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  1. Old tractors, new oils

    Which oil to use depends on several factors, I e, Temperature, how you are going to use the tractor, is the tractor rebuilt or as is, etc. Never mix modern and old oils. Are the seals old original or new. Is the engine worn or newly overhauled, I e bearing clearances. Old gear oils were made to cling to the gear surfaces. Modern oils not so much. Straight viscosity or multi-vis. I would use 85-140 gear oil after total cleaning of gearboxes. New seals will take modern oil. Original seals may not. Detergent oils should have a good filter or be changed more often. They will have better performance than older oils would. You could go on and on, but what ever is used, I would always use the best I can get. Each application will have its own set of conditions.
  2. Ud 18 spark plug

    I use Autolite 3077 projected nose for my TD35 which should be the same for all gasoline start diesels.
  3. Dispenses heavy gear oil for trackrollers. It is in good condition for as old as it is. You don't find many around anymore.
  4. Oil Filter Cross Over

    Sorry Charlie. Guess I can't read anymore. I have the oil filter as Wix 51155. One small end and one big end. What is the NAPA number for the fuel filter. I have the number that uses an adapter, not the one that just slides in. Thanks, Jere. Getting ready for the big R&T show this week,
  5. Oil Filter Cross Over

    Charlie, the book recommends cleaning in kerosene peroidcally. There is no modern element that will just take the cloth element place that I know of. I still have NOS cloth elements. Jere
  6. Cracks in head on TD35

    Charlie, if you wind up needing a head, let me know. Jere
  7. Gas Start Diesel spark plugs

    I use Autolite 3077
  8. A TD35 in Australia

    I do have NOS fuel filters for these machines. Military surplus. I also have a spare fuel pump with most of the parts. Jere
  9. RD Aluminum Dual Carb Manifold

    RD engines were used in the R & L model trucks. The RED engine was used in the KB model trucks. Only slight differences between the two. I am about 5 miles from Lancaster, Pa. Jere
  10. RD Aluminum Dual Carb Manifold

    I have heard they were used mostly for trucks that had to go up over the Rocky mountains on their runs. Supposed to give them more H.P. I have a NOS RD (for L & R model trucks) maniforld (no carbs) I would like to trade for a RED manifold (for KB trucks). Jere
  11. TD-14 Spark Plugs

    I use Autolite 3077. They should be available.
  12. A TD35 in Australia

    The brake linkage is set up on an eccentric wedge type linkage with a wedge plate turning to apply pressure to the brake plates. Remove the round covers (which are the rear brake plates, to view the brakes. They probably only need cleaned up & the linkage lubricated. The brake pedal works through a shaft to the eccentric plate. That may need cleaned up also. Without the drain hole plug, lots of critters can make the brake area their home. If a lot of work is needed, remove the whole rear plate to access the internal works. You can see the steering clutchs & if any seals are leaking. I found a dead rat in the transmission sump on mine. Jere
  13. A TD35 in Australia

    Good to see some old tractractor posts on here again. Binder Books in Oregon, USA has all the manuals for the 35's & 40's. They also have a chassis manual for the TD40 which will work for the 35. Spark plugs would be Autolite 3077. They should be extended tip type for fast starting. The motor except for the pistons & sleeves is the same as the 40. A parts book & the red motor manual are a must to work on these antiques. Once you get them, it will be easier to work on. I have a parts machine but am probably to far away to ship parts. My 35 is a 1939 with factory starter bell housing & 45 degree head. It is all apart. I drove it into the shop. Good luck, Jere
  14. 126 Steering

    Thanks for the reply. I am aware of the MTD new splined spindle. I have found a used spindle & a bracket. Will make do for now. Thanks again. Jere.
  15. 126 Steering

    Working on my 126 steering, I have a left spindle that is welded to the top bracket. originally, the spindle had a pin to attach to the bracket. Once the pin hole got worn and developed a lot of play, one way to fix it was to weld it. Now, how to get it apart. Grind off the weld I guess. I want to take it apart to bush the axle to tighten up the spindles. My question is-has anyone come up with a better way to keep the spindle and bracket from wearing with out welding it? Keyway it? New spindles are very expensive these days. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks, Jere.