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  1. Central New York state . 20 miles south of Utica , 30 East of Syracuse
  2. I'm gona sell some junk and find a nice 450 out west somewhere. So I do and up with more New york junk. Looks good man
  3. Call Rob Horton or Bubby ,they know it by heart and had some good ones too
  4. $3.25 a pound here all included ,good stuff ,grain fed.
  5. How is the bushing in that pivot under the cab where cables hook
  6. #1 Do you think they will have it? #2 Will you have to wear a mask ? #3 Are rooms a pain to get ?? Thanks .
  7. I will get over there tomorrow, I been working and he keeps texting me ,I'll get a pic . And eyes on it
  8. Shoes and a spacer for LH side.
  9. Friend is repairing the brakes on a IH 274 offset for a local vegtable guy .Any body have any sources or ideas ?? He says case ih says NLA.
  10. yep,exactly been there found them
  11. Geez that sucks ,thinking of you guys . seen this alot with the vfd. And at the farm I worked at ,it really sucks
  12. You guys are on the right track , everyone here is right . done a few upgrades from 2pt to 3pt and lots of lower shafts and bushings. To fix and gut em for pulling.
  13. Very good description ,I always wondered and wanted to do it . just gota take the time to start. And I'm with ya ,I love buying stuff at shows but would never drag stuff around and stand there. but im glad guys do..lol
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