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  1. Good luck ,I had a 40 year veteran IH parts man look for a month last winter ,with no avail.
  2. Fixed 2 of ours with the same problems , with a new relief valve. And new Hytran .
  3. Hmmm,that stinks .wonder if they have a competitor ? I'll look some more in the a.m.
  4. Im just gona get rid of it I think . To many irons in fire.
  5. Hey man check out this site I stumbled on . www.novibes.com Scroll thru under the smaller stuff they show all the measurements and prices. I ran out of time but I bet you could call em and theyd help. Let me know ,I ended up using junkyard ones on a 1066 or something I did ,cant remember.
  6. tractor is a brute!
  7. factory,theres one here like that I did the engine on a few years back.
  8. Must a been quite a young man,Watch the video on Facebook,it will floor ya .. Tons of equipment and people.
  9. I have all the sleeve adapters if ya need the numbers or size of em. or OTC numbers
  10. Has to say Continuous duty on it. I have 3 tractors with lots of lights on em with these.
  11. Let me know if ya need something ,I have a row of cadets in my hedgerow. Our head mechanic has prolly 60 of em.
  12. The top piece with headlights sandwiched it in.
  13. Heres the one I use from Western snowplow/NAPA. I've used 4 so far with no trouble. Made by Trambetta co. Yes in Mexico but what isnt. Trambetta used to make shut offs etc for Cummins etc.
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