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  1. our sweet corn started getting ready last week. maturity is all over the place. Ten feet of row could have 2' of ready followed by 6' of white silks, and some that is in between. 16 rows now, then 16 more, and again. Four Planting dates from mid May to end of June keeps us in corn until after Labor Day. I plant with a 2 row fast hitch McC planter.
  2. Mike, I bought it at auction from an old farmer in the area who had kept a few tractors after he had sold his farm and moved to town. He had the F12, 3 regulars, and an M with power steering and 3pt. All 3 Regulars and the F12 had been updated to electric start and foot brakes. I bought the F12 and my brother Mike bought the 2 Regulars that were complete, then he traded the '26 Regular to me for an M that I had. In hindsight, we should have bought all 5 tractors.
  3. With tractor shows the next 2 weekends, I thought maybe I would try to get my 1935 F12 running to take to the shows. It's been sleeping in the shed for the last 10-12 years, after it got balky about starting. I found that the points weren't opening, and then that the gas wasn't getting to the fuel pump. Now its ready for a bath. Tractor has electric start, foot brakes, and live hydraulics, all done by the PO on his farm. Starter and ring gear came from a Jeep. Hydraulic pump runs off the magneto drive. I asked the PO what Massey tractor the loader came from when he got it for the F12. He said JD 50. We are nothing if not frugal around here.
  4. Been only once, December, when the NY Farm Bureau annual meeting was in Niagara Falls. Big Blizzard that year Thruway was closed out there, maybe we should stay home, better take the truck, etc. Get off Thruway well east of Buffalo, closer to the Falls we get, less snow. None on roads by the time we got to Niagara Falls. No lake effect at all.
  5. In reality, how important is preload on a Farmall anything that might go 20 mph? I was taught to rotate the wheel and tighten the nut until the wheel starts to bind, then back it off one castellation.
  6. Much less well known than the famous Double Ds.
  7. My 1940 H got new front tires today. The rims are cutoffs, so I had to take the whole wheel off the axle. Found these under the hub cap, neither side had a cotter pin, and the lock nuts were not tight. Don't know why they were used- the threads on both axles were pristine. the new tires on the tractor, which gets a bath tomorrow; Probably taking to a tractor/ car/truck Cruise-in this weekend. Looks a lot better with 5.50x16 3 rib tires, than the 6.50x16 truck tires it has worn for a long time. My friend Steve was repairing the H for plow day, but he died before he got it finished. I got it running. It was built in Jan 1940 and has the 1939 features- transmission cover recessed under the seat iron, starter rod thru the steering wheel post, shutters, Dzus fasteners on the grille sides, little starting tank for gas (not used). Steve imported the gas tank and hood from Montana.
  8. our township has a paver based on a 544 hydro.
  9. 1966, FFA corn plot, my cohorts would show up with new 3020s and 4020s. Heck, one of the families even had 2 4020s, and all the farms milked less cows than we did. I brought our big tractor, a Farmall 300 and 311 plow. Asked Dad why, he said we don't have the hills they do. Anyway, in 1967, he bought an estate 806 that had had only 1 year use, 1968, a new 656 HiClear that I still use, 1971, new 826 hydro, 1978 traded hydro on a new 1086. Next door neighbor would trade tractors every 2 years, new Allis one year, new JD the opposite year. We must have been in a more prosperous area. Darrows was 1 1/2 hour north of us. They had a nice array of late model mostly Farmalls, as did Twin W Dairy which was closer to me.
  10. I found the second set. Let me know if they are something you need.
  11. I have one set (both halves) in my hand and think there is another set here someplace that is hiding.
  12. My vote also would be the coil (more likely) or condensor (less likely). I have a Case D that would run long enough to get me to the far end of the cow barn and quit. Let it sit half an hour, it would start right back up, and run long enough to get back to the machine shed by the near end of the barn. New coil helped immensely.
  13. about 40 years ago, I was at a farm auction where the old guy had a 6 row JD cultivator on the front of a JD 530. he allowed as to how you wanted to keep the front tires aired up pretty good.
  14. at least from mounting them in the past, I knew about where to put the chain so they would balance. Got it right first time for both sides.
  15. that is what I did a few days ago. Patch of quackgrass showed up in some late sweet corn. At least I made the quack feel bad.
  16. Got them switched with some help from Mr Winch. I think it will make an OK tractor to take to the Corn Festival, along with my old hand corn sheller.
  17. That will be in the future, maybe for the other H. The 1940 gets used for plow day every year. Plan B involves these cultivators, but not Old Rusty 200. Cults are a bit too much for me to move by myself. They must have gotten heavier in the last 10 years, think I put them on by myself back then... I spent a couple hours in the shade today, getting the Touch Control working correctly on the Super C in the background. That is where the cults are getting moved to when I get some help. I actually used these this year on some sweet corn that had spray escape.
  18. after watching some of this I'm thinking that will be me, less the young man to help. Maybe I will reconsider the H idea. 😬
  19. Great video, thanks. I have a right and left assembly like this. Also have the 2 hydraulic cylinders from a different source, but no mounting bases. And no rear gang. Local corn festival coming up at the end of the month. Looking for something different to take.
  20. Anybody have pictures of cultivators mounted on a Farmall H? Thinking of putting some I rescued from the junkman on my 1940 H, but don't think I have all the lift parts and linkages.
  21. I'm going tomorrow.
  22. Surprised that no one has mentioned safety yet. I know several farmers just in our valley that have been attacked by their herd bull. No deaths, but they were stove up pretty good for a while.
  23. mostly by default/ use over 42 years farming. I have three NH 455 skid steers(2 usable), had 2 325 skidsteers before the 455s, a NH 900 chopper still in use, a 707 3 pt chopper usable, wore out about 4 892s and a 782, a 718 chopper still in skid row, good 311 baler and one for parts, 270 baler that burned up in the barn fire, a Super 77 antique baler, 848 and 650 round balers in use, 2 258, 256, 56, and Super 55 rakes, 1431 POS discbine, 114 swing mower, past was 469, 479, 488 and 489 haybines and 2 411 discbines, a 166 inverter, wore out 2 #6 and one #8 unloading wagons, a 354 grinder mixer, past 2 352 mixers, have 2 model 120 sicklebars with the double dolly wheels in back, only one NH spreader, a 329 that was here when we came. Even have a NH unloading jack for the silage wagons with false endgates. I would like to find a NH model 90 3-wheel PTO side rake like the one I used with my 460 high utility when I was about 11 years old.
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