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  1. I put an AFCO brake lock on a 6-speed Super Duty since the parking brake would never work right. Best money spent. Mine was toggle switch activated, just spliced into the line to the rear brakes and wire to the cab. No cables to freeze, no star wheels to adjust and it locked the rears solid. Made hitching a trailer easy since it didn't budge period once set. Not sure on the air requirements for the PTO, but would a set up of a just and air tank that you fill at "home" hold enough air to use it? No compressor or other headache that way.
  2. Bumpers aftermarket for sure, not OEM. Dash is in km if true Canada truck. 200km about 120 miles.
  3. 495man

    4230 MFWD

    CIH 4230 is a newer 895/885/884. D268 Neuss.
  4. Don't think it's an age thing. Think it's a symptom of people in general thing. I don't hold anything anymore, burned too many times. Someone wants to come a week later? I ask them to get a hold of me before they come to make sure I still have it. If I'm buying, I don't bother answering ad until I am able to go get it. If I want it, I go right away. Same different, don't want to hope they don't sell it out from under me. The other way of looking at it? Call the grocery store about a sale item and ask if you can come "next week" to get it. Then be mad someone else came a
  5. My experience is all season/summer used tires have to be cheap cheap to sell. Winter Tires sell fairly easy if they have tread Truck tires, especially all terrain / aggressive ones sell fast. I sold two sets of old 285/75R16 in a few days and got decent money for tires that were 3/4 wore. Tires on rims hard sell unless you know the bolt pattern AND what vehicles they fit. You have to hope someone wants that size tire and they own the same vehicle you do. I got real lucky and bought a set of 2/3 tread remaining 10 ply LT winter tires on rims with tire sensors for a 1/4 o
  6. Here anything diesel powered with a 3pt hitch is still usable regardless of age, though the smaller 30-40 HP tractors that used to be kept for raking, tedding, hauling wagons etc now have those jobs done by 60-70 HP tractors as the heavy work is done with the 80 and up size. Have a W-4 in the shed, basically unusable on the farm at this point. It was obsolete when it was 30 years old and could only do limited work, no new implements really compatible with it. completely retired 55 years old. Have a 495 on the farm, still works year round on various jobs, it's almost 30 years ol
  7. Go metric? I have Cultor Radial 85 R1-W in 420/85R28 (16.9-28) Lots of bite and lots of road travel and still tons of tread. https://www.tractorhouse.com/listings/farm-attachment/for-sale/191040165/cultor-420-85r28
  8. At least on this coast of the country, the sales tax is the same on all vehicles at the dealer. 15% 😞 Might be different in BC. At least business that is registered to collect tax can claim what they pay, so can be neutralized 🙂
  9. I remember something about the 1500HD was a stop gap model that let you get 4 doors crew cab in a 1/2ton before they were widely available. Don't remember it being a Canadian thing? I can't think of any tax reason that truck would benefit from either.
  10. Picture likely has the target audience in mind. Those who read what they want it to say, not what it actually says 🙂
  11. I miss my ZF6. Rust belt not kind to trucks, I had put a Texas box on it fixed it up nice with more to do and sold it. Figured it was due for a cab eventually and didn't want to mess with swapping one over. I have a "M" on my Ford, I will say it works decent towing and shifts when you push the +/- Biggest thing I hate is the stupid column shift when coming to a stop and shifting in R from M, click click click and wait for engagement. I could do it faster with the 3 foot stick and clutch pedal.
  12. Ah, be nice to have a manual. But no full size domestic pickup (GM, Ford, RAM/Dodge) sold in North America has been available with manual transmission for at least the last ten model years.... EXCEPT 2500/3500/4500/5500 ram with 6.7 Cummins diesel which still could be had with the OPTIONAL 6-speed manual which when opted derated the Cummins engine down to 350 HP/660 ft/lb as of the last 2018 models. Think the buy rate was something like less than 1% of Cummins RAM sold last few years, basically special order. I could have had a brand new stripper model 2500 4x4(manual floor shift) 6.7 die
  13. I'm less bothered on electronic tuning now, I've never touched the carb settings on my saws, perhaps I should have been 🙂
  14. Not sure what it interchanges with yet, checking with some local used part sources. Thanks, and good to know people have boxes of parts 🙂
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