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  1. This cushion was red to begin . Picked it all off the hydraulic valves underneath . It had a Year a round cab to begin with . Fender now. Hence the black vinyl.
  2. I have worked in many. Mine is 30x40 that came with my house . TOO narrow ! The one I like best are is 40 x 56 I believe . HEATED FLOOR all the way ,Id do it with a Budaris boiler or hot water heater on propane . 14ft ceilings 9 LED 8ft lights. or hanging round LED. 4 windows on sides 1 big door in front ,one smaller in back on one side for breeze and pulling thru. MY 2 CENTS!
  3. EXACTLY WHAT HE SAID!!!!!! I have prolly 15 of them out there for work and show.. DONT boost the battery !, DONT leave the key on! UNhook the wires if ya weld on the tractor or plow its hooked too, etc etc
  4. This is the one in Penefield Illinois .IH club was promoting it at the Farm Machinery Show.
  5. Sparky, yeah but in old catalog I guess they had it screwed up and know one was buying them according to the rep. They were all good guys at the booth. Helpfull and seemed like they wanted your business...lol. unlike alot of em...lol
  6. It can be done . Per my other post ,K&M rep at Louisville hooked me up with the correct bottom cushion alone. Without buying the whole seat ! The catalog and web says it can't be done . Just call them. $ 156 bucks I believe..
  7. Very nice detailed work. When I decide to buy a nice 1456 ,I'll be in touch...lol So much better than the junk we find here in the northeast.
  8. cwinn

    656 Carburetor

  9. cwinn

    Silo explosion

    About 40 miles north. He seemed like a super guy on the news when interviewed , said he'd clean it up and move . Feel bad for them hopefully someone will sell them some cheap feed.
  10. Wondering about the historic farm days . Is it worth the trip ,I see its Minneapolis this year ,but I enjoy them too. How is lodging area ? We dont mind driving a half hour etc,if needed.
  11. I HATE EM TOO! Pain in the butt everytime I come across one .Hydraulic seats too
  12. You guys should try keeping roads open in New York with junk Navistar trucks and engines. They are total pile of crap like Chris said. They burn up ,short and burn shops down with few miles on them.State dot has a few that burnt with 1000 miles or less because of thin valve covers that crack. Dealer sucks ,we have 8 plow runs and have 3 spare trucks to keep going . Just bought 2 new Macks and supposedly 2 more coming.
  13. Yeah I wondered that ,never seen it done.
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