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  1. D-179 Turbo

    Turn smoke screw? Have a D-179 in a 495 Same engine was used in the 633, and rated at 50 PTO compared to 42 PTO HP in the Doncaster 3220 / 495 / 485 / 484 etc
  2. Anything is possible, but Road Rangers don't use the same overall top gear ratio in each range, you skip the low hole when you change ranges in a Road Ranger 9-speed (and 13 speed and 18 speed) 10-speed road ranger uses a 5 gears in both ranges. Range change is synchronized air shifted in a road ranger, at least the ones I've driven. The M&W 9-speed in an M and the Belarus trans the top gear "5th" is the same in each range (direct, independent of the ratio change in the other 4 gears) No changing range on the fly either.
  3. I think you'll find Russia actually copied IH tractors that were exported there and built their own. My point is MTZ built a transmission that IH could have built on the same design.
  4. I am of the impression the Russians "stole" the basic IH transmission design, look at a 18F/4R Belarus..main stick is 5-speed F 1 speed reverse with a ranger to make it a 9 speed trans where "5th" gear is the same in both ranges like an M&W 9-speed, Belarus then added a reduced trans going from 9F/2R to 18F/4R. Combine that with the hydraulic levers on the dash like a 300/400 ...stolen from IH :-)
  5. M&W 9 speed MPH. Speeds ?

    That would be sweet hauling a load down the road. Shift nice and smooth at speed.
  6. A Question About The Old British Built IH Tractors

    Same reason you could have an IH with direct start diesel, live PTO, diff lock, 3pt hitch, 8-speed utility tractor in the late 50's outside of the US. IH US clung to "we're the best" while every where else they were fighting for Ferguson 3pt hitch based market share. Most farms here went' from a US built Farmall A or W4 to a UK built B-275 or B-414 in one go. Big step up, when the "old" tractor was 5 to 10 years old....
  7. Any Canadian dairy farmers on here??

    Canada has supply management "quota" system meant to ensure the farm gate price a farmer gets for milk. Quota isn't cheap to buy but it's meant that many smaller family farms (less than 100 head) have stayed in business and support a family. Dairy products aren't stupidly cheap in the grocery store, but not unaffordable. I doubt the NZ dairy would be shipping anything to Canada...
  8. Something You Don't See Very Often

    Nice. I have no use for it but it's cool.
  9. The Tractor that Never was!!

    Looks like the video is showing the trans stopping and engaging with the plow buried. 4x4 axle looks like a Belarus style one in the "driving in the curb" dualled one is LONG. What engine is that?
  10. JX 75

    That's a JXU, and it is a red TL series (35 series) JX is a totally different tractor.
  11. JX 75

    Built in Turkey, also you will go crazy trying to sort out JX, JXU JXC Farmall C Farmall U Farmall A stuff with overlapping model numbers and sizes. Less HP than an 885. 12x12 trans with syncro shuttle and dry PTO I would not compare the JX to a Doncaster utility. Both red and black and that is about it. I ended up with an orange tractor if that sums up how much I liked the current CaseIH utility offerings compared to the Doncaster tractors they took over from.
  12. IH(CaseIH) 3450 round baler

    If the price is right grab it, baling your own hay is worth a lot!
  13. McCormick Sticker Question

    I think that was a legal thing to keep the McCormick trademark. Had that same sticker on the IH 70 snow blower I had too. Think if you "didn't use" as trademark you lost it.
  14. IH(CaseIH) 3450 round baler

    They make a 5 foot wide bale which is not desirable in some parts. Soft core bale too, which isn't as desirable for some. I looked at both the 3450 and smaller Case IH only 3440 which made a 4x4 bale. They could be bought reasonable cheap. Ended up with a NH baler. I guess it comes down to how much $$$. Round bales far nicer than idiot cubes.
  15. Truck titling - are there any options?

    Buy your truck and trailer Build sides and roof on on trailer to make it look like a travel trailer. Tow it anywhere, anytime as long as you want with any license and never get hassled for weights and plates :-)