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  1. I'm trying to replace the ac condenser drain tube on my 9500 combine. I can almost reach it while in a contorted position. Does anyone know the best way to replace this tube?
  2. Called the dealer and asked if they could reach out to the previous owners and find out the brand if not the ball. They called back and said the last owner who is an employee there brought in 2 spare keys that have the fob on the end and the ball. I went up there today, a two hour one way drive and picked them all up. It was a nice drive and dad went along, to get out of the house. I must say it was a good experience dealing with Sam Leman Ford in Bloomington Il.
  3. It's just the franchisee that filed for bankruptcy. Jack in the box is still going strong.
  4. Due to the wreck i had back in November I bought a different truck a 2011 F250 with the 6.2 gas. It has a under bed mount goose neck hitch on it but didn't come with the pop in ball. I went looking for one but the shank that drops in the hole is only 1 3/4 inch dai. I'm probably going to buy one with larger shank and have it turned down but was wondering if any of you have seen this before or know who could have made it or where I can buy the correct ball
  5. I had full coverage on this vehicle. I went to the hospital to get checked out, missed several days of work and still going to therapy. They keep telling me their policy is to stop paying storage after 10 days. I tell them my policy is not to pay storage and the vehicle stays till settled
  6. I was recently in a wreck. The teenage kid blew through a stop sign and t boned me, he told the cops he stopped. I ended up facing the opposite way on my side in a ditch. This vehicle was a 2002 F250 with 101000 miles. Now I get to deal with his insurance company, state farm. They valued my vehicle using 2 others that they found and made adjustments to the price accordingly. They say that my truck having 69000 less miles is only worth $345 my bedliner $10 etc.. They don't even want to value my DMI Cush'n Combo. When I informed them that there values where low they asked for proof of when purchased, for a truck that was bought 19 years ago. When I actually showed them the sale bill and window sticker they wanted to know how much I paid for the options, as I had hidden the prices. I keep telling them that their adjustments are to low but that falls on deaf ears. Now they say I am on the hook for storage as it's been past 10 days. I've told them it's past 10 days because of them and they owe the fee. Sorry for the rant. Please do your fellow drivers a favor and don't get your insurance from state farm
  7. I bought a 693 corn head this year. The auger flighting should be replaced. Does anyone know what size the flighting should be? I asked the local dealer they weren't sure said JD didn't sell just the flighting would have to buy the entire anger which when they looked it up was no longer available.
  8. Dealer was saying the early 90 series were the same. The later ones changed some when they went metric
  9. Looking at getting a different cornhead my old john deere 643 is getting worn out. Looking at getting a 693 some have hydraulic adjustable plates. Just wondering if they are worth the extra cost
  10. Ussualy at my job if you get a letter from HR it means you did something wrong. Hope you get to enjoy it
  11. Is there a specific seat model. Dealer wants $1100 salvage yard wants $1600. Wondering what would cause this big of difference.
  12. The seat cushion on my 7220 needs replacing. I am thinking about replacing the entire seat due to the back also having issues and the air ride suspension having a lot of movement. What is a decent replacement for this tractor?
  13. The tractor only has three wires. Power in, power out and a smaller wire that powers the fan and such. The two big posts are the same color and the two small posts are the same color. It just seems strange that the small posts could be either power or ground. If I had it hooked up wrong I figure there would be a very warm wire
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