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  1. How can a company of that size come up with something so barbaric that did work fine. Print is tiny on a smart phone, all these weird messages come up about resubmission . Total crap show. And now Messicks doesnt show pictures on parts page tonite. Pretty sad when Asap tractor parts etc has a better web page lookup system then CaseIH . I have a Android phone,before ya ask that works fine else where..
  2. You guys have any luck selling stuff any more? I use Craigslist, Facebook market place, and Country folks classifieds. I either get nothing or I get scams and is this still available? Or no shows..Used to love horse trading & buying equipment . Now I just hate it. And people. Think it's all going to a auction or scrap..
  3. Hello fellas,is the hydraulics control valve on a Super M the same as the one on a W9 mounted by the left fender? . Mine is loose in the valve, but works. And I cant find a break down except under Super M etc.. I'd like to take it apart and tighten it up.
  4. I have every piece of IH plow literature just about . Redid my 311 fasthitch and want to decal it. How do ya tell if it gets an international decal on beam or a McCormick ih decal? Every book is different and literature but ya cant see em good either. At all. Going behind a 400 and a 300U. Thanks fellas.
  5. She is back on ,thanks fellas. 2 hours of cleaning,engine crane.
  6. Putting W9 together that come from a questionable home. It has W14 plugs in it that look very old by the style of writing. What's everyone running now?? And is there a chart somewhere I can download?? Or you guys have one from yester years.
  7. Thanks Bill ,Chris Hayman said call Devon and I did . He hooked me up with the correct decals for what I have. Im told ther supposed to be black on mine like Chris's 2 bottom. That Waterville Auction you speak of was my good friends uncle . Frank Cornelius . He farms and we have all the dealer signs ,parts boxes etc in the farm shop. 70 cows and 13 tractors .. plus cadets and lowboy ,trucks. Come up some time.
  8. Thanks again guys for your input .Prolly do her up in near future.
  9. Kinda what ive seen and heard from guys here .Lots of Amish mills here prolly try it then oil it up
  10. Thanks guys ,sun was out 2 days in a row here so I didn't hide in shop. Will get after her next Friday.Hope it goes on easy ,this tractor has been a hand full.
  11. cwinn

    Cab parts

    Asap tractor parts ,those guys are good to me with little stuff like that.
  12. Anyone have any tricks to sliding a head back on with the studs in block? . Mine wont budge, I'm way over budget, outa money ,and want to get this thing running. On a Farmall M,H ,W9, W4 type block..thanks stay healthy
  13. Anybody ever use Larch or Hemlock on their trailer floors? I know all lowbed use white oak. But it's hard to come by here ,and the place that cuts it takes forever. Wanna do my gooseneck trailer. It's a Keifer built with lots of cross members.
  14. I see your decals have McCormick on the top beam. Maple Hunter offers them with International Printed out only. You would think being fast hitch the McCormick would be period correct . Got any info on that???
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