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  1. Right side and push to engage. It also has a shaft brake that stops the shaft from spinning when you pull back.
  2. I'm going to track down the parts for the hand clutch. Part of the reason for buying the tractor was the hand clutch. I'm missing my left foot. I can run foot clutches but hand clutch are a lot easier for me.
  3. I'm talking to him, I will have to wait for the world to thaw out.
  4. It looks like your top parts breakdown. I haven't been able to get 4 and 17 apart. The # 16 shafts are completely rusted away so I'm going to just find a different pressure plate to start with. The clutch disk is also rotted through so I'll need that also. I don't know how the mice got in there but they build one heck of a house that caused a lot of damage.
  5. Sorry I haven't posted any updates on this for a bit; I have been down with pneumonia. I got it tore down today, that was one heck of a struggle. I have a new level of hatred for mice and the destruction they cause. It does appear to be the same as a td6 or rockford style 12 inch clutch with two arms on the pressure plate as was posted above. The clutch disk was not only fused with the flywheel and pressure plate but the mouse house and urine had it almost rusted through. One of the lobes on the shafts in the pressure plate is completely rusted away from the previously mentioned mouse house. I havent been able to get the adjusting ring on the pressure plate to move even with a liberal application of heat, force and penetrating fluid. I think I'm going to call the pressure plate and clutch disk a total loss at this point. I had to heat the clutch disk hub cherry red to get it off the input shaft. That made one of the worst mixes of smoke I have ever been around, it was a combination of burning oil, clutch material and mouse urine. Even the dog wanted out of the building!
  6. I sent you a message. Let me know if you didn't get it.
  7. It is a twelve inch clutch disk and the pressure plate has two arms.
  8. I want to tractor pull with it and probably do some plowing so it needs to be correct.
  9. The pressure plate fingers/rods are rusted about 3/4 the way through. I am going to try to get them out in one piece so I can either make new ones or get a replacement pressure plate. The mouse pee ate through quite a bit and stuff is soft. I'm taking my time so I don't tear stuff up.
  10. It should be if I can find parts.
  11. Mine definitely does not shine. It's a shame yours is gone.
  12. I picked it up on the border between Montana and North Dakota about a year ago. I've been spraying entire clutch housing down with penetrating oil every week for the last year. It is some seriously crusty bubbly rust. Some of the bolt heads are almost gone.
  13. I bought it this way. I am in the process of getting it apart but the corrosion from the mice is pretty bad. The picture does not do it justice, there is a lot of the pressure plate that is eaten away by pee induced rust. I'll see if I can find pictures of the rest of it. I pull started it on the diesel side and it runs pretty good.
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