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  1. Scary ladders

    Just try to imagine how they built the hangar.
  2. Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    Buying feeder cattle the end of 2015 sure would.
  3. Test

  4. I H Dairy collectors

    Silver, I have never seen the attachment, but here's some pics I found in some of my books.
  5. I H Dairy collectors

    The left hose (the black one) is the inflation. That is the part that sticks through the cup. I can get those new aftermarket. Here's pic of kind I get.
  6. Sometimes a LITTLE help is the best

    Not driving, but sure thought they were as I pushed the scout into the shop to begin resto.
  7. Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    HydraMac skid loader. Now referred to as hydrajunk. It was a miracle if you could run it for more than 4 hrs without having to fix something. Replaced it with mustang 2040 which is one of the BEST farm purchases ever. Worst part about the hydrajunk was guy I knew wanted it in worst way. Hated to sell it to someone I knew, but he absolutely loves it for moving firewood and cleaning his drive. Shows the difference in trying to use something 5 hrs a day vs. 5 hrs a week.
  8. Hydro push manure spreaders

    Not sure on the size of your barnlot, but the hagedorns and most of the other push models have very long tongue because of the push cylinder. Can make it hard to get around tight areas. The JD hydropush had half of it's cylinder under the floor, making it lots shorter. However most of the green ones are now well beyond wore out. About 15 yrs ago pik rite started building the JD spreader. Exact same thing. The 790 models of those might be getting reasonable in price.
  9. Test

    Look familiar?
  10. I H Dairy collectors

    Bud w., Which style are you looking for? I'm not sure if I have any extras, but I do have both styles of these cups and inflations the black inflations I can get new, but the short red vacuum hose might be hard to come by. Right now I don't have an extra pump to part with, but I do have some parts.
  11. I H Dairy collectors

    As far as I know, IH developed and built all their own milking equipment. The first aluminum pails used with the early McCormick single pulse milkers however were made by a different company. I'll have to check the name on the bottom.
  12. I H Dairy collectors

  13. I H Dairy collectors

    Guess picture posting isn't so hard after all. Here is my display at the Ohio chapter 6 show.
  14. I H Dairy collectors

    First post here on the forum. I have a collection of IH dairy equipment. Mostly just takes up space in the corner of the barn, but I have put together a display to take to local shows. I will see if I can get some pictures posted. It would be nice to know of other dairy collectors as well. Thanks, Dennis