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  1. First auction of many to be held December 6 & 7, 2019, by www.rentzelsauctionservice.com , York Fairgrounds, York, Pa. Check November/December issue of Red Power Magazine or auctioneer website. Online bidding available. Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime event. Thank you for looking. Jere Wissler.
  2. Was wondering if any one using "Sten" internal engine parts had any negative results compaired to using "Kohler" parts??? Ha anyone realized better results (longer life)by using Kohler engine oil which is high in zinc content compaired to say "Cub Cadet" engine oil??? Thanks for looking. Jere
  3. Best way to go????? My 1981, 1282 motor is smoking. Whats the best way to go for an engine job. Overhaul existing engine. Parts available?/ Up grade to newer engine?? What model would be the easiest conversion. Don't want to break the bank. Thanks in advance, Jere.
  4. Rentzels Auction Service, York, Pa. Literature & toys. Some rare collectibles. Online bidding available.
  5. I have a NOS right running board for a D-35 I would sell plus shipping. Send message. Jere
  6. I use Autolite 3077 projected nose for my TD35 which should be the same for all gasoline start diesels.
  7. I do have NOS fuel filters for these machines. Military surplus. I also have a spare fuel pump with most of the parts. Jere
  8. The brake linkage is set up on an eccentric wedge type linkage with a wedge plate turning to apply pressure to the brake plates. Remove the round covers (which are the rear brake plates, to view the brakes. They probably only need cleaned up & the linkage lubricated. The brake pedal works through a shaft to the eccentric plate. That may need cleaned up also. Without the drain hole plug, lots of critters can make the brake area their home. If a lot of work is needed, remove the whole rear plate to access the internal works. You can see the steering clutchs & if any seals are leaking. I found a dead rat in the transmission sump on mine. Jere
  9. Good to see some old tractractor posts on here again. Binder Books in Oregon, USA has all the manuals for the 35's & 40's. They also have a chassis manual for the TD40 which will work for the 35. Spark plugs would be Autolite 3077. They should be extended tip type for fast starting. The motor except for the pistons & sleeves is the same as the 40. A parts book & the red motor manual are a must to work on these antiques. Once you get them, it will be easier to work on. I have a parts machine but am probably to far away to ship parts. My 35 is a 1939 with factory starter bell housing & 45 degree head. It is all apart. I drove it into the shop. Good luck, Jere
  10. Tractractor,

    I have a TD 35 and it has injection pump problems ofcourse would you be willing to offer any advice.



  11. Yes Rick, you make this site the great success it has been so far. Keep up the great work. Jere
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