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  1. The 457 size baler would be the #1 seller for bale size here, 456 457 458 459 etc if you come across a Deere baler. 95% would be silage specials too. Wouldn't worry about it not having "6" in the 2nd digit of the model.
  2. I've never driven a 9-speed M, but it's got to be a 9 speed based on his travel speeds. He's using too many gears to be a straight 5 speed. The 9 speed makes the 4-5 shift way easy since you are going a lot faster in "high 4" than "low 4" I can shift the 5-speed in a W-4 no clutch 1-2-3-4-5 5-4-3-2-1 easy enough, the first 4 gears real easy since they are close together. 4 to 5 requires planning and not going uphill. 5 to 4 easy, pop out of 5th, rev match, cog it into 4th. No grinding, no effort.
  3. 495man

    MX100 vs MX100c

    MX100C is basically the front end of a CX100 married to a MX100 powershift rear end. MX-C series was CaseIH's answer to the Deere 6000 series with hyd reverser and partial range powershift. CX series only had dry clutch and a hi/lo shift. MX100C will have a two door cab as well. MX100 left door only unless ordered with right door as well.
  4. Best part was both groups changed their names to someone else's stage name. Talk about poor research. I heard of this thing called google that likely would have told them someone else already used that name....
  5. 8' x 16' racks here, 6 foot back ladder, 8 high 130 possible 6 high around 100 easier to load/unload
  6. There were factory black and red 84 series, just like the ones shown in your buyers guide. I doubt there were many sold since they were a North American model. I've never seen one in person, but did see some over the years online, pretty sure original ones, not a user repaint. They were not made very long before the "Case" grill got put on them and dubbed the "85 series"
  7. Note they are still 84 series 🙂 North American SIMS cab with AC too on the 684 UK market had that grill and paint for a short time, but 85 series.
  8. So the reason there is an International Harvester 385 is the same reason there is an International Harvester 485 585 685 785 885 985. The home UK market went to 85 series when the North America market went to the solid red 84 series with H shift. That's when the UK had the 385 added to the line, and they couldn't call it a 384 in North America like they did between an H shift 484 and Inline shift 484. I still have the operators manual for our 385..... It's an IH book and lists 385 484 584 684 784 884 Hydro 84 on it 🙂
  9. Two totally different tractors. I think the only part that would fit between the two would be the tires and wheels. 384 was the largest / last of the the old B-414 Bradford lineage. 385 was the smallest of the much newer "world wide" Doncaster lineage....built to cover no 384 being made. We had both back to back new. Traded a 384 on a 385 around merger, so International Harvester 385, not Case International 385. 385 was much nicer tractor than a 384 (IPTO, better hyd, nicer seat, stronger brakes, 8x4 syncro trans with "shuttle" and no levers to climb over, bigger fuel tank)....but had less power, the D155 3cyl didn't have the same power as the BD-154 4cyl. The 385 got traded on a 485 since the 385 wasn't doing the same work the 384 did easily. I'd like to have a 384 again for nostalgia. 385 was the 384 replacement for our market, never saw a Kimco 383.
  10. Neat, fleet tractor, but likely had routine maintenance. Wonder if it had a loader at one time.
  11. When the dealer delivered the new NH disc mower to the farm, it came on a tandem axle bumper pull trailer. They hitched the mower to a tractor at the lot, backed it up to the side of the trailer between the tandems and the truck, lowered the mower with the 3pt and unhitched the mower on the trailer on it's regular parking stands with the bar down and curtain unfolded. Hitch of mower was near the tongue, end of cutterbar towards the ramps. When they came to the farm, they parked the trailer in a depression so when I backed the tractor up to the side of the trailer so the rears were up high and I hitched the mower and lifted it off with the 3pt. I'd have them do the same, put blocks under the rear tractor tires if needed so the mower will clear the trailer sideways.
  12. Lots of people towing goosenecks and 5th wheels with short bed. The 6 3/4 short beds are ok, it's the 5 1/2 ones that are REALLY short. Said I'd never have anything less than an 8..but last two trucks I've had were full crew with 6 3/4 beds. Only missed 8 foot box twice, and having the tailboard down solved that.
  13. Looks like it was green at one time? As far as original fenders, good luck, all of the original market fenders likely trashed in the 70s when the cabs were installed. They had a round "elephant ear" type fender. The Euro market ones were different. I've only seen one "factory" 824/844 fender set on an actual tractor.
  14. 495man

    Lefty Shotgun

    Mossberg 500 has ambidextrous safety, right side eject.
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