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  1. Is this what he's after? https://partstore.caseih.com/us/parts-search.html#epc::mr57691ar1106232bi1591252-1 Never had to install one, every 485 around here with loader had them from the dealer.
  2. Just a thought, maybe way left field....did your remote lever bracket crack on the valve and is no longer letting the lever properly move the remote valve spool? Apparently CaseIH updated this part to be thicker. I found this out after breaking one off, had issues with remote not giving full flow despite lever moving freely.....Perhaps it's stuck half way giving loader performance issues since you are plumbed that way.
  3. I go to the bank, but sounds like that doesn't help in your case. CDN money usually worth less than US, oh, and we got rid of the Penny so those aren't even supposed to be used anymore....
  4. Did you price it from parts? You might be able to build it "cheaper" but if you factor your time in it might not be worth it. 1,2,4,8, 9, 10 look like basic hardware store items. Buy "special stuff" ?
  5. 495man

    2250 Loader ?

    Yes, the chain on ones are cheap and are about as quick attach as you are going to get. Still use one on a 2200 loader here. Never broke it and it goes on and off fairly quick. Yes they can be hard on the bucket, but no real damage in the last decade or so it's been used. Top of the bucket has a very slight bend where the chain goes, but cutting edge is fine. Chain on spear is no comparison to a true QA spear, have a Euro/Global one on the other loader. Less weight, no bucket in the way, easier to stack against walls and on wagon...but the Euro spear was more than the chain on one and it needed the Euro coupler loader......
  6. I should of taken a photo, best part was the jacks were DOWN on the trailer.
  7. I am kicking myself for not buying a brand new pair of take off flat top fenders at a Case IH dealer close out auction a few years ago. They had several pairs removed from brand new 84 and 85 series tractors (to put after market cabs on) sitting in their parts room....
  8. Have it shipped? ROPS and XL cab tractors use different hoods, this looks like a ROPS hood. https://www.tractors-and-machinery.com/item/523513/Used-parts-for-tractors/Case-IH/685-585
  9. Saw a diesel titan advertised when they came out....hitched to a 30 foot gooseneck with dual wheel tandem axles and a 100 HP NH tractor on it in the dealer parking lot.
  10. Maybe I'm completely wrong, but I didn't think GM had a factory built 4x4 dually until after the squarebodies?
  11. 5 to 6 foot blower means you want a narrow tractor or a compact. You might squeeze a small utility in front of a 6 foot. IH made the 70 snow blower 78" so it would fit the utilities width best. For a 70s-80s IH tractor for a 78" blower I'd go with 454/574/674/484/584/684. IPTO, diff lock, 3pt, 4 reverse gears, all slow enough to blow snow with if needed. I used to hang an IH 70 off the 495, R1 to H1 was one shift lever movement for slowest reverse to 5 MPH forward speed. I snowblow with a power shuttle tractor now, have to move two levers to go between slowest reverse and a decent forward speed.
  12. Cat one is easy to hitch, at least on a utility size tractor. You have a sub compact with the bent out arms to be a cat 1 and what appears to be a too long PTO shaft, so yes that is a PITA!
  13. CX60 = IH heritage tractor with Perkins power, made in CaseIH plant in England JX65 = Fiat heritage, made in Turkey. Personally I'd pick the CX60.
  14. 495man

    russian bearing

    Put calipers on the old bearing and see the measurements, it's likely metric anyways. Local Case IH has bins marked with metric sizes. Outside diameter, inside diameter, thickness. RS in the sub numbers is "rubber seal"
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