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  1. $ 108 for the fuel shut off valve on 86 series
  2. I have an early MX 240 it's been a problem child since I bought it. It's showing engine faults 329 and 121. I've found that it's a caps overpressure and crank positioned issues. It has about 4500 hours on it, does this sound like the caps pump is going out?
  3. Thinking about going up to the show Tuesday, wondering if it is wet up there
  4. Where at in Missouri? Rakers silo in Beckemeyer IL. About 50 miles east of st. Louis
  5. When I work on the assembly line for Ford, labor was the cheapest part of the vehicle. The union has to represent everyone equally, that said the same people were always up in HR. Over time these knuckleheads worked their way into union appointed positions. After the plant closed I was hired on at an ethanol plant that was under construction, the company was tired of all the construction delays, so they fired the company. Before the pipefitters left they packed the tubing with grease. The new construction company that took over had to get fitters from the hall. Do you want to guess who the fitters were that came back? I now work at a refinery, management's moto concerning discipline is " up to and including termination" the union does not fight to hard. People know the rules but sometimes they ignore them.
  6. The wire loom that goes from the hydraulic coils have their insulation rotting off and the third remote is giving a fault error. I crossed the wire connections between the remotes and have determined that the wires are bad. Is their anyone that makes just the loom from the coils to the module. The wires normally go into the main loom and right back out. This is on an early MX 240.
  7. Bought a DMI coulter champ and need to drag it about 40 miles home. I plan on bringing a spare tire or two along just in case. I looked through all of our spares and don't see one. What would the equivalent be in a truck size?
  8. Been looking for a disk chisel, found one on a sale it's a sunflower 4212. It's a 14 footer. What are the pros and cons of this machine. I plan on pulling it with my mx240
  9. On my 240 I kept getting fault codes popping up for hydraulic issues. I was messing around on the back end, and noticed the insulation on the wires that hook into the remote solenoid would crumble off exposing the bare wire. I coated the wires with liquid tape, I am hoping this helps
  10. The Catholic church started having their problems back during WW1. The perverts did not want to get drafted so they joined the priesthood, back then the church had more power, and who would have thought about doing that stuff except for a perv. As the years went on they rose through the ranks and protected the others. This is not exclusive to Catholics
  11. Looking at buying a big screen tv, prices are all over the place. What should I be looking for, is there much difference between brands, do different stores sell different quality units
  12. masteinmann


    Had dealer out, naturally the fault codes were different. The number 3 hydraulic controller decided to shoot craps while he was there, that's the 3rd one that I will replace. The mechanic hooked up his computer and downloaded the faults he said that if I continue having problems they can work down a list to find problems. The bare wires I have on the number1 remote, i am thinking about coating them in liquid tape instead of splicing new wires.
  13. masteinmann


    I cleaned up the battery post and cables, had the batteries tested both were putting out over 1000 amps. I cleaned up the tops of the computers all 4 blink with key on, cleaned up all the connections. This tractor still has the old style terminators, I replaced them a couple of years ago with what the dealer gave me. On the solenoid for the first hydraulic remote the wire insulation is peeling off would this cause my issues
  14. masteinmann


    It's an early one. Having dealer come out and hook up computer. I have also checked the fuse, it is good, even switched it out
  15. masteinmann


    Having troubles with my problem child. I hooked it up to a wagon with rear lights turned on the flashers, they actually worked, when I tried to turn them off they wouldn't stop flashing, ended up pulling the fuse floor the night. When I unhooked the wagon the flashers stopped flashing. Now when I start the tractor I get aux hydraulics offline and a air filter fault. When I check the codes they are mainly comm errors, the one that concerns me is when I check the diagnostics for AUX all it says is COMM ERR. I'm thinkin that when I hooked up the wagon I blew a fuse or burnt a relay. Any help is greatly appreciated
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