weight would be a though too, but I'd have an attachment on if that was the case, especially a bucket you could drop anchor with. I see they didn't dump the wrapper with the 3pt on the wrapper tractor, likely wouldn't lift it.
  2. Interesting hitch set up on the baler, PTO under the hitch. License plates on the baler too. I was waiting to see how they dealt with bale ejection. I have rolling ground and have to watch where I drop bales.
  3. Lever should stay in float on it's own. I used float extensively with wagon hoist. In "raise" or lower" it will stay in place... and then self cancel to neutral at end of cylinder travel.
  4. 74 series skid unit by the look of it, I'll guess grape harvester?
  5. You will want the valve in neutral to disconnect the lines, I find reaching around the back of the coupler with my hand and pulling forward on the back of the coupler releases them easy. Also lube the lever pivot. Do not force the lever too hard, especially if an early serial number, the pivot base is built thinner and will break around the bolt holes where the pivot bolts to the valve body.
  6. Both are pressure lines. Your remote lever (crooked lever in picture, not the diff lock pedal shown) has 4 positions, "up" "neutral" "down" "float" The float lets oil flow freely FROM the implement cylinder with no pressure on either line.
  7. I have an RB200 I make 4x4 bales I set the control box for 18 wraps which is 4 ply and goes on the 4x4 plenty thick. 4 ply is the minimum the book says to do. My feed turns out good. I've wrapped 4x5 bales on straw with it, 18 wraps seems thinner on that size of bale. 24 wraps would be true 6 ply and what I'd do on haylage bales that size
  8. 303 British was getting hard to find here in Canada even when almost everyone who owns a rifle has a Lee Enfield. Local shop was advertising 20 rounds new ammo for $45 CDN earlier this year.
  9. I have 240 pump, 240 generator. I'd just buy a new generator these days, an electric start (with keyless remote start) 6250W generator with 240 volt outlet can be bought brand new for $699.99 CDN and goes on sale for $599.99 CDN every now and then.
  10. Looks like the place here, no street view for this road though. Large pond behind the barn. Less than 0.6 mile to the nearest firestation as well. You could see they saved a bunch of things from the buildings. Rolldeck with a Corvette on it early in video https://www.google.com/maps/place/Gaskill,+NY+13827,+USA/@42.1204139,-76.183373,429m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m6!3m5!1s0x89da9163aa2568a9:0xecdf71c47c4a8ddf!8m2!3d42.1300744!4d-76.181596!16s%2Fm%2F04bc1md
  11. Yup, you really learn to pay attention to the wind. Also, I have my rotate on a detent valve, very careful I center it to neutral after turning spout, it turns 360 and will point directly towards the operator 🙂
  12. Yes the IH XL were not sold here, I haven't had either apart but the cab appears unchanged in shape and size. Sounds like a good swap from a clapped out Case IH 85 series XL with A/C, have the two side by side.
  13. Why not find the OEM parts from an XL cab? 85/95/3200/4200 series with XL cab could have A/C. Sales lit claims it was standard but that does not appear to always be the case.
  14. 70 is 78" and 80 is 86". Not sure why they just weren't model 78 and 86.
  15. With the hydro you will be fine. The 70 was for the smaller utilities i.e. 574 size, the 80 was for the bigger wider tractors.
  16. Yes, you can handle it. I ran a 70 on a 42 PTO HP 495. I never had to slip clutch in deep snow, lots of clutching and shifting yes. Pick low reverse, run tractor wide open (540 plus) Carry blower high on 3pt in deep snow and go until revs fall off or you spin out. Clutch, shift into forward, drive ahead to where you started, lower the blower and back up again, raising 3pt once you get into real deep stuff. 444 lets you shift from L reverse to 4th forward, U shape pattern but one lever.
  17. I'd try a new plug. I've "fixed" a few 2 stroke and 4 stroke issues with a new plug. Fuel line would be worth checking, might be sucking air after running for a while then recovering after it sits.
  18. I've got the same plow in the parts pile. 2pt stuff not too common here.
  19. I only plow sod, use a red plow though.
  20. Good old CTC. Those knives are $7.99 when on sale including spare blades. Sharp edge does last a long time too. I haven't tested germination yet lol.
  21. Only thing I am happy with cutting twine, net and silage plastic are this type of knife; change the blade as needed. When sharp, one pass will cut though plastic, twine and a layer of grass even if frozen.
  22. I sprayed a wooden/steel dump wagon with 4 gallon can I cut with varsol. Only prep was pressure washing. Stuck perfect. I recoated it this fall after 7 years, had faded some but wagon is never inside. I touched up a 510 drill with the spray cans, quite happy with it.
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