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  1. Thanks Tom,Mother Fiat say no no no....?..lmao
  2. Will it open for you guys to parts brand selection? Mine won't load,reinstalled etc...
  3. Just use a tiny cotter pin then to hold em right.?
  4. We use Fehr. Great people
  5. Ok,if there loose what's everyone do with these? Pins in the govenor weights.
  6. Anyone have the part number or crossed number for the pto lever seal on a Farmall M Can't seem to find the seal number in the parts diagram or on bates website. Resealing the pto output seal so I took the housing off to do it right. Used to have written down but can't find the book..🤦‍♂️ thanks for reading and helping.
  7. Guy put every part his computer told him to on my friends . Turned out to be connection like they said. 2500 later
  8. Thanks fellas . Got a couple to get done
  9. I know this has been beat to death . But what have you guys got for good paint codes that match 2150 IH red. And any pictures of em done..? Thanks ,having trouble with cnh paint .Ready to try something different. This ole girl is one of many that we need to paint..
  10. Dell ,I got it apart. Once I got the mouse nest from behind pressure plate...lol
  11. Thanks guys ,I'm a o.e.m. paint guy ,our tractors stay inside. And we have good luck with it lasting. Can't seem to get locals to mix 2150 to correct color to use automotive paint
  12. Mine has 112k on it ,O3 6spd. First lift pump ,put one on frame with filter,not stupid just 10-15 psi. Next check air,wastegate,bottom of charge cooler for leaks,hoses etc. Check slop on turbo shaft. Mine has 12psi pump,K&N intake,valves adjusted ,Rotella oil. Been known to have 15k on gooseneck
  13. Anybody having troubles with IH 2150 and Jd green lifting and running on the final coat ? Problem kinda developed in the last year here with multiple painters . We use Napa 8005 or 8004 thinner even tried JD thinner. Guessing something has been changed in paint. One dude here Waits an hour or more for last coat ,says he's had better luck . Just wondering..
  14. Thanks guys appreciate. I'm used to working thru hole on roadrangers in trucks changing clutch brake.. 😆
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