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  1. Jump around clutch safety to prove or disprove the switch.?
  2. The airport will be closed from Sat before show until Monday eve ending after show ends.
  3. Talked to Russell yesterday. He was saying that the corn is just about ready to tassels. Everything is looking good for this year's show.will definitely be good.

    Plow ID

    Looks as though a McCormick Kentucky wunder
  5. Chris, give me a call ,I can probLy come up with one.
  6. Actually, the cub as well as the other single point, 100, 130, 140 all have the large point.
  7. Make that dozer idlers work good
  8. Definitely one of paddocks. He has 4 rotators. Two of them have twin steers and three on rear
  9. Generators will do what the regulator tells it to up to 28 volts
  10. Do,er idlers work pretty good also
  11. Looks like one of Paddocks rotators out of Westfield In doing the recovery
  12. Make sure there is enough play in the jack shaft. If too tight it will bind .
  13. Karlin Wy. It is an old mining town that was built back in the 20s. Amelia Eirhearts husband was responsible. It lies about 35 miles west of meeteetse wy. And is not a tourist site but it goes up in the mountains. Edward Porter can tell you more. He lives just west of Meeteese Nd you cN reach him through this webb.
  14. Use 12 volt battery, install ballast register in front of coil, change regulator to 12 volt, change lights to 12 volt, and go forward.
  15. Gaskets are made. to take up the clearance for imperfections between mating parts. I just like to use a little grease to hold the gaskets in place during reassembly. Back in the day when VW bugs were made the amount of gaskets in an engine could be put in a small envelope. There were no head gaskets, or no gaskets between the block halves, and cylinder gaskets were only .008 thick.
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