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  1. Geez i forgot . I'll have to ask him.
  2. A friend picked up a IH TD9 dozer . It needs drive sprockets. Anybody specific deals with these?? Or have parts used etc.??
  3. A friend has a 238 Detroit in a Gradall that the blower set up and broke the shafts. Where can a guy get parts or a used one?? Its just a farm machine.
  4. Guy in western ny is parting 2 out .he had a ad in the country folks farm newspaper
  5. Thank you sir. I did just that yesterday morning after checking the 806,1066,and 706 at the farm . I put 3 washers on it cause I saw several in parts diagrams with 2 from the factory. And the black stripe 10 had 2 . It gets down the road about 25mph with 38's and a 5.9 Cummins..lol Thanks again to all
  6. Thanks guys ,I'll try it.
  7. My 756 blows Hytran out the trans dipstick when roaded a short distance. The range cover has been replaced ,I think its off a 1486 etc from junk yard.I had to have a machinist drill the cover and move tube over exactly. I replaced the orings etc. And still leaks. Anyone have similar troubles . Mite get a different dipstick from a yard and see if oring grooves are worn ...? I don't know..lol. Any help appreciated.
  8. How can a company of that size come up with something so barbaric that did work fine. Print is tiny on a smart phone, all these weird messages come up about resubmission . Total crap show. And now Messicks doesnt show pictures on parts page tonite. Pretty sad when Asap tractor parts etc has a better web page lookup system then CaseIH . I have a Android phone,before ya ask that works fine else where..
  9. You guys have any luck selling stuff any more? I use Craigslist, Facebook market place, and Country folks classifieds. I either get nothing or I get scams and is this still available? Or no shows..Used to love horse trading & buying equipment . Now I just hate it. And people. Think it's all going to a auction or scrap..
  10. Hello fellas,is the hydraulics control valve on a Super M the same as the one on a W9 mounted by the left fender? . Mine is loose in the valve, but works. And I cant find a break down except under Super M etc.. I'd like to take it apart and tighten it up.
  11. I have every piece of IH plow literature just about . Redid my 311 fasthitch and want to decal it. How do ya tell if it gets an international decal on beam or a McCormick ih decal? Every book is different and literature but ya cant see em good either. At all. Going behind a 400 and a 300U. Thanks fellas.
  12. She is back on ,thanks fellas. 2 hours of cleaning,engine crane.
  13. Putting W9 together that come from a questionable home. It has W14 plugs in it that look very old by the style of writing. What's everyone running now?? And is there a chart somewhere I can download?? Or you guys have one from yester years.
  14. Thanks Bill ,Chris Hayman said call Devon and I did . He hooked me up with the correct decals for what I have. Im told ther supposed to be black on mine like Chris's 2 bottom. That Waterville Auction you speak of was my good friends uncle . Frank Cornelius . He farms and we have all the dealer signs ,parts boxes etc in the farm shop. 70 cows and 13 tractors .. plus cadets and lowboy ,trucks. Come up some time.
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