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  1. Around here the three bagger was you, her and the dog so that he will still respect you in the morning
  2. Well, only one more. My favorite from the weekend. Taken one day before our 17th anniversary.
  3. Nope, SM hooked to plow. Had three mtas here and I believe 6 super M's.
  4. Got some of the tractors together for a picture.
  5. The national threshers association annual show was cancelled for this year. A few of us local members decided to take some equipment up there anyways if people wanted a drive thru tractor display. Turned out really nice, we able to set the camper up right in front of our tractors. Been here since Thursday, will head for home tomorrow. Ended up with about 60 tractors plus equipment, trucks, and a couple doodlebugs. I'm not much of a photographer but I'll post some pics.
  6. Saw this one this weekend.
  7. Gave the 450 and mixer a much needed bath.
  8. used whitewashed boards from the parlor in our barn for our mudroom. Been at least 50 years since last whitewashed, hardly any flaked off when we were putting it up.
  9. I've seen that condition before. Be very careful it seems to be contagious
  10. i have this old advertising mirror. Pic size was wont let me post whole photo. I know it's not Dellingers, but shows some Continental history. Apparently before Homier's were the AC dealer.
  11. Never hard to spot wollam's trucks or equipment in the field. Good advertising gimmick. Used to see them all the time when I drove truck through there.
  12. Deal of the day probably was the hot water pressure washer. By the looks of everything, guaranteed low use!
  13. And now with Tina Fey they are even better. Just saying.,......
  14. Cool cooler with some of Lee's pics on it. Too pretty to use. Think she got it got it from outback toys.
  15. Found this today while cleaning out old boxes. Not sure where I got it or how it got to Ohio. Thought some of you might recognize the dealer.
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