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  1. Think the poor grammar, accents and other red flags are on purpose. People who won't fall for it hang up quick, they can then move faster onto someone who doesn't hang up.
  2. JimB2 has all kinds of diagrams for this, hopefully he'll post. Return line goes in the fitting at the bottom of the rear end right under the right hand trumpet housing. Feed should be off the power beyond on the end of the remote valve stack. I see you have double remote valve now, that's nice. You will need open center valve.
  3. Mature hay is better than no hay.
  4. Lots of Euro stuff has been imported. I saw a really nice 4210 with the L cab (the basic no AC factory cab we did not get here)
  5. Any tractor I've driven with foot feed will allow to to set MIN RPM with hand throttle, and the foot feed will allow you to go up to MAX RPM and when you let off RPM goes back to the hand throttle set point.
  6. Seems North America was the only place that did not get the IH 85 series / 85XL cab other than the IH 385(no XL cab) as mentioned. I have an op manual that is for 385,484,584,684,784,884,Hydro 84..... Not sure why NA didn't badge 85 series until merger. The solid red H pattern 84 series were the IH 85 series everywhere else. 1987 for XL cab, on Case International tractor in NA.
  7. I set the hand throttle for continuous speed pulling and PTO rpm, but with smaller irregular fields your foot moves enough it isn't tiresome even using foot feed all the time.
  8. This year has been different, early summer heat and frequent rain. Hay yields are fantastic, land soft in places though. Only got a few decent windows to crop. I am so glad I can wrap haylage. Was only able to do dry hay successfully on 1/3 of the cut. Had 4.5" of rain in last 2 weeks. Last summer we went a month with no rain, pastures dried up and had to feed hay in the middle of the summer.
  9. Foot feed as an option must be a USA thing. I mainly use hand throttle for PTO work. Foot feed 100% of the way to go for almost every other job especially load and road work. Hopefully someone knows why that won't work on a 756 or at least what is different. I'd be making it work!
  10. Great series, well worth a watch.
  11. Think they were pretty solid. Based on my experience and that there has been zero work done to the 530 other than bed chain repair, I'm quite happy. There were many IH spreaders sold here, but that style and small size of spreader is pretty well obsolete now. Used prices on good ones are high cause most of the small spreaders are rotted out and long gone so less for the remaining small farms to fight over.
  12. This one has been on the farm since new. Use it every year, then clean it, oil it and shed it after use. Haven't had to use the warranty.
  13. Big bucks for a W-4, looks like it's in good shape. https://machinerysales.cheffins.co.uk/lot-details/index/catalog/1134/lot/502924/McCORMICK-W4-Standard-4cylinder-petrol-TRACTOR-Serial-No-WBH22691WI-Fitted-with-rear-wheel-weights-and-side-pulley-on-13-6-12-26?url=%2Fauctions%2Fcatalog%2Fid%2F1134%2FShrubbs-Farm-Collection-Major-auction-sale-of-over-90-classic-and-vintage-tractors-implements-and-spares-Essex%3Fpage%3D6
  14. Couldn't have been too many County tractors based on the Ford TW made...
  15. As stated, if you like the 784 you will like the C100, more power, better front axle, likely has the LH shuttle.
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