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    Plow ID

    Looks as though a McCormick Kentucky wunder
  2. Chris, give me a call ,I can probLy come up with one.
  3. Actually, the cub as well as the other single point, 100, 130, 140 all have the large point.
  4. Make that dozer idlers work good
  5. Definitely one of paddocks. He has 4 rotators. Two of them have twin steers and three on rear
  6. Generators will do what the regulator tells it to up to 28 volts
  7. Do,er idlers work pretty good also
  8. Looks like one of Paddocks rotators out of Westfield In doing the recovery
  9. Make sure there is enough play in the jack shaft. If too tight it will bind .
  10. Karlin Wy. It is an old mining town that was built back in the 20s. Amelia Eirhearts husband was responsible. It lies about 35 miles west of meeteetse wy. And is not a tourist site but it goes up in the mountains. Edward Porter can tell you more. He lives just west of Meeteese Nd you cN reach him through this webb.
  11. Use 12 volt battery, install ballast register in front of coil, change regulator to 12 volt, change lights to 12 volt, and go forward.
  12. Gaskets are made. to take up the clearance for imperfections between mating parts. I just like to use a little grease to hold the gaskets in place during reassembly. Back in the day when VW bugs were made the amount of gaskets in an engine could be put in a small envelope. There were no head gaskets, or no gaskets between the block halves, and cylinder gaskets were only .008 thick.
  13. The main reason for divorce is marriage in the first place
  14. The show is planned to happen as we know right now. I head up the tillage after the cross are taken off. If you have questions , give me a call 765-860-0384.
  15. EASY BOB

    Covid Rifle

    Can are very well built. One person builds whole rifle. Very good.I have a 527 varmint in a .204, also a 550 var.ent in a .308, very heavy to carry. Osprey 6x24x50 . Bipod and sling. It goes around 14.5 lbs. 26 inch barrel. About the size of a 12 gauze on o.d. also have cz75 tactical in a 9mm. You will very happy with it. I just target shoot and I love the single set trigger on the rifles. I have adjusted to my liking. Do not touch unless you ready to send it down range
  16. How far you going with disc from where to where. Mt is farm exempt I believe as long as you towing. Loaded is a different game.

  17. Give Devonshire Tractor Parts a call. 888-560-1466
  18. I wish I still had my first car. 1966 dodge coronet 500 2 door four speed, with 391 posi. The plugs on it were real easy, they went right down through the middle of valve covers. It didn't do real good on gas, but it would get there like right now. Wish I still had it, I could probably retire or get killed.
  19. Half century of progress married two 10 bottoms together with a tandem hitch. Go to halfcenturyofprogress web site. There should be some pieces of it behind Earthquake.
  20. Most fifth wheel campers you need 52" from cab to king pin hitch so you won't crush cab. They do make an extended fifth wheel, but some you need to remember to extend before turning. Goose neck won't be a problem.
  21. I like the S&W full size. Also the shield is also good. These are open carry guns or at least a tucked holster. I carry a M&P 380 in my pocket, which is really a 9mm short. But anything that works and comfortable. S&W M&P is my choice.
  22. EASY BOB


    That 786 open station tractor looks weird in a good way. I about bought one a few years back over in western Ohio. It was even a tricycle and kinda cute in its own way.
  23. There are three different methods of removing the prostate. The old way of going up the poop chute which a longer recovery. The second is two go in the taint area which is between rectum and scrotum, again another longer recovery. And the third id the devincey method which is least evasive and recovery pretty quick. Either one one you will have a catheter for around ten days. And then take it easy for a few days The devincey method almost don't let you know it happened as far as discomfort. Google prostrate removal devincey method.
  24. Try your local international truck dealer. I believe the door handles you are lookin for, were also used on trucks like 2510 or such.
  25. That would be just standard 2150. They have changed the color spectrum since the original 2150 was around. You will be happier with what they call gloss red. Same color that was on 88 series and since.
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