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  1. The under wear ! The boys dont get raw in summer humidity with them and little Gold Bond powder
  2. 1st Replace Hydraulic filter,located on RH side of rearend housing behind step behind 2 bolt round cover. 2nd Replace hydraulic oil with CaseIH hytran fluid if it isnt the expensive stuff you already have. 3rd Remove MCV valve LH side of trans housing and you will find a Hydraulic pump bolted to it. Replace it with one from AG Parts Ltd . Theres dealers on here. Check the MCV valve and replace gaskets before reinstalling it and new pump. Be sure not to loose little check valve / orifice at bottom RH of trans wher it bolts on. 4th Check Pressure on Pto unit on LH side with gauge
  3. What we need is Ken Updike's knowledge on this new deal. I lost my best parts man John to retirement...he would have it all word for word..
  4. Ordered some stuff from IHgear.com 10 days ago ,it didn't come . Needless to say their system caught a glich in my card that looked like fraud because of my location at the time. Wasn't near home. I called the owner tonite at 615 on a Saturday cause I was scared about my card after getting a email reply from him that said it didn't go thru. Needless to say he called me right back and made it all perfect and got me a special hat color.. Great guy great service. And from past experience their Tshirts don't shrink and the print stays put. Hats are A1 too . .Just nice to do good business.. Pictu
  5. I've seen it done that way at quarry on huge loaders etc. Even the window rubbers etc..lol
  6. Thanks guys,I've seen the brush way done ,just couldn't completely recall it from 25 years ago. In NY state, home of junk salt, cow poop ridden tractors ,wheel bolts don't come out. And it gets pricey
  7. Gonna paint a couple daily use tractors .Farmall M ,H etc. I am NOT taking the rear rims off the cast center, Not a restoration quality job. Just paint job. Anyone have any tricks to taping,card boarding , plastic etc ??? To make it easier to paint both the rim and cast colors. I have brushed the rims before with good results. Pictures comments wanted. Correct poilce can move on.. thanks fellas
  8. Good to here. I will be in touch in month for tilt delete kit
  9. Did Jesse have a both at RedPower in Bloomsburg?? In the far left corner toward the road? I think I talked to him about TA's and parts. Nice guy with black hair? I lost his number and name in all the RP confusion..lol. Does the conversion for cummins? Etc, builds other parts.. ???
  10. Can I see your pictures of the proper white paint on your 56 series tractors? I'm told proper is 901 white. Any paint codes appreciated too..Yes I has a hit on FB IH GROUP about this. Thought it would be better here for pics etc. Thanks fellas. Going on the following roach coach/ bicycle holder...lol
  11. Very nice. Get em from Shoup?
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