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  1. Thats awesome .I want a original barn find 56 series ,even a 856 with big rubber would do.
  2. What he said above.. And stopleak screws em up too....
  3. LOL,I here ya .How about a 756 with 310 German than.....lol😉
  4. Pretty cool man . Guess when I decide to buy one your the guy to call. Lol.
  5. I like them ,would be cool behind a 706 Gasser etc.
  6. LARSEN LIGHTS ,the Brighter ones.
  7. thanks guys ,i will keep searching .maybe ask local parts stores.
  8. Thanks Long Farms ,I'm gona get one. Just for conversation piece....lol
  9. What are you guys using for a Automotive paint that matches up to 2150 IH red ?? have always used IH paint in the past but want to try something a little better. And I have a guy who wants it used on his tractor. I deal with Napa for type of stuff, wondered if anyone uses stuff from them? Thanks .
  10. Wheres that hook in ? I want one on my 756 we out the Cummins in . My throttle is all factory including linkage to the pump. Hook onto angle piece at bottom of shaft??
  11. Got mine from Ken Updike on our 806 .Love em. Devon has em too.
  12. Helo men, Getting ready to put the hood back on the 3788 project from winter. The owner has supplied a N.O.S. IH grille for the tractor. With all the stories and ones I see gone .I would like to secure it, the best as possible and come up with the IH S- Model truck hood latches for it . I need ideas and some pictures of both .All of em within a 40 mile radius of me are smashed or missing the grille.... LOL. literally ! . As you know Eastern tractors are rough compared to the West. Thanks for your time. Napa has the hood latch kits I believe.
  13. VERY TIRED............................................................
  14. Geez .its usually right there.A single wire with long plastic female plug .Like on the sensor on the MCV on trans. I do mine for a oil psi gauge just like you did. Works good.
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