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  1. Drive it? It looks like a good solid tractor. Make sure tires are inflated and front bearings are good. Have friend and you drive your car to dealer. You drive tractor home. They follow in car. 18 MPH for 183 miles is about 10 hour drive. Would not be impossible to drive there in car and drive tractor home in one day. Might burn 3 gallon an hour....30 gallons diesel.
  2. How about International 885 decals? https://www.tractorparts.co.uk/CASE-IH-DECALS/International-885-Bonnet-Decal-Sticker-Set-Black-and-Off-White-Cream-Top-Quality-Vinyl-Decal-Transfer
  3. Get a 885-895-4230 or a 985-995-4240 open station and have 72 or 85 PTO HP, and ZF inline front axle. IH tractor with Case stickers on it....
  4. Looks like a diff lock pedal on it, I've never seen one with out. Looks like a straight old tractor. I noticed no foot throttle, but that seems to be not fitted to the US built 74 series like that one.
  5. All the IH utilities 74/84/85 series have diff lock on them. That feature is a must for a loader tractor, especially a 2wd.
  6. Looks like a 484 to me, not a 485. Should be a foot throttle on it, the hand throttle can be loosened up if it's too tight. The friction disks on it have been tightened down too much. Those throttles can be made to move quite smooth.
  7. I broke one off and sliced my wrist open on it, almost severed artery in my wrist. Those went in the trash
  8. It's one of those tech dependency things, one might argue if all cars have the same features great, but say you drive a car with all the new stuff, then drive one without it, you might get in an accident because "it didn't tell me there was a car in my blind spot so I just changed lanes without looking" You used to have to know how to keep a vehicle in the lane. Now it tells you you aren't You used to have to know how to reverse a vehicle. Now you have cameras and warning systems and even self parking features. You used to be able to spin the tires when necessary. Now the computer shuts it off no matter what. Just us old guys not liking change. I can start a carbed truck with a manual choke, arguably not a needed skill for any of today's new drivers.
  9. Part of dumbing down of society and the people designing stuff not actually using it for work. I'm guessing the steering wheel vibrate thing is a lane departure or blind spot warning. I hate most of the new garbage as well. I have a 4x4 truck that will shut the power down and bring you to a dead stop in mud unless you go through a disable sequence.....
  10. Looks like a grounds care or roadside mowing tractor, this one looks rode hard and put away wet, maybe run by people who don't typically run farm tractors. I don't know if the gearing is changed when on turfs, but I'd worry someone "finding" AG tires and rims to fit might not get the right combination and mess up the 4x4 system...
  11. Nice to meet you as well. Landini was fairly popular around here. Some White tractors that size like the 2-60 were Fiat designs, so yes could be Italian. "Long" in the USA and "Universal" in Canada sold a UTB copy of the older 4x4 Fiats like some of the Whites. They were cheapish and simple. Former White/Oliver dealer used to carry them because of the lineage to their customer's other tractors. What I have found out is anything cheap and 4x4 is going to be pretty well worn out or junk. 4x4 utilities with loader hold their value.
  12. Landini is Italian, they make good utility tractors, often simple and mechanical. The one shown is a narrow vineyard one with a cab that was set up for sidewalk snow removal.
  13. 2wd or 4wd? 2wd should turn more than 30 degrees, 4x4, that might be it.
  14. 495man

    Farmall 65A

    Trailer plug has debris in it?
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