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  1. I just changed the hydraulic filter, how do you get to the suction screen?
  2. Replaced the hydraulic pump on my 5150 about a year ago because the hydraulics would fade after about an hour of work. Didn't fix the problem! Now it will work about 2 hours before the hydraulics start slowing down and after 4 hours of mowing hay it won't hardly pick up the mower. Any ideas on where to start checking?
  3. Yeah you probably would have took one look at that creeper lever and seen it was in between gears. The way I look at it I needed to learn more about how the tractor works and I have. If your gonna have equipment 20+ years old you better know how to check a few things. Thanks again.
  4. Figured it out! The creeper has been disconnected on this tractor for some reason, when I was changing the hyd pump I must have move the activation lever for the creeper to the neutral position. When I shifted it sure enough power to the wheels. I haven't got it put back together yet. Does the creeper lever need to be toward the back of the tractor or toward the front for normal use? It's hard to get to once the wheel goes back on. Thanks CIHTech and all others for your help. You've certainly taught me a lot about the tractor for future use!
  5. Ok checked the regulated pressure and it was 300 psi. Checked the PTO and it work as it should. Tried to check the pressure on the 1st power pack but I’ll have to get another fitting. Checked the ohms on the forward and reverse solenoids, both read 9.2 ohms. Any ideas on where to go next would be appreciated?
  6. Ground wire is attached, it’s got a bare place but that shouldn’t hurt a ground wire. Having trouble finding a fitting to hook gauge up to regulated circuit. Any easier place to check it?
  7. I’ll check the ground wire tomorrow. I think it’s a euro tractor also. It’s a 5150 Pro. Yes it has a N in the shuttle. The sn starts with 106.... its a 1996 or 7. The FNR shuttle valve are different than what’s in my service manual, it doesn’t have a modulator solenoid that I can find. I ordered a o-ring kit for the valuing that attaches to the pump but many of them didn’t fit right and I had to reuse some of the old ones, do you think I should take it back apart and make sure they’re not leaking?
  8. Ok put gauges on the test port under the large line going to the remotes, started it up, 700 psi not under load, turned steer al the way one direction and got 2400 psi and deadheaded the remotes and got 2600. Pressures dropped a little after it got warmed up. Not the 300 psi difference it’s suppose to have, what does this tell me? Any ideas?
  9. Thanks, I’ll have to get a better set of gauges, the ones I have only go to 400 psi but I have a nephew that can probably fix me up. I’ll let you know what I get. Thanks again.
  10. No drive key and gear already on pump. The old pump went back as a core charge reimbursement. I replaced most of the o-rings and gasket. Yes flow can be checked if you have the equipment which I don't but I might can check the pressures. The steering and 3 point lift work off the same pump so I know that part is OK. Thanks for the suggestions.
  11. I've tried to check the other post on this subject and did what was suggested with no relief. I purchased a 5150 about a year ago and really like the tractor, powershift is great but the hydraulics were weak after it gets hot, so I took the pump off and took it to a hydraulic shop for rebuild and they couldn't find parts so I bought a rebuilt one from Worthington Ag and put on it. Now it won't move in forward or reverse, doesn't even try. I checked power to the forward and reverse solenoids, 12.5v on both when shuttle shift is in correct position for that direction. The clutch valve is going in and out as the clutch pedal is depressed. The fuses and relays seam to be good. I have looked and it seams that I hooked everything up correctly. The 3-point works correctly and the steering works good. When I shift the powershift sounds like its shift gears. Transmission is full of fluid. I don't know what else to try! It drove fine before the new pump. Any ideas?
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