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  1. Well, drawing may not have worked as well as it could have as an attachment. Save it and then you will be able to crop it in order to print on a letter size sheet. I do have half size scaled drawings, but they are pdf and will not attach. Email me if you need the pdfs.
  2. I have attached drawings of 456256R11 and 456275R2 for future reference. Both drawings are in the .png file. I am not able to attach pdf's. I did print a actual scale of 456256R11 and placed it under the actual plate. Maybe not perfect, but very close. (to check my measurements and my drafting) 456256R11 requires welding. I have also included some photos of the mount plate so you can see the welds and also have a better idea of the mount as sometimes two dimensional drawings are hard to visualize. Welds are about 1 1/2 " on the sides of the pivot bar and continuous around the
  3. Based on your use of the second row of holes on the fast hitch drawbar, the fast hitch drawbar is spaced differently than the standard drawbar on the 460. I will change my measurements to agree with yours. The 2 1/4 was difficult to read in the photo, so I went with the measurement on the 460 that was 2+ inches apart.
  4. That may be the case, but the only movement that the semi mount mower has is up/down, and that is not really a large flex. There is no lateral flex for the pto shaft. Added information. The plates are needed to provide enough distance to mount the mower and then hook up the pto. This also allows the shaft to lengthen and shorten as the mower moves up and down relative to the drawbar as the tractor goes over a hump or through a dip and the mower dolly wheel is higher or lower.
  5. ksfarmdude, Thanks for looking at your mower hitch to confirm that you did not have the plates. I will attempt to post dimensions to 465256R11, the part that is common to standard drawbars and fast hitch drawbars, in the next month in this thread so it is all together. Neal
  6. Thank you FarmerFixEmUp! If I read the to front measurements correctly starting at the front: 1 3/8, 3 1/8, 6 3/8. 8 3/8. I assume to center of hole? Front holes are 3 3/4 apart, second row 2 1/4 (center to center). The 460 drawbar has 3 3/4 and 2 1/16.. I see that the length is 9 1/2. I do not see measurements on the ends, but those are not critical and I can make do with scaling the photo I have for those. Thank you! And I have some 3/4" plates that someone used to mount a New Idea loader to a 450 that are 10" square, so I do not need to buy steel, just have it
  7. I am trying to find or fabricate the flat plates that mount to the standard drawbar (INC part number 465275R2). See attached photo. Does anyone have them (2 are required)? A tracing of one would be helpful, as the photo is distorted. The plate is about 10.5" long and 6.75" at the wide end and 3.25" at the narrow end. Or if you are willing to sell. Thank you Neal Struthers West Union, Iowa
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