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  1. Thanks, this setup was big upgrade from trying to run a cow in a pen, running around in circles and roping it, putting halter on it and trying to tie it in place around a post, then do whatever it was that needed done. Stockman's Choice unit was only money out of pocket and was cheap compared to getting hurt doing basic work with cow.
  2. I have a Stockman's Choice, automatic headgate, sides narrow in but it isn't a squeeze model. I have no complaints with it.
  3. Oh, the "U" series red ones were the Case IH equivalents, at least the earliest ones. JX-U (JX90U) JXU (JX1090U) Farmall U (95U)
  4. Yes, dates back to Fiat and was the NH 35, TL and TL-A series. 4.5 engine came about with the TL-A, was smaller in the 35 & TL. I ran a few with the LH mechanical shuttle, dry clutch, make sure you are stopped before shifting and letting clutch out. The mechanical shuttle was the "standard" set up until the power column shift came, you could still the the mechanical one as a price leader cheaper model.
  5. That would be a solid basic machine for sure.
  6. The old B-275 clones are still made now and some parts were interchangeable between IH & Mahindra since they were technically 100% cloned from IH. The 2wd model with the 8x2 center shift transmission. At one point if you ordered replacement parts for a Bradford built IH at CaseIH the parts came in Mahindra packaging...
  7. More traction, which can mean more pull, but doesn't mean more power. Muddy going the 2wd will spin out quickly, the mfwd may keep going and might eventually spin out if too wet. Harder dirt surface, the 2wd will likely spin out, the mfwd may STALL before it breaks traction. Run out of power before traction!
  8. Have an orange one on radials w/tubes and cast centers & calcium. It stays planted 🙂
  9. Ouch, didn't have any issues with threaded parts seizing or breaking off. How much for the part?
  10. Mine was worn oblong and angled, bushing ID was same size as the original cross bolt, the OD was big enough that with a sharp drill bit in drill press I was able to make a new straight hole. Took a lot of play out of it.
  11. My pivot was worn, I was able to drill it out and put a bronze bushing in it. Tight as new again.
  12. It's a 1/4-28" thread on a 2200 Loader. Have one apart right now. Dealership had them on the shelf.
  13. 474 was sold in Canada, It's a D206 powered 574, or basically a 584 in 74 series dress.
  14. It is ok, I thought it was worth a watch. It's more like science fiction than a western. Still pickup trucks, horses, cattle and land involved.
  15. If it's a JX80U it should be electrohydraulic shift on the right fender. Guessing something like a PTO brake is worn.
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