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  1. I called them yesterday, jensales item # 341361 has been discontinued. Bummer again. Thanks, I appreciate the effort.
  2. We have split the tractor to replace the clutch and seal. We do have the rubber seal. If need be, we have a machinist who says he can make a seal fit. We have done a lot of work on old Cleveland and Buckeye wheel ditchers. We'll figure it out! Thanks
  3. I just checked with AGKITS, its the felt seal. The rubber ones have been discontinued. Bummer!
  4. They do not list a pic, but I do know what you are talking about. I have seen several sites listings a seal kit, but they do not mention the serial number break! Thanks!
  5. I think it is the D264. I will verify before I order. Thanks!
  6. Anyone know where I can find a rear main seal for a Farmall 400 diesel? Its a later serial number so it takes the synthetic seal. Thanks Sleepy
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