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  1. happy birthday, Mike. See you at Red Power.
  2. same comment I got from our feed/ fertilizer mill. "Like doing business with you because you pay the bill". They offer a 2% by 10 days discount, and often Linda has the money transferred almost before their delivery truck leaves my driveway. I can't stand people who use retail businesses as their bank loan source.
  3. Previous Owner's "baby" for sure.
  4. 560 miles for me, only question is to bring the Cub Loboy in the back of the pickup, or pull the trailer and bring something bigger. Duramax gets 22+/- mpg carrying the Cub, without trailer. Mike and I drove to Missouri in 2008 right when diesel was $4.75. We survived. Figured it was the only way to in-person meet some of the Red Power friends from that part of the country. If I don't get there, it will be because of the covid situation at the time, not fuel prices.
  5. I can now say I am officially started planting- an 8 acre seeding is in. Earlier in the week, I was disking it and broke the Rf spindle on the 5288, so that took an extra day to get that going again. Week was super hot with a clear sky and it drained me. I started planting alfalfa, timothy and bromegrass with the grain drill, but wasn't happy with seeding rate, and bromegrass kept bridging up in the hopper, so switched to the Brillion seeder. Rolled it to finish. Seeders are put away. On to corn next week!
  6. happy birthday, Chris. you finished yesterday, I started today.
  7. good friend's dad died. friend asked me if his dad's B414 was worth anything more than a trip to the scrapyard. I said it certainly was, he gave me a very reasonable price, and I brought it home yesterday. Gas model, hasn't run in 5+years. It will have to take a number, I have planting to do. All the tires took air. Any idea what these 3 bolts are for?
  8. thats the bottom line.
  9. the 1923 side of our house has a hand dug well. Story goes that there was a drought in the 1930s and the farmer told his hired hand to start digging in gravel in the basement, while he went to town for plumbing necessities (a 5 mile trip). When the farmer got back, the hand was sitting down, waiting. He had struck lots of water in just that short a time.
  10. Manasse at Whitney Point
  11. there is a fine looking 155 at auction Saturday. 4wd, worn but useable tires, clean in and out of the cab. 5500 hours. Thoughts?
  12. The TOYS plow day here was today, after being postponed last week due to a freak wet snowstorm and electric line damage and cleanup. I didn't get many action pictures because the hydraulic cylinder on my #60 plow was misbehaving and had to be changed in prime picture time. However, this is the lineup of tractors. JD 4020, 720 diesel, IH 560 diesel, 460 high utility, 400, JD R, and 50. The 3 IH are mine. The R broke its crankshaft at a plow day several years ago. There was also a nice IH 300 utility that was brought yesterday, but the owner was unable to attend today. We got about 33 acres plowed. The long time TOYS member that plowed with his Ford 8N was missed, as he died in the winter.
  13. is there any info on serial number break?
  14. Neighbor has a Gehl 425 manure spreader. He needs the shaft that comes out of the front of the right angle gearbox that runs the beater, or the whole gearbox. Maybe some of you guys around Wisconsin know of parts yards for him to call? Thanks.
  15. happy birthday, Dennis and 460
  16. next door neighbor said "you never pick all the rocks. you just lower the field".
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