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  1. The 150 and TD9B are based on the same tractor chassis. The TD9B is almost always the dozer version and the 150 is the loader version. There were some small number of TD9B loaders made, but they are quite rare today (the 150 being pretty rare itself). Although I don't know for an absolute fact, I'd feel pretty confident the buckets would be the same for the TD9B and 150 loaders. Otherwise, the 150 loader has a longer track base than the TD9 dozer. So track chains from a TD9B would be too short for a 150. Although you could go the other way and remove a few links as necessary. Also, the 150 has low profile grousers (cleats) as almost all loaders do to help them skid turn especially while carrying heavy loads in their buckets. If you put dozer grousers on the loader you would get better traction but it would put a heavy strain on the track system and perhaps even prevent pivot turns under many common circumstances. I wouldn't recommend that unless you're operating in snow and/or mud all the time.
  2. Hello all. I sold my 150 loader last year and have a decent sized collection of what are now pretty obscure maintenance manuals, parts manuals, brochures and reference material (mostly for my 150 loader), but also other models. I've seen the same questions over and over for years on this forum (including coming from me) asking how does X work? How do you diagnose it? How do you fix it? Etc. Especially with respect to the powershift transmissions on the TD9B and 150 loader. But also the 282 engine and other systems. I'd like to donate my collection to RedPower and have them converted to pdf and then uploaded to a repository where people can access them as needed to help them keep their old machines running. RedPower could even charge a fee for each download to help cover the cost of bandwidth (if that's necessary). Just throwing that out there to see if there's any interest. Hope all are doing well in the meantime.
  3. I have the complete service manual for the 150 crawler (the loader version of the TD9B) and the powershift transmission.
  4. Thought you guys might like this one... https://bangshift.com/general-news/swamp-thing-check-out-the-recovery-of-this-ih-td24-crawler-thats-been-buried-for-45-years/
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