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  1. Are they available anywhere other than the dealer? Was quoted $189 per side. It’s an early model but would be open to either style. Thanks
  2. I keep my 6.0 batteries on my grinder and circular saw. I like the 2.0 batteries on my impact driver and drill. I also keep a 2.0 in my son’s 6v four wheeler. It fits in the battery box where a 6.0 won’t. Turns his four wheeler into a hot rod too. The 6.0s last 3x as long but weigh 3x as much. They can make a drill too big and bulky in my opinion. If I had a cordless miter saw I’d go with the 9.0. All depends what you want to do with them.
  3. Those look good! I don’t have much patience myself, I always just buy new headlight assemblies
  4. I’ve always worried about deer that I couldn’t see in time but never thought of having to look out for humans going into the corn head
  5. I think you can buy your kids certain things and they can learn responsibility from it. It doesn’t mean they’re spoiled. We live far enough from school and town, that a vehicle my kids buy will need to last 15-20k miles a year. I don’t want to see them buy a rust bucket for $1000 that will be broke down more than they can use it. My kids are 3 and 1 so I have a long time to think about it. But at this point I plan on getting them 8-10 yr old vehicles that they can use to go to school and work. They can cover insurance, gas and repairs. I think there’s something to be said about giving your kid
  6. I install them and always had a bunch piled up in my garage. Recently found a guy willing to buy them to cover his round bales.
  7. Nice video! Are those billboard vinyls at your silage bunk?
  8. Lol They start shouting “toot toot”. I get a kick out of it
  9. The Amish kids do it to me still. So I run out to the road when I see them coming in the buggy and start arm pumping like there’s no tomorrow.
  10. Heard a story where a guy went on a road trip and saw 127 Trump signs, 2 Biden signs and 25 sweet corn signs. Even sweet corn has a better chance than Biden.
  11. 1/2” sheet of OSB is $32 here. 8ft pine 2x4 is $5.65 ($2 more than usual) I work in the building trade. We’re being told prices will continue to go up and we won’t be able to get plywood after the first of the year. I’m not sure why but I have reason to believe it.
  12. That just looks like an accident waiting to happen
  13. I have no idea but itd have to be cheap! Twice the man hours of building new. Make sure you get a quote on a new one so you have a number to go off of when making the decision
  14. I’m using a 6s. Was time for an upgrade and decided on the XS because it’s the same size as the 6. By the time I could get it ordered, it was out of stock so I went with the 11. It’s a 1/2” longer and 1/4” wider. Not thrilled about it but change is necessary sometimes. The 11 Pro is exact size as a 6s but you really pay for it. Wasn’t worth the extra money to me. Of course I’m saying that and my 11 has been sitting in a box for 5 days now because I’m worried I’ll hate it once I activate it.
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