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  1. Check this out. https://www.dormanproducts.com/p-21426-m2842.aspx
  2. I can't get your pic to load but travellet's pics appear to be 55070R91.
  3. Vegetarian is an old Indian word for bad hunter.
  4. @cedar farm Why does it matter which side the vent hole is on? Do the motors from late 715-915 interchange?
  5. acem


    The caviar I had was small, black and not expensive. I do like anchovy pizza though.
  6. acem


    I've had caviar. I didn't like it. My wife bought a small jar of it somewhere. Tasted like oily salt. The expensive stuff must taste better. I've eaten fried fish eggs. They were better but still not great. Now I like chicken, turkey, quail, duck, etc eggs! There was this woman I was with one time. No I won't go there... Thx-Ace
  7. acem

    Why LP?

    Very interesting. I thought there was potential for liquid lpg injection.
  8. It has the bungee cord thing going on now. If it gets hoe enough the come off! The ac has not run since I bought it over 20 years ago... I really should fix it. The blower has to work before I can start to diagnose it. I'll probably charge it with propane at least for diagnosis. Thx-Ace
  9. Easy peasy. Most likely it's wagner F661 or equivalent. Compare it to yours to verify. You can get it from napa, ebay, rockauto, etc. Rebuild kits are also available. How was the brake fluid level?
  10. Soybeans are used to make cooking oil. Think how much cooking oil that is produced from all the Soybeans produced in the world. Man that's alot of fried food! Thx-Ace
  11. Strikes are hard on everybody involved.
  12. It looks like you do good work by the pics I've seen you post. But $38 soybeans. I'd hold out for $40 then end up with $20... Best of luck with everything and keep up the good work. Thx-Ace
  13. My blower came on yesterday. I was rolling rice and tried it again. It came to life making some racket and covering me in dirt, mouse turds, wasp nest, etc. I covered my face with my hand but had to close my eyes. I had to try to find the switch to turn it back off with my eyes closed. All while driving... The motor sounds weak but will work enough to test the ac when I get time. I must have a loose connection somewhere. Thx-Ace
  14. I noticed oil on my exhaust manifold from a small leaking valve cover gasket. It's not much of a leak but I need to get a gasket coming so I can change it. So I looked up the part on the fel pro website and the pictures look like cork. I would rather have rubber/synthetic. So I went to the cih parts website and their gasket appears to be the fel pro. Navistar seems to be the same. I looked at the Mahle Navistar catalog and then looked up their number. I find it in cork as well. I did find a nos rubber/synthetic gasket on fleabay but I'd rather have new. I'm concerned it may be hardened. Is the cork ok??? Any suggestions? Part numbers CIH 675109C2, 1342828C1 Fel pro VS50081C MAHLE VS39756
  15. Thanks for the information about the European AXIAL-FLOW combines.
  16. They probably grow alot of organic sunflowers in Ukraine. Sunflowers, like soybeans, are mostly used for oil. There's not much coming out of Ukraine. It would be alot easier to raise organic crops in a country, like Ukraine, with lower labor rates.
  17. It appears the workers at the CIH plant in Racine have gone on strike. https://www.fox6now.com/news/cnh-industrial-strike-workers-contract-talks-fail.amp
  18. Some images from Ukraine. So much death and disruption. I look at the images and think, what if that was here. https://www.rferl.org/a/ukraine-war-russia-invasion-east-phase/31825064.html
  19. It didn't help anything that my first wife left me that year...
  20. In my case I was averaging around 20 bushel per acre either way. My ground is too wet for good soybean yields. The price is much better. I had no chemical cost but alot of cost in cultivating. My rice yielded about 1/3 of conventional. I used poultry litter for fertilizer before planting rice.
  21. Check your brake fluid level. Most likely the brake fluid leaked out. Look at the master cylinder, wheel cylinders, brake drums, booster, lines, etc for a leak. If you don't have a leak it is probably the master cylinder, booster or soft brake hose. Thx-Ace
  22. I was certified organic back in the 90s. Got $15 per bushel when everyone else was getting $5. I had a rotation of rice and soybeans. I rotary hoed twice and cultivated many times. However I got covered up with grass (mostly signal grass) after about 6 years. This was back before the usda certified organic and my customers required OCIA. I got tired of the corruption in OCIA and went back to conventional crops. My soybean yields were similar to std but rice was much less. A farmer about 5 miles from me grows organic soybeans. He is monocroping soybeans. No cover crops. No cultiving but sprays them several times... I think there is still alot of corruption in organics. I'm not accusing you of corruption. However it can make it hard for farmers who follow the rules. IMHO, YMMV Thx-Ace
  23. Here in Arkansas the extension service offers 'free' soils testing. Just drop off the samples. It's paid for by a small tax on fertilizer.
  24. Are the mfw weights used in any cih applications? I've seen similar weights on cih cotton pickers.
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