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  1. M or SM, based on ID plate

    Russ, check out or for info on the roundup in Montgomery this year..As a fellow M owner and member of Alabama chapter 23, I can tell you it'll be worth shutting down the baler for a couple days to come to the show..Memberships in the 'Bama IH chapter and this forum are two of the best resources I know I've had.. Pinetree
  2. McCormick CX105 no startup

    Pulled floorboard and checked switches, reseated, cleaned everything I could find and it fires up no issue..seemed too easy of a fix so I'm thinking I got lucky and still may be switch replacement in the future..? first thing I checked was PTO, its gotten me before..
  3. McCormick CX105 no startup

    Solenoid looks ok, looking at switches as culprit... thanks for the help
  4. McCormick CX105 no startup

    My 2004 105 won't turnover, battery is new, got voltage to starter and all systems on tractor.. connections are tight. Acted up twice during summer hay baling and thought it was battery issue but now it's more than there a tranny solenoid or other relay that's acting up I need to check before loading it up to the shop.. thanks for any ideas! pinetree
  5. Locating replacement M oilpan

    much thanks...will start looking.
  6. Locating replacement M oilpan

    Anyone know of a site or dealer that sells used or new aftermarket oilpans to fit a '50 M? Trying not to keep welding old cracks around bolt holes..gasket not fitting tight with welded places and would rather replace it..